May 27, 2015

Edward VS Celestia!

Hello Wizards!

I've been leveling my death wizard, Edward, a lot more than any other wizard on the game. You wouldn't believe how much time I spent the past three days finishing Celestia with help from my Fire and Ice wizards. I am not good at staying on long anymore because I get headaches when I'm on the game too much. I had a lot of fun leveling my death wizard through Celestia, and today I got to finish Celestia by questing through the Trial of the Spears dungeon! 

I've had trouble questing through this dungeon in the past, but today I didn't have as much trouble as I did on any of my other wizards since I had a level 97 (technically 100 ;P) helping me level! :D The puzzles in the beginning of the dungeon were easy to solve, but I had a little bit of difficulty on the first boss of the dungeon, Astreaus. Astreaus has a cheat where he can cast a -90 tower shield on himself. I had trouble finding my shadow magic spell on my ice wizard and it took awhile to actually defeat him! I finally found all of the right spells, blades and traps and took the hit and the hit did about 59,000.. Which was an OVERKILL since he had around 7,000 health! I knew I wouldn't die because the death and ice schools are awesome like that! Wait... is death already dead???
This spell is one of the best spells in the Spiral!


The next area was in my opinon the best area in the entire dungeon! I had to defeat eight different enemies in four different fights so I could fight the boss, Ptolemus. Ptolemus is a moon boss and an easier boss to defeat. He cheated by casting a -90 tower shield, but would remove it after you put blades on. :D He kept attacking my death wizard and we couldn't cast any traps on him so it took a little longer to defeat him. I'm glad he didn't leave the tower shield on or I would have never made it through this part even as a level 97. This boss would win and I'd never make it to the next boss... KIDDING!

I love this area, whoever designed this area did an amazing job!

The enemies we had to defeat to make it to Ptolemus

Ended up casting Mammoth of Ptolemus.. Ouch! Oh, and be careful with single attacks, he'll cast a tower shield if you cast them. Thankfully they can be removed if you cast any sort of blade! :D

After I defeated Ptolemus, there was one more boss... The Final Boss.. Mithraya! This boss cast a lot of smokescreens that would make you fizzle if you didn't put a blade and a trap on the boss. If you did, you wouldn't have to deal with all of her smokescreens. :) This boss was pretty easy to me, because I had my ice wizard helping. If you're not sure if a boss cheats or not, just look the bosses name up on Central, Duelist101 or any other site that may have dungeon guides. It's always helpful and will most likely prevent you from repeating it if you didn't know about any cheat at first.. :D That's my advice for the day! :P With that advice, I'm going to end this post with the rest of my screenshots. Thank you for reading and until next time, I'll see you around the spiral!

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Chrissy The Blesser said...

Excellent advice and stunning screenshots. Really good read and eye candy for dessert :D