October 14, 2014

Kingsisle Live Episode #2!

Ahoy Pirates!

Today I had a chance to watch Kingsisle Live, an amazing new show/podcast on Twitch that our community managers, Tom & Leala, created. I remember watching the last one and that one was Wizard101 related. I love Wizard101 but I also love Pirate101! Today they had a Pirate101 related episode. Tom & Leala gave us a glimpse of what will be coming to the game soon! Everyone watching got to see new items such as horse/ unicorn masks, face paintings and new pets that will be in the crowns shop soon. We will also get to see the Halloween/Birthday decorations for Halloween and of course Pirate101's second birthday. The decorations should be in the game by tomorrow! This episode was an awesome episode. Thank you for the great episode and welcome to the game/Kingsisle Morgan LaFitte!

Once the video is released on Kingsisle's Youtube, I will post it on this blog post!

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