October 18, 2014

#TalkLikeAPirateDay Contest Winners!

Ahoy Pirates!

I'm sorry I waited this long to announce the winners of this contest. I know I usually announce winners on the day of the contest or a day after at latest but I've been very busy with college and I put that first before announcing the winners. These codes are still good and if you won a code, you will be emailed with the code! I really thank you all for waiting this long for the contest. I'm going to have another contest, and should be a lot easier for me to judge (will be announced shortly after this blog post).There's a lot of stories, and I will not publish them all since there's so many, but I thank you all for entering this contest. I will publish the Grand Prize & 2nd Prize Winners stories since there are a ton of stories! I have something at the bottom of the page I really want you to read.  Here's the winners of the Talk Like a Pirate Day Contest:

Grand Prize Winner (1):
10,000 Crowns, Pirate Hairstyle, Huge Pile of Gold Housing Item

*Dead Eye Mark*

After Dead-Eye Mark got Catbeards piece of the map his adventures for finishing the map were.... postpone, that was until he gets a call from Captain Avery where the other pieces of the map might be. In the mean time he spent his days raiding Cutthroat ships until...

Bonnie Anne:
Cap’n! We received a message from Captain Avery! It may be bout the other pieces of the map!
Mark storms out of his room in the ship and grabs the message from Bonnie Anne’s  hand.
Message from Captain Avery:
" Young pirate, I know you  be probably very excited thinkin' this message be about t' maps pieces, me apoligises for t'  false alrarm, but I got excitin' news. I found someone, an incredibly rich ‘n defenceless person. He owns a Bazaar, and thar be millions buyin' from it every day.His name be Elik Silverfist, and he lives in Olde Town in Wizard City. It’s a pretty peaceful world, but pirate, be ware from            t' wizards! " (The last part of the letter has been scrapped)
Dead-Eye Mark:
Couldn’t been anythin important, I bet I can deal with someone that lives in a world with a name that goofy. Well crew ye be knowin what we need to do, set sail to Wizard City!
3 Days Later
Deady-Eye Mark:
We finally got here maties, now lets land this ship…Where are the docks?
Bin heard ‘tis place doesn’t have docks cap’n…
Dead-Eye Mark:
What!? No docks!? What kind ‘o place is this!? Darn land lubbers! I suppose we can land in that river over thar. Cursed place, I have to get me ship wet!
The crew landed their ship in an area known as Triton Avenue. Mark’s crew is ready for anything, but all they see is children with pointy caps and sticks running around fighting ghouls.  The crew approached the Bazaar in Olde Town when suddenly three guards jumped infront of them
Identify yourselves strangers!
Dead-Eye Mark:
I don’t need to identify meself to ye! Mormo take care of this!
Mormo strikes the guards with lighting knocking them unconscius. Everyone around stops and glares at the pirates as they rush in the Bazaar
Dead-Eye Mark:
This be a raid! Give us all the gold ye got shopkeeper!
All the new heroic Wizards around start casting spells, summoning Imps, Dark Fairies, Fire Cats…              Nothing was of use as Old Scratch put them and the wizards asleep. As they left a building, suddenly a wizard riding a skeletal dragon came infront of them. As they clashed into battle time stopped…
Bonnie Anne:
Cap’n! Wake up!
Dead-Eye Mark:
Ugh…Wait what!? …Bonnie ive had the craziest dream ever, I was fightin a Wizard version of meself…
Somewhere far away
Mark Deatheyes:
“Yawns” Wow…it was all just a dream…? It seemed so realistic tho... But me, a Pirate? Hah that’s never going to happen.

Second Prize Winners (5):
Pirate Hairstyle, 5,000 Crowns

*Fiery Lenore Fenner*

T'was a dusty evening in the Cool Ranch skyways. Whilst watching the sun set, I was approached by a beatiful pony maiden by the name of Horace Ponia.
“I was told I could find you here, young pirate.” She said in a thick western accent.
“Aye, ye've found me. Whatcha need, me fair maiden?” I replied, standing up to face her.
“I heard you were the one to come to if I ran into any trouble. Thing is, my son has been captured by the renegade soldiers down in Arroyo Grande. If you bring him back for me, I promise a hefty reward. Please, young she-pirate, save my little boy!” She says, saddly.
“Oi, I'll find ye'r boy if you tell me what 'e looks like.” My reply was low, and I kept my eyes hidden.
Her posture straitened as she spoke, “A young boy about your age, long brown hair and strong faced. H always wears a yellow bandana around his neck.”
I stood up strait, and let out a low whistle. My companions emerged from their hiding spots among the rocks. At first Ms. Ponia was surprised, but calmed quickly. “I'll go find ye'r boy, Ms. Ponia. You don't worry, and just sit tight.”
It was night at arroyo grande, deep shadows bouncing off of the cavern walls. I entered the hideout of the renegades followed by my companions. There, I saw the horse boy tied to a pole, surrounded by renegades.j
Who be this, lads?” Said the renegade captain, “A little lost lamb in a world of goats?” His horns stuck from his head, his tone deep.
I stood strait up, “I've come for the boy. You can let him go, or I can set him free over your unconscious bodies.” I said as I tilted my hat up. They gasped, recognizing me.
Take the boy, loud-spoken pirate! Please don't hurt us!” Chanted the renegades. They untied the poor boy and handed him over.
On the way back, little Ponia told me how he was captured. As we boarded, I saw Ms. Ponia standing on the docks, and her face brightened once the boy appeared.
They ran to each other, hugged tightly for a long time, then disbanded. Ms. Ponia walked up to me, handing me a purse, which I refused, knowing that the only payment I needed was the knowing that they were once again together.

