June 29, 2015

The Wedding! (100th Adventure)

Ahoy Pirates!

I hope you had a great weekend! It's Saturday and that means.... another post. This blog post marks Edward Cringle's 100th adventure on the game! :D I can't believe I've already made 100 blog posts about my swashbuckler. It does take a lot of work to make a post and remember a lot of information, but I love doing that for all of you! Thank you all so much for sticking around and reading all of my blog posts. Now, before I ramble on... here's a little recap of what happened on my last post and after! It looks like I'm going to a wedding today!

On my last post, The Wedding Invitation, I had to find materials to build a fake wedding invitation so I could ruin a wedding for one of General Tso's henchmen. The Yakooza wants me to make sure this wedding doesn't go as planned since General Tso since he is sponsoring the wedding. After I collected the materials for the fake wedding invitation, Chosuke The Forger created the wedding invitation. After Chosuke created the wedding invitation I had to sail to Sujimara Village and take the invitation to Yuji. Yuji told me that I needed to bring dishonor upon General Tso by destroying one of his lieutenant wedding, taking General Tso's gift, defacing Takeda's mansion and disrupting the entertainment of the wedding. Yuji sent me to Taro Moomori, and Taro gave me the key to Moomori Mansion and his Uncle's Audience Chamber.

I entered the Moomori Compound dungeon without any issue since I already had an invitation. My first quest of the dungeon required me to find the Audience Chamber so I could steal General Tso's gift. The Audience Chamber had enemies guarding the gift (or so we thought), and I had to fight them first. This fight was not an easy fight and requires you to pay a lot of attention and not pay attention to the food you're eating because it might fall on you when you notice one of your companions are about to be defeated by one of them... wait what?! Don't listen to me... Anyways... This fight was still a little difficult since I didn't have my companions at the right level at the time. After I defeated the enemies in this fight, one of the Moomori Guards told me that General Tso's Gift was guarded by Samoorai upstairs.

The Samoorai fight was not an easy fight. I thought the first fight with the Mamoori Guards were difficult, but not nearly as difficult as the fight with the Samoorai. I thought I could defeat the Samoorai without a minion from the crowns shop but found out I couldn't when a few of my minions were defeated and I was very low on health. I decided to buy a level 40 henchmen from the Crowns Shop to help me out on this fight. I don't want to be defeated during a fight, especially during a dungeon, because I want to make as many blog posts as possible since many of you love these posts more than any other post on my blog. :D After we defeated the Samoorai, I found General Tso's gift and stole it. The next few things I had to do was to deface Takeda's Mansion and ruin the entertainment of the wedding.

Defacing Takeda's mansion was pretty easy and didn't require a fight. The next thing I had to do was ruin the entertainment by pushing down some of the things on stage. I had to fight more Samoorai that caught me doing that, which meant I had to buy another minion from the crowns shop since I didn't want the same thing happening the next time. The entertainment didn't really stop (as you can see in the image above), but I guess they were happy I was saving them and that's why they continued to dance?! :D  After I defeated the Samoorai in the Entertainment building, I found I had to defeat more Samoorai after I ran outside. I didn't buy a minion for this fight and it wasn't easy but I still made it through. The lesson for the day is to make sure you level and promote your companions and not continue leveling through a world when you know the enemies are getting stronger. :) I still think this dungeon was a little hard to level through solo, but if you have friends, I'm sure it'll be a lot easier. Thank you to the Privateer Class for keeping me alive during this dungeon! That's all I have for you today since I don't want this post to be any longer than it already is. I really want to thank you again for reading my 100th Edward Cringle adventure!!! :D Until next time, I'll see you around the skyways!

Who is this? Find out on my next blog post! :D

Wizard101 Test Realm: Meowiarty Archmage Dungeon

Hello Wizards!

