September 19, 2014

#TalkLikeAPirateDay Contest!

Ahoy Pirates!

I have some good news.. Today is Talk Like a Pirate Day!! This means we can talk like pirates all day without anyone asking why we are... at jobs, school... anywhere. Kidding, unless you really want to talk like a pirate all day. :D Don't worry, that won't be a requirement for my new contest. Contest?!?! Before I tell you about this contest I plan on having, I really want you to know that most contests in the past have been made possible by Kingsisle and the Pirate101 community managers. Bonnie Anne and One-Eyed Jack get all of the codes together and give it to us to giveaway to the community. Thank you both for all of the hard work you do and the contests you have fansite owners to giveaway all of the codes you give us to the community. :) Now for the contest!

  • Short Story/Quest Contest: I would like you all to submit a short story to me. More details about what you need to do with this contest can be found directly below. There's a lot of reading, but as long as you skim through, you should be able to finish this contest the right way. Keep reading to see when this contest starts/ends and all of the codes I plan on giving away. There's a lot to read below, but it's not a difficult contest.

*Make Up A Quest*

- Try to make up a random quest that your pirate will be questing on. This quest can take place in any world in the spiral, made up, real or even a future world you believe will eventually be released.

*Make Your Pirate Talk Like A Pirate* 

- Please make sure that your pirate actually talks like a pirate in your short story. This is how at least 50% of your entry will be judged. All of yer words doesn't have to look like a pirate wrote it, but please have your pirate's words in quotation marks. Make sure any others that's talking are also talking like a pirate.. unless they're from Wizard City.. :P

*This Story Should Make Sense* 

- This story should be easy to read and make sense. If I see anything that looks exactly like a quest I've quested on the game, I will disqualify your entry. Please do it the way I've mentioned above. 

*Proper "Pirate" Grammar & Spelling*

- You wouldn't expect me to ask you to make sure you have proper grammar and spelling. I'm sure most of you have noticed that most of the time I don't follow that rule when I make new blog posts.. I think it would be nice to see you follow it in the story though, so please try your best! :D

*400 Words Or Less*

- This story should be 400 words or less. If you need help counting your words, you can type it up at this website: CLICK HERE & then click back so you can read the rest of this post.

*Submit, Contest Starts/Ends, etc.*

- Once you have your story ready, submit it by emailing me at This contest officially starts TODAY and ends October 11th, 2014! Make sure you have your short story entry in by that date. A list of what you can win is listed below. Good luck everyone. :D

Grand Prize (1 Winner)
Huge Pile Of Treasure Housing Item
The Pirate Hairstyle
10,000 Crowns

2nd Prize (5 Winners)
The Pirate Hairstyle
5,000 Crowns

3rd Prize (10 Random.Org Winners)
2,000 Crowns

All Winners will be announced on a new blog post on October 3rd, 2014. I will publish everyone's stories that wins a contest. There will be a lot more to read on that contest so good luck. Congrats to everyone that finished reading this post! Do you want me to have more contests like this? If you do or don't, click on one of the reactions below. If you have any questions, you can comment below! See ye pirates around the spiral. (took me long enough  to talk like a pirate ;P)

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