December 10, 2014

Edward Cringle VS Miranda Dungeon! (Part 1)

Ahoy Pirates!

It's been about 3 months since I last made a post about my swashbuckler! I can't believe I haven't leveled a character on Pirate101 for that long. I am happy to announce that I finally had time to log onto the game today and complete a quest! Today I got to quest through a huge dungeon in Pirate101, the Miranda! My swashbuckler had to be ready for this dungeon so I made sure my companions were at the right level, had the weapons and gear I needed, and had time to quest through the dungeon. I'm officially on my Christmas break, I had plenty of time to quest through this dungeon. :D

It's been months since I leveled on the game, so I'm not going to mention exactly what I did on my last blog post. I will tell you why I quested in the Miranda today though. I had to quest through the Miranda today to find certain cards to take away Captain Blood's immortality. I later found out that the cards were located in the Miranda dungeon and I had to enter the dungeon (with Blood's hand) so I could play the cards so Death could win and take away his immortality so I could take Blood's treasure. The dungeon wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, so I had a lot of fun today! (I think KI fixed this dungeon for the right level)..

Once I arrived in the dungeon I had to fight a few enemies which wasn't difficult to talk about and that's why I didn't include any picture of them. :P After I defeated the enemies I had to talk to a card dealer in a Saloon and he told me I needed to find the cards before I could play. My first quest required me to talk to Father Ryan in a General Store. I had to look for pages of a Bible that were scattered all over Miranda. After I found all of the pages, I talked to Father Ryan and he gave me the first card. :D This quest wasn't that bad, was it? :D The second easy quest wasn't that bad.. all I had to do on my second quest was talk to Mr. Hockley. He said he would give me the second card if I found his crewmen and give them a proper burial. 

The quest above wasn't a hard quest to complete and didn't require any fights. I think this is where I'm going to end my first post since I don't want the posts being longer than they should be. I'll make another blog post soon! This next post might not show any easy quests. :D I hope you're ready for some fights! I'm happy to be playing Pirate101 and blogging about it again! Until next time (or my next post (Part 2), I'll see you around the spiral. :D Wow... I haven't said that in how long? :D

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