Last week I tested another dungeon, the Meowiarty Archmage Dungeon, with Autumn Dreamwalker! I want to make posts like these over the next few days so you know a little more about the new Ultra boss fights. I'll make more posts like this and about other updates that'll be added to the game soon. Until then, here's more information about the Meowiarty Archmage dungeon and my thoughts about it! :D

The new Mewoiarty Archmage Dungeon on the Test Realm costs 500 crowns and can be farmed for from around the spiral. This post isn't a guide, so I'll tell you to look around to see if you can find a perfect guide for this dungeon. There were cheats and I promise he's not as easy as he was in Marleybone. :P All of the enemies in this battle had under 10,000 health which made it easier to defeat them. There were four different enemies, Meowiarty, O'Leary Thug, Midnighter and Dr Von. Katzenstein. The O'Leary Thug and Midnighter were not bosses, but they cheated just like the bosses. Each time one enemy hit us, the Midnighter would cast an Empower which would do damage on him and give three pips to everyone who hit. There were plenty of cheats during this dungeon and it's better to check them out on a guide (if one is created) before you enter this dungeon.

Do I like the Meowiarty Archmage Dungeon?

  • Do I like the Drops? This dungeon is similiar to the Rattlebones Master Dungeon (and all of the other dungeons) in drops. This dungeon should drop the new school mounts and amazing level 70-80 gear. I think the drops in this dungeon are just as amazing!
  • Do I like the Challenge? The challenge in this dungeon to me is just right for wizards at this level. It should be easy to defeat Meowiarty and his minions if you're prepared and know the cheats. We didn't know the cheats when we entered, since everything was new and there was no guides at all. There are some cheats that might seem crazy (like the Shadow Bolt spell) for an Archmage wizard, but it should be easy to prevent with a guide!
  • Do I like this Dungeon? I think this dungeon is an amazing dungeon that has awesome drops to help your wizards look cool. This dungeon and all of the others also give you something to farm for without getting upset that the dungeon is too difficult or too easy. I actually love this dungeon!

The Shadow Bolt Spell, one of the cheats used during this dungeon!

June 27, 2015

Wizard101 Test Realm: Rattlebones Master Dungeon

Hello Wizards,

I hope you had time to stop by the Wizard101 Test Realm to check out some of the new updates that will be added to the live game after being tested! I decided to make a post about one of the Wizard101 updates, the one-try boss fights, and what I like or don't like about them. I will also make more blog posts about some of the other updates over the next few days. :D Today I'm going to talk about the new Rattlebones Master Dungeon.

The New One-Try Rattlebones Master Boss fight costs 500 Crowns in the Wizard101 Crowns Shop or can be farmed for around the spiral (currently only on the Test Realm). Rattlebones, Fairy Queen Boss and the other Dark Fairy ice minions are not as easy as they are in Unicorn Way. The bosses in this dungeon use many new cheats and advanced spell cards such as  which made it different from the Unicorn Way boss fight! I really didn't think think fight would be that difficult since we bought the Master Rattlebones dungeon. We don't have the best gear of the game for any of the Exalted ones, but it was fun to try a few out, including this ultra dungeon.

Do I like the Rattlebones Master dungeon?

  • Do I like the Drops? I really do like the new drops from this dungeon. After we finished this battle, Autumn found out she had the new death school-themed mount! You can also get gear to help your wizard (around level 40 if you're currently questing), and if you don't get gear, you can always get the new crafting material to craft your mount.
  • Do I like the Challenge? The challenge for a wizard around level 40 might be a little difficult if you ask me, but if you go into the dungeon with a higher level wizard, should be a lot of fun! :D If this dungeon was only intended for level 40 wizards, maybe the difficulty should be adjusted. 
  • Do I like this dungeon? I actually do like that this dungeon is a one-try dungeon and the price isn't bad considering you can get a mount from it instead of waiting a very long time to craft a mount (not that it's bad to), or to buy a mount like this from the crowns shop for over 10k crowns. I like that this dungeon is a one-try dungeon and the dungeon itself! :) Thank you Kingsisle for the amazing dungeon!

June 23, 2015

I Will Always Support Kingsisle!

