March 2, 2015

How Long Is Too Long?

Ahoy Pirates!

Before you get excited, you need to know that I'm not returning just yet! I want to make a blog post today about something that many of you pirates have been talking about. It's been nearly two years since Pirate101 has had a new world update. I've leveled my witchdoctor, Edward, to level 65, leveled all of my companions to level 65 and even went to many NXP events to raise my nautical level to level 65 in hopes that I'd be prepared for the next world. My witchdoctor is ready for the next world but it doesn't seem Pirate101 is ready for the next world..

Pirate101 released two new worlds to the test realm in Spring 2013, which was nearly two years ago! I know it seems like it's been awhile, but the two worlds were made to make sure we had plenty to before the next world. I believe Wizard101 doesn't even compare to Pirate101 in terms of graphics, storyline and voiceovers. I think that it takes a lot more to make Pirate101, especially since Pirate101 has so many more details to the game. Pirate101 does have to make new worlds: spells, ships, companions, skyways, storylines, hiring voice actors, sounds, music and so many more things that they have to do. There are more details in Pirate101 than Wizard101. Wizard101 is a world that many of us came from and we're used to the release of many worlds at a certain time. Marleybone and Aquila are two worlds that I love and when I leveled through them, I knew they spent a lot of time on them!

I believe Pirate101 is an amazing game and they have something very special planned for us, but we need to give them time to make it for us. They can't make it in seven days because they are only human, but it's amazing that anyone could make something like this game at all! I've been a fan of Pirate101 since their first teaser in April 2012! If it takes too long for you, play Wizard101. They have a lot of worlds releasing (maybe too much at one time), but I know I'm catching up on Wizard101 while Pirate101 is working on the game. I'm going to play it again when they release their new world or worlds. I think all of the small Pirate101 updates are good, and will help us. I want a new world, but I'm going to wait for it. Take your time, Kingsisle! I'm always a fan of your games and can't wait to see what you have planned for us! :D To answer my question above.. I don't think it's been too long, the only way it would be too long is if they wasn't KI!

P.S. Thank you for the fun events (KI LIVE)!

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