*James Morgan*

"Well crew, we be here! Grizzleheim." Morgan said to his crew. "But Captain, what be we doin' here?" Sarah Steele asked. "We be here t' rescue Yhor's family from those bloody Cutthroat Sharks." Morgan said. "Yhor be one o' us now, and we pirates look out for our own." Morganbegan shouting orders to his crew as they approached the docks of Northguard. As the crew tied of The Majestic Spectre Morgan pulled Yhor aside. "Okay, bucko. T' Cutthroats have your family somewhere in Grizzleheim. We just need t' find out where. Is thar anybody you know who may be able t' help?" he asked. "Grrrawww." Yhor said. "T' kin'? Okay. You do t' talkin'. Last time I spoke t' royalty we nearly ended up hangin' from t' yardarms." Morgan said. "Looks like t' crew has t' ship secured. Let's get goin'."
As Morgan and his crew headed down the gangplank, Yhor took the lead. They followed him to the meeting hall to speak with the king. After what seemed an eternity of growling between the king and Yhor, his first mate turned to him. "Grrww. Grrrrrrrraaaaawww.""Vigrid Roughland be it? Then that's where we be headed. Come on crew. Let's go rescue Yhor's family." Morgan said. "Grraww." Yhor growled. "Don't worry me bucko. We will get your family aft safe and sound. And we'll make them Cutthroats pay for their crimes." Morgan assured his First Mate. The King handed Yhor a map with the location of the Cutthroats camp circled. They set off towards The Vigrid Roughland at a quick pace. The crew was ready for a fight. Those Cutthroat Sharks had crossed them too many times. The crew of The Majestic Spectre were fed up with those bloody sharks. Time to end this. Permanently.
They quickly found the Cutthroat's camp. Morgan crept up to the top of the small rise above the Cutthroat camp. Yhor and Sarah were with him. They watched the sharks for a few minutes to get a sense of their routine. Sarah turned to him and said "I have a plan. You be goin' t' like this, Captain." Morgan smiled as Sarah explained the plan. It was simple. Direct. He like that in a plan. They made their way back to the crew. "Alstarboard! Listen up!" Morgan said. "T' plan be simple. Rush them."
The next day they celebrated their victory with yum.

*Smart Steven Ovingham*

Quest Name: “To the Brig with Ye”

Quest Giver: Captain Steed at Captain Steed’s Villa

“Pirate, there are pirates from the piratin’ school in Skull Island that are being captured by the Armada. You have to go save these students. They have been taken to the prison in the Armada Base. So, will ya help them?” Captain Steed said.

Outside of the Armada Base

“Captain, we have to try and sneak in so we won’t get caught.” Bonnie Anne said.

“Don’t be tellin’ me that we have to go through the sewers again. Why is it always thee sewers?” Ratbeard said.

In the Sewers

“Captain my captain, I has a bad feeling about this, I can feel bad mojo.” Old Scratch said.

(Fight ghost prisoners)

“These were some of the students from the school!” Bonnie Anne said.

In the Cell Block

“Over here pirate! You gotta help us. Go get the key from the prison guards and get us out of here!” A prisoner said.

(Witchdoctor’s prisoner is a Privateer Snake)

(Buccaneer’s prisoner is a Witchdoctor Crocodile)

(Musketeer’s prisoner is a Buccaneer Troggy)

(Swashbuckler’s prisoner is a Musketeer Hammerhead Shark)

(Privateer’s prisoner is a Swashbuckler Deer)

“Intruders detected, kill them all” said the Battle Angel prison guard.

“Kill the main guard and let us out of here, we can help you kill the rest!” the prisoners said.

(Boss Battle, kill the main guard to get a key, then go to the gate and open the gate to get the prisoners and kill the rest of the guards)

After the Battle in the Cell Block

“Thank you for saving us mighty pirate. Do you think I might be able to learn from a true pirate instead of this landlubber school?” The prisoner said (depending on your school you gain the prisoner, listed earlier, as your crew mate, randomized name)

“Captain, now that we saved the prisoners, let’s get out of here!” Bonnie Anne said.

“For once, I agree with the fur ball fox over there captain.” Ratbeard said.

“Stop your arguing and let’s go!” El Toro said.

“You’re a great one to talk you bull.” Ratbeard said.