Hi there,

There's been a lot of talk about Pirate101's Book 15 and talk about how Pirate101 and Kingsisle gave up on their pirate players.. I don't believe this at all and I don't care how much hate I get by saying this. I've been playing Kingsisle games nearly 6 years (next Saturday), and know Kingsisle does care about what their players think. I'm sure most of you think I'm a robot because I'm a fansite owner but the truth is, I'm not... I'm only a supporter of their games and even if I wasn't a fansite owner, I'd still be typing the same thing. It's sad to know that so many players are giving up on the game but really want Kingsisle to release something. Are you really a fan of their game? I've asked myself that many times. A true fan will stick by their side even if it has been two years since the release of something. Kingsisle has released a new tower and advanced pets to keep us busy in the mean time. We had two new worlds released before this update and if you think about it, that's 15 levels... Wizard101 only had one world (Celestia) worth 10 levels and had a two year break. This reminds me of the Fast101 world release when players of Wizard101 were used to having so many worlds and updates be released all at once. Maybe you're thinking Pirate101 will be the same? Don't get me wrong.. I want a new area to explore, but I'm not going to complain everyday up until a new update is released. I'm currently questing my swashbuckler through Pirate101 and I love doing that! If I decided to complain about a world not being released every single post.. would you get bored? I'm sure most of you would. :) Yes, before you comment and say everyone has a right to have an opinion, freedom of speech, or whatever you're going to say.. and I'm not saying you don't have a right to complain. I've had many moments where I've complained about things, but I promise you I didn't complain everyday until something was done. What will you do when an update is released? You'll get to level into a new area and earn many new things such as ships, gear, and new promotion quests! I really don't know what the next update will bring, but how I get through this is thinking about what Kingsisle will release for us since they did wait this long. I'm not speaking for KI at all, I'm speaking for myself and that's why at the end of the day, this is my website and I'm going to post what I think about the games. I think Kingsisle is an amazing game team and know they never fail to surprise me with their updates. The best thing you can do now is hope the best for Kingsisle instead of putting them or anyone else that supports them down. That's all I have to say for now. Thank you all for reading.

June 22, 2015

99th Edward Cringle Post!

Ahoy Pirates!

Lately I've noticed my swashbuckler's companions were being defeated a lot more during fights than they were when they were at the right level. I also noticed that trying to sink ships were becoming more and more difficult since I had an entry level Mooshu pirate ship. Last week, I decided to take a break from questing on my main quests and farm for gold with Autumn Walker!

It's always fun to farm with Autumn Walker! I'm thankful she stuck around a few hours so my swashbuckler could farm for gold from Friar Sand. Friar always has extra gold and I know they say Avery is the richest pirate in the Skull Island, but I think Friar is the richest Ogre in Mooshu! :P We actually earned about 150,000 gold from farming that day which helped my swashbuckler so much! I ended up leveling many of my companions that were behind in level and buying a new pirate ship! :D 

After getting leveling my companions and buying my new pirate ship, I decided to sail around the skyways and show off my new ship by completing a few companion promotion quests. I'm currently working on promoting Old Scratch. It's a lot of fun to do these quests because in the end, the companions get a new epic talent and a new look! I'm still working hard promoting my companions, but should be able to level a lot easier with less problems than I had before farming for gold. Thank you again Autumn for helping me! :) This post was actually my 99th Edward Cringle post! My next post will be my 100th! Thank you for sticking around each and every post, all of your support really means a lot to me. Until my next post, I'll see you around the skyways!

Working on an Old Scratch Promotion Quest

There's A Wizard In Skull Island?!

Hello Wizards!

