September 1, 2014

I See Death!

Ahoy Pirates!

It's been so long since I made a character update! I decided to log onto the game today since it's Labor Day (no school ;D) and level my swashbuckler a little bit and make a blog post today! I know I told you that I wouldn't make any blog posts on Mondays but I will make a post if I have time or don't have any homework. I'm trying to keep my schedule but sometimes I get huge homework assignments from my professors that I have to have finished in a certain amount of time which has kept me off the game until today. :D

I'm going to talk about what I did on the game a few weeks ago before I tell you what I did today! The last time I quest on my swashbuckler, I had to find Sabatini (Captain Blood's former firstmate). I found Sabatini in an old Abandoned Church in the Haunted Skyway and there I also found Captain Blood. Sabatini kept telling me that I needed to find some kind of cards in Santo Pollo Skyway and Captain Blood ended up getting rid of him before he could finish his sentence. I had to defeat a few of Blood's henchmen (that fight was pretty easy). After I defeated his henchmen I had to sail to Santo Pollo Skyway to find Madame Esmeralda since she was the one who had the cards Sabatini was talking about. I found out that there was a way to get Captain Blood's piece of the map and defeat him once and for all. The last card ended with Death and Death would be the way to find a way to obtain Captain Blood's key. I had to sail to Santo Pollo and ask if anyone had corn to feed the birds since the birds would tell me where I could find Death (don't ask me why I'm on a mission to find Death :P)! Once I fed the birds, I found out I needed to find Black Bart. I have to offer Death something he wants so I can talk to him.. Black Bart is the key to getting the key. :P 

Today I had to sail back to the Haunted Skyway to find lost souls. Black Bart led a group to the Haunted Skyway and betrayed them and scattered their spirits all over the Haunted Skyway. Today I had to sail around and find them so I could take them to the graveyard of the Old Church. I had to gather eight souls and once I got to 6, I was proud because I was sailing around without getting caught by bone snakes that were flying around the lost souls.. Don't think you'll never get caught until you're done collecting because once I thought I wouldn't, that's when I did and I had to fight them! :P That was a fun fight that has nothing to do with my quests, at least for now. After I collected the lost souls, I sailed to the Abandoned Church and walked to the graveyard and that's when I met Black Bart! 

This fight was a pretty easy fight since I only had to defeat four enemies (first destroy the two tombstones just in case any other enemies tried showing up). Black Bart wasn't really a boss that I was worried about so I think that fight was fine.. :D I was worried about meeting Death! After I defeated Black Bart, Death ended up taking him! Death knew what I wanted and he told me exactly why Captain Blood is immortal. I found out that Captain Blood cheated Death over a card game by sneaking away and not playing. The bet was immortality and Death can't do anything to Captain Blood until he finishes the card game with his own hand. Now, I have to find out where to find Captain Blood's cards! On my next blog post, I'm going to speak to Sly Winkum to find out where his cards are and how I can get him to play the rest of the game. Until next time, I'll see you around the Spiral and thank you for reading this very long blog post! It really does mean a lot that you read my blog posts.. especially my silly blog posts. :)

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