“Intruders, intruders, kill them all” An armada dragon said.

(Battle with Armada Dragons)

Back at Captain Steed’s Villa

“Well done pirate, you truly are a member of the resistance.”

(Badge Earned: Brig Bomber)

(Crown Shop Items Unlocked: Companions you didn’t get already in that dungeon)

*Matthew James*

Yarr, I recall the time me an' me hearty crew was questin' for the
(Skyway Race Challenge) an' we had to use all our cunning ta' keep up
wi' the best of 'em. This quest set us to using our navigation
instruments, maps 'n charts 'n whatnot as we toured all the skyways
searching for special numbered flags at waypoint markers. "Aye, this
be a devil o' tasks," I thought to meself, as we sped about racing the
clock and the scoreboard times on the tavern chalkboard.

Havin' Ratbeard as First Mate was provin' ter be real useful, on
account of him having had years of experience of the quickest routes
to take, but the weather was rough. "Shiver me timbers! Batten down
the hatches lads!" he yelled as our Skull Island Galleon sped past
Flotsam. "There be a storm brewing ahead yonder, but we can't be
slowin' up fer fear of fallin' behind them other scurvy crews!"

By thunder, he were right fer sure. The mighty wind blew and the
rain... fair it pelted down around us, but The Corsair's Pearl had
proven time and again to be a trusty ship for our motley crew,
vagabonds and water moles alike. "Be ye using yon Mojo Potions smartly
lubbers," I fair warned me shipmates. "We've a voyage ahead takin' us
from Monquista to Mooshu and Marleybone and every place between." I
knew there was a rich prize of gold and experience, on-the-job
brawlin' time and tomes fer me companions at journey's end; it was a
fair boost of me nautical experience too - just reward for our miles
of traversin' the skyways.

"Good teamwork me hearties," I said as we made it through the worst of
the squall. "Avast, land ahoy!" I recall as we made our final approach
to Skull Island and our mateys in the Kraken Skulls Tavern, where we
hoped for a hearty welcome and a fast time for the chalkboard. "Yohoho
and a bottle o' yum lads; we've completed our quest at last," I told
me crew.

Even old Ratbeard seemed to be managin' a wry smile for the first time
that day, fer he knew we'd sailed fair and true. He'd earned his yum
and we'd snagged our booty at the end of our (Skyway Race Challenge)
quest. It's about time it became a Minigame, methinks. Any pirate
would chance their arm for a little gold!

*Humble Brandon Quincy*

Quest Recieved: Light Torches

"What kind 'o the hour travel be 'tis?"

"Oh yes, the great Moodha. I have heard great things about her wisdom." El Toro exclaimed.

The pebbled path up to the house led to the bedlam of companions.

"Keep it down!" Bonnie Anne yelled.

"Watch whar ye goin'!" El Toro screamed. As they reached the top, a beautiful island could be seen at the nadir of the path. They could all
just imagine themselves laying back, relaxing, having a good time on the ocean. But they were on a mission. A crooked sign that looked to 
have been written on read, 'Stay OFF!'.

"Who puts a sign up like that?" Old Scratch chuckled, as they took the torch hanging off the side. Brandon took a look at his map. His 
crew was going east, the perfect direction to get a good windlane ride.

"Let's hurry up before we get stranded on 'tis place!" All the companions rushed into a line, and glided across the stone to get back to
shore. The pirate followed behind.

The skyways looked bluer than normal, almost...a bit suspicious. It would have seemed like it would be a bit lighter on a sunny day like 
this, but the shadows took their toll on the tides.

"We be almost thar!" Brandon looked through his telescope to see what they would call their home for the next few days. Suddenly, a blue-
painted froggy jumped out at them. He must had been taking a swim, because there was refreshing water running down his sides.

"Oh no ye didn't!" Ratbeard sliced his sword through the air as the creature fell into the water. "Can I get a raise fer that??"

"'n that's 6!" The flaming fire hooked onto to the last torch, creating a portal deep in the water. Was this another dimension? Everyone 
leaped into the endless count of swirly lines, and felt dizzy as they woke up. All they noticed were black dragons flying overhead, barely 
missing the lava by inches.

"Welcome to Dragonspyre." A voice said from the heavens.

Quest Complete: Light Torches
Quest Received: Into the Depths

Third Prize Winners (10 R.O):
2,000 crowns, Random.Org Draw

*Alex Andrews*
*Logan Mistspear*
*Eunice Tay*
*Michael Wild*
*Sarcastic Esmee Jenkins*
*Loyal Sean*
*John Thompson*
*Destiny Everhart*

Thank you all so much for entering my contest! I apologize for not being able to publish all of your entries. You were all so amazing and I thank you for waiting this long to hear the winners of the contest. I hope you understand that I was very busy. All of your codes were emailed to you with the email you submitted your story too. I am announcing another contest soon, so make sure you stick around today to see that! This contest will be a fun contest for our artists out in the spiral. ;)

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