I hope you had a great weekend and all of the Father's reading had a great Father's Day! I was very busy the past few days and couldn't make blog posts.. That means I have a lot of blog posts to make the next few days. There were times where I had time to make blog posts but I was either tired or didn't feel like the time was the right time to make one. I didn't want to make one at the wrong time, like early in the morning, because I was worried I'd confuse you with all of my spelling errors. :P I think I'm still going to confuse a few of you today, because I was in Skull Island, on a pirate ship and defeated a few Armada soldiers.. :D

I've been trying to earn as much experience as possible before I finish the last dungeon in Zafaria so I'm not too low of a level when I enter Avalon. Yesterday I decided to look around for quests and I found  the Professor quests and decided to quest through the quests since I didn't get to before. You would think by now I would have leveled through more of them, but the truth is, the Skull Island quest in Zafaria was a first. I leveled through the first one before, but the Marleybone and Zafaria professor quests were new and FUN. :D Yesterday I had a lot of fun questing through the Marleybone and Zafaria professor quests, but the Zafaria one caught my eye because it was Pirate101 related! :P 

There was a mob fight with fire crabs, a boss fight with Cutthroats, another mob fight with more fire crabs and another boss fight with the Aramda. I actually soloed all of it on my death wizard by casting sprites. Nah, I'm kidding! :P I had my fire help me with this dungeon since I had a feeling it would be a difficult dungeon to solo alone. I had to help Boochbeard and Gandry escape the Armada so they could help a pirate, Edward Cringle I'm guessing, escape so he could become a powerful swashbuckler and defeat the Armada.. Maestro was the one who said that, so I'm repeating what Maestro said.. :D This dungeon was easy since I had my fire wizard helping my death wizard.. I always wanted to cast a spell like Sun Serpent on the Armada... today I got to do that. :D I earned over 40,000 experience during this dungeon which put me closer to level 72. Thank you all for reading! The next time you hear about my death wizard, it should be about Mirror Lake and his entry to Avalon. Until next time, I'll see you around the spiral!

Edward Firegem sailing a Pirate Ship! :D (not really, but lets pretend that he is)

June 16, 2015

Rise & Destroy!

Hi there!

I wanted to make a blog post about a new mobile game about monsters that may or may have not escaped from Kingsisle's company called Rise & Destroy. This mobile game was created by Kingsisle is planned to be released everywhere this Fall on IOS and Android devices! This game looks like a game where monsters attack cities for experience and have to face people to take the planet back.. My review so far: That sounds like a fun game!!!! Rise & Destroy has already been made available to anyone that lives in Ireland and Austrailia. This game looks like a fun game and I know I'm going to buy this game when it's released! I actually see a few monsters that I think would be awesome to see on Wizard101 for spells or Pirate101 for ship horn attacks! Anyone else agree? :D I can't wait to play this game!! If you would like more information, you can click the image attached to this blog post to view their website or watch the trailer below!! While you're at it, make sure to give their Twitter account a follow --> @risedestroy

June 15, 2015

Summertime Fun!

Hello Wizards!

Kingsisle released amazing new Summertime housing items to the Wizard101 Crowns Shop! I thought I'd buy a few items: the Kiddie Pool (so far my favorite item), W101 Beach Towel and Beach Umbrella! Thank you Kingsisle for the amazing furniture items. :D Before I ramble on, you should check out all of the other items by clicking HERE or click on the image attached to this blog post! Thank you for reading! :)

June 13, 2015

Underwater Scarecrow, Efreet and Sun Serpent?!

Hello Wizards!

I hope you're having a great weekend so far. I know I am because I've had more chances to level on the game since I'm not as busy as I was earlier this week! Today I got to take my death wizard, Edward, through The Waterworks in Crab Alley. I know the gear in this dungeon, at least for me, is important for the damage, resist and health that helps your wizard until you're able to get new gear.

I'm sure not everyone has Waterworks gear, but most of my wizards on my main account still have it even at level 100! I still haven't farmed Darkmoor (when I do, there will be a post), and they need some gear. I recently decided to buy crowns gear for a few of my wizards, but I can't for my death wizard since I'm using all of the crowns I can to buy new areas to quest through! :) I know I said I entered this dungeon today to farm for my gear, but I also entered for extra experience since I'm behind on what level I want to be on before I enter Avalon!

