September 20, 2014

Pirate101 Celebrates Talk Like A Pirate Day!

Ahoy Pirates!

I'm making a blog post about Talk Like A Pirate Day a day late since I had to type up that long contest post yesterday. Today I'm going to talk about how Pirate101 is celebrating Talk Like A Pirate Day (or days ;D). Now through September 21st you can save up to 50% off of all packs and start companions! I think this is awesome because Kingsisle just released the Grizzly Beast Pack a week or so ago. If you want to win something free, you can check out the MMORPG website for a free code to win something from the new Grizzly Beast Pack or even the pack itself! There's a lot of codes left, so you still have time to redeem it. :) If you want to win crowns, housing items or even a new hairstyle you can check out all of the Pirate101 fansite contests! It looks like Kingsisle is celebrating big this year. :D I hope you have an awesome weekend. Make sure to get into the sale before it ends tomorrow! See you all around the spiral. :)

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