December 19, 2014

Design A Pirate101 Christmas Ship Winners!

Ahoy Pirates!

I can't believe how many wonderful entries I've had for this contest! This contest might have been my favorite contest I've had and I'm glad it could be my last one until I have another in the future when I'm back and blogging again. All of you are so talented and I wish I could give everyone a prize, but I only have a few codes to giveaway! Here are the winners for my Pirate101 Design a Christmas Ship contest:

1st Prize Winner: Virtuous Anne Radcliffe
Hoodoo Bundle + 5,000 Crowns!

2nd Prize Winner: Clumsy Calamity
Empire Bundle + 2,500 Crowns!

3rd Prize Winner: Bad Terri Jones
Beastmaster Companion (Yohr)

4th Prize Winner: Crazy Ryan Upham
Prince Yulefest Companion

5th Prize Winner: Brave Andrew Evans
Prince Yulefest Companion

Thank you all for your wonderful entries! This contest shows what reminds everyone of Christmas and/or what they thought a Christmas ship would look like. I think this was an amazing contest to have. :D I am happy I could have an amazing contest like this one last time, I can't wait to have more contests like this in the future (when I'm back). I hope you all enjoy your Christmas/ Holiday! :D I wish all of you could have won this contest. Thank you so much for entering. If you didn't win, upload your picture on my official Around the Spiral Facebook or Twitter and tag me and I'll share it. :) Thank you for all of your time on your art, even if you didn't win this round. I really wish I had more prizes to giveaway, I'd give you all a prize. :) Well... I guess that's it for my last Pirate101 Contest from Kingsisle. Thank you KI for all of your support and for you for entering my contests (crazy or amazing). :D 

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