December 24, 2014

Nativity Of Jesus (Christmas Songs)

Hi there,

It looks like I didn't get to post as many Christmas songs as I wanted to this year. I decided to make one last post (other than tomorrow) of a few of my favorite Christmas songs. :D I am sad I couldn't post 25 days of Christmas songs this year, but that doesn't mean in the future I'll post it again. I think I need a fresh start and I will get that after my break starting in the year 2015 *tries to make that sound futuristic*. :P Anyways... CHRISTMAS! I can't believe it's already Christmas Eve. I mean... I remember talking about Christmas being so far away in July and it's already December 24th, 2014! AH! I'm so excited for Christmas this year and I am thankful for many things. :) *** Warning, if you don't believe in the Birth of Jesus, please stop reading. If you want to read, please do and I hope you have a great day and/or Christmas tomorrow! :) *** I never forget the true meaning of Christmas which is Jesus being born on Christmas (or whenever he was born) but a lot of people celebrate His Birth on the 25th of December. I know there are some who don't believe in this story but I do, and I feel like celebrating by posting a few songs that show parts of the story about his Birth. :D


Thank you for listening to the songs today. I really enjoy the first video I posted on this blog because it shows how many people can come together just for Jesus. :) Thank you for listening. I'll have a post tomorrow with more of my favorite Christmas songs. I hope you all have a great Christmas Eve and please don't eat too many cookies like I am tonight. :D Merry Christmas!!!! :D


Chrissy The Blesser said...

Wonderful collection. Thank you for keeping the Christmas spirit strong. *Chrissymus Hugs* :D <3

Edward Lifegem said...

Thank you, I hope you have a wonderful Christmas, Chrissy! :) x hugs x :)