September 13, 2014

Captain Blood's Hand!

Ahoy Pirates!

It's been about 11 days since I made a blog post!! What's happening to me? Well.. I've been busy studying for tests and all of that good stuff.. but there's no need to worry because I'm still going to make blog posts when I can. This blog will continue to run and I promise I'm not giving up on it! I am also playing the games when I can. Today I had a chance to play Pirate101 since I finished all of my homework yesterday! :D I feel like I'm a new player again because there's been so many updates (such as the stagecoaches in Cool Ranch... wow)!

Before I talk about what I did today on the game, lets talk about what I did the last time I leveled my swashbuckler. On my last blog post I had to find a way to talk to Death to figure out how I can defeat Captain Blood and get his piece of map to El Dorado. If you would like to read everything that happened on my last blog post, click HERE, otherwise, keep reading this blog post! I found out that I had to get Captain Blood to play the rest of his cards so he can be defeated since he's immortal since he cheated Death. Today I had to sail to Tumbleweed to talk to Sly Winkum. Sly told me that I'd have to find Captain Blood's hand so I can play the cards with his own hand since Captain Blood wouldn't want to play the game (I mean... would you if you had eternal life? :P). Sly told me that El Toro was the one that cut Captain Blood's hand off in a duel and El Toro would know where I could find it. I had to sail to Santo Pollo and talk to El Toro (see picture above)... WAIT! DON RODRIGO IS EL TORO?!! :O I didn't see that coming!! LOL. Where was I??

I didn't have to sail to Santo Pollo since I had the stagecoach take me for only 15 gold! I think this is one of the best things KI could have added to the game.. A quicker way to travel in Cool Ranch.. Thank you, KI! Anyways, I made a quick trip to Santo Pollo and talk to El Toro and Mustang Sally and Don Rodrigo (El Toro) told me that he had a fight with Captain Blood on a cliff above Gold Creek in Big Sky. He said he cut his hand off and it fell into the lake above the creek. Carolina (Mustang Sally) & Don Rodrigo (El Toro) said they wanted to help me defeat Captain Blood and both joined my crew!! :D I sailed to Gold Creek shortly after and entered the lake and noticed I had to fight three ancient fish in 15 rounds! This fight was EASY, but hard at the same time since El Toro was defeated during the fight.. I think he was defeated on this same fight on my witchdoctor as well, but that doesn't mean he's a bad companion.. I know he'll help me out a lot in the future. :D

I defeated the fish in about 4-5 rounds with El Toro and Bonnie and only Bonnie and I survived this fight. After we defeated the fish, I noticed Captain Blood's hand in the distance. I collected it and before I ported out of the lake, I noticed there was also a companion training tome in the lake! I wanted to share this with anyone that might have not noticed this before or about to start this quest. I picked this up and Bonnie leveled up a level since I did. I know I didn't have enough for training tomes so this was a gift. :D After this quest, I had to sail back to Tumbleweed and tell Sly Winkum I had Captain Blood's hand. He told me the only thing I needed now was the cards so I could cast the cards with Blood's hand to take away his immortality. That's where I'm going to end my quest this week.. Hopefully I'll be free again next week because I really did enjoy making this blog post.. I'm sure most of you can tell by the amount of words that are on this post! :P Until next time, I'll see you around the spiral!

LEVEL 35!!! :D

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