Today I entered the dungeon with my fire wizard to see if I could actually get through it since I haven't had any success in the past while farming this dungeon with two accounts. I must have had a lot of luck, or leprechaun gold, on my side because I actually made it through! I'm not going to lie, my death wizard did die while fighting Squidward (Luska, I just call him Squidward because he's awesome like that), but I teleported back using the dungeon recall feature (old, but still useful). I didn't have any trouble on the last boss since I followed all of the rules.. How did I know all of the rules for all of the bosses after not being in this dungeon nearly an entire year? I actually found an amazing guide by Katherine Light on Wizard101 Central!! :D I don't know how far I'd be in the game without everyones guides for game bosses. Thank you Katherine for your Waterworks guide, I would never remembered the cheats without you. I didn't earn any gear, but my death wizard did level up to 71!! The next post about my death wizard should be about my death finishing up Zafaria. Until then, I'll see you around the Spiral! Here's a picture of my death casting sun serpent on the final boss.. :D

The Wedding Invitation

Ahoy Pirates!

I hope all of you are having a great week so far! I'm happy it's the weekend again so I can quest a lot more on my swashbuckler than I have recently and make blog posts about the game. I hope all of you have a great weekend.. Speaking of the weekend, I think I need to make this post about a Wedding Invitation quest, so I can make my other Pirate101 blog posts this weekend. :D

On my last blog post, Wild Rice, I had to help the Yakooza again with another deed before I could talk to Egg Foo Yung. I had to help Yuji, a member of the Yakooza, gather wild rice from Tso Warships and return the rice to the villagers. If you would like to read and learn more about my swashbuckler's last quest, just click HERE! I still need to talk to Egg so I can see if he still has the piece of the map to El Dorado. The Yakooza has him in prison and the leader doesn't want me talking to him until I help them with many quests and I have been questing through many of them over the past few posts. After I returned the rice to Yuji, he told me that one of General Tso's henchmen was going to have a wedding. General Tso is sponsering the wedding and Yuji wants me to make sure it doesn't go as planned..

Yuji told me that he wanted me talk to steal one of the wedding invitations from a Samoorai and then have it forged by Chosuke the Forger so I can make sure the wedding doesn't go as planned. After I stole the wedding invitation I had to talk to Chosuke the Forger to forge the invitation to make it look like I'm supposed to attend the wedding. Chosuke told me he needed Fine Paper and Ebon ink from a Stationer's Shop and borrow the Imperial Vizier's Stamp from the Governor's Shop, both of which are in Hamamitsu Garden. This was an easier quest since I only had to talk to Gisen the Calligrapher to collect the Fine Paper and Ebon Ink and the Imperial Vizier to collect the Imperial Vizier Stamp. The Invitation didn't require fighting so that was a lot of fun just reading the storyline after all of the fighting I've done in recent blog posts. I have a feeling the next blog post will require a lot of fights! :P Thank you all for reading and until next time, I'll see you around the skyways! :D

Two more posts until Edward Cringle's 100th Blog Post!!! :D Thank you for all of your support!

June 11, 2015

Throwback Thursday (Ravenwood Ball)!

Hello Wizards!

Did you know that I have been on the game, Wizard101, nearly six years?! Yes... I have and I have plenty of memories I'd love to share with you! I decided to make a post each Thursday telling you quite a few favorite Wizard101 memories of mine. :D Today I'm going to make an old story, even though it doesn't seem like it happened that long ago, about a website called Diary of a Wizard and what they did on their Birthday. The first event started in 2010 and lasted through 2012!

