May 16, 2015

Edward Cringle Makes It To Mooshu!

Ahoy Pirates!

By now, you should know that I'm back and will be making many new blog posts! I also wanted you to know that the Kingsisle Community Team accepted my Pirate101 fansite application so I'm an official Pirate101 site again. I really want to thank Tom, Leala and whoever else was behind me becoming a fansite again! I also want to thank all of you for your support over the many years I've been making not only Pirate101 posts, but also Wizard101 posts. I'm greatful and can't wait to make so many blog posts about the game. I think it's time for me to show everyone that there's a lot of amazing things to do on Pirate101 and we don't need a new world right away to make us play the game! One thing I'm looking forward to is leveling Edward Cringle again.. :D

I'm sure by now you would think I'd be in Marleybone or even Aquila... The truth is, I didn't really level my character as much as I wanted to because I kept thinking I didn't have time when I did. I am going to continue my Swashbuckler blog posts as I did in the past! Okay... lets talk about what I did today and start out on a fresh start.. Today I had to find Captain Blood's treasure in the spooky Motherload Mine. There was an explosion, a fight with Deacon and at long last Captain Blood's treasure and hopefully the next piece of the Map to El Dorado! :D 

Had to remove some rocks blocking the way to Captain Blood's treasure.

Deacon thought I was too weak to defeat him... I don't think so! 

After I was done, had to look through Captain Blood's treasure for the piece of El Dorado Map!

The fight with Deacon wasn't hard since I had help from a Witchdoctor minion from the Crowns Shop. My past experiences were not as easy so I say you have friends or a minion from the Crowns Shop to help you win the fight since armada soldiers do reappear and get in the way to protect Deacon. After the fight, we found the missing piece of an El Dorado map and one of my parents were actually in El Dorado with a group of seven pirates, a few of them being Catbeard and Egg Foo Young have been to El Dorado and might have the pieces of the Map. I finally made it to Mooshu today which was a lot of fun since I have been Cool Ranch for about a year! I'm going to make regular posts about my Swashbuckler every week (as much as I can), so I hope you stick around for this new adventure! :D Thank you for reading! 

My new ship! :D

Edward Cringle on his way to Mooshu!

~ Edward Cringle

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Chrissy The Blesser said...

Stunningly beautiful screenshots. Just perfect :D
Great writing, it is SO good to hear your heart again. I am THRILLED you got your fansite status back :D Well done.