December 1, 2014

One Child (Day 1 of 25 Days of Christmas)

Hi there!

It's officially the Christmas season, which means no one can tell me I'm celebrating too early! :D I really do love the Christmas season for many reasons. I'm happy that I can post my favorite Christmas songs on here again because last year I wasn't really in the mood for Christmas... This year I have a ton of favorite songs because I am in the Christmas mood again! :D Are you excited for Christmas? I can see quite a few of you are because the most popular post on my blog is a song I posted last year, Winter Wonderland. Since it's a new Christmas season, I have so many songs including this one by Mariah Carey, One Child. :)

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Chrissy The Blesser said...

Lovely song and a beautiful work of art of the Nativity. It's not often you find one without the wise men in it, as it is taught that they were not there. They showed up when they were in a house and the word used was for toddler not baby, but either way, I love it and am SO looking forward to your contributions to my Christmas celebrating. Thank you :D