I'm sure many of you that have been playing Wizard101 and have been in the community for a few years know about Diary of a Wizard's amazing Ravenwood Ball & Birthday Bash! Diary of a Wizard was an amazing Fansite and the owners of the fansite were the best people you could get to know! Fallon Shadowblade was one of the owners and she would always be so supportive of everyone in the community. :D I remember joining the first party and let me say this... the Ravenwood Ball & Birthday Bash was and is the biggest party that could ever be hosted on Wizard101. I'm sure many of you have already been to parties on the game and all of them are amazing, but Diary of a Wizard's Ravenwood Ball had so many people that there would be 15-30 different areas in a single realm! Other Fansite owners would  help Diary of a Wizard host the events and have a ton of amazing contests and there were many houses full of wizards and the main realm in Ravenwood. We would usually meet up in the Vampire Realm in Ravenwood and I would log on 12 hours before the party and stay on most of the day chatting with my friends. :D 

Everyone knew a ton of wizards would soon show up and there would be plenty of lag and a sea of blue and purple names! This event was amazing and sometimes my computer didn't work as well as I wanted it to, but I still attended this amazing event. I've already made many posts about this event on this website, but I could make one million posts and would never get tired of it. :D I really would like to thank the owners of Diary of a Wizard, staff and even the old fansite owners that made this event possible! :D I will always remember this awesome memory, and I'm sure many of you that attended the event will too! I'm thankful I have this website to make memorable blog posts like this one because I wouldn't even have the screenshots I have because I've already replaced many computers. :P Thank you again Diary of a Wizard for all of your fun times on the game and all of the work you did for the community. :) I'll have another Throwback next Thursday. Until then, I'll see you around the Spiral!

June 9, 2015

Terror's Hoard Pack!

Hello Wizards!

Kingsisle released a new game card pack called the Terror's Hoard Pack to the crowns shop! This new pack is a Darkmoor themed pack that costs 399 crowns in the Wizard101 Crowns Shop. :D The new pack comes with a new Terror Dog Mount, Brainy Assistant Pet, Fortune Teller Armor sets, Darkmoor themed housing items, Darkmoor themed treasure cards and more! I already bought a few new Terror Hoards on my second account and planning on buying more. :D Good luck everyone! If you would like more information about this awesome new pack, click HERE or the image attached to this blog post. :D

June 6, 2015

Wild Rice!

Ahoy Pirates!

I hope you're having an awesome weekend so far, I know I am! I've had more time to level and catch up on a few things. I've been trying to level a few nautical levels because I'm behind from where I'm supposed to be at this point in the game. I'm also trying to buy gold so I can buy a better ship and equipment in Mooshu... You'll know why I really need to raise my nautical level and buy that new ship after this blog post.. Before I tell you where I've been questing recently, I'm going to talk a little about the last blog post I published. :)

On my last post, I found out I had to help the Yakooza by defeating a governor that had unfair taxes on villagers in Yagiziwa Village, Mooshu. After I defeated Governor Nakamura, I returned all of the gold from the unfair taxes to the villagers. After returning the gold, I sailed back to the Yakooza Lair to tell the leader of the Yakooza the good news. Oyabun Shingen, the leader of the Yakooza, told me that I couldn't talk to Egg Foo Yung until I was done helping them with the few things they needed. Oyabun told me he needed me to sail to Sujimura Village and talk to one of his henchmen to find out how to deal with one of the Yakooza's enemies, the powerful warlord, General Tso.

After talking to the Yakooza leader, I had to sail to Sujimura Village to find one of Oyabun's henchmen, Yuji. Once I arrived, Yuji told me that General Tso's army takes rice from the villagers and he needs help sinking General Tso's Army ships in order to get the rice back so the villagers don't starve. Today's quest required me to find, sink and collect four Wild Rice supplies from Tso Warships in the Khoton Skyway. Remember what I mentioned above about my nautical level and not enough gold for a new ship? Well, this area wasn't a nice area to be in that position but I found a way around that issue. :D

I had to sink four or more of these ships if I didn't collect the Wild Rice from the Tso Warships. I had to sink about six of these ships since I didn't collect the rice a few times. Sinking the first three were pretty easy since I found a spot where the other ships in the images below couldn't get to me. I decided to sail somewhere else and attack another ship in a different area and other ships ended up casting attacks too. Fighting more than one ship means your ships health will decrease and you'll have to fight the enemies on their pirate ships. If you don't want to fight the enemies with full health, try to lower their ships health as low as possible and that will also lower the enemies health on the ship so you don't have to fight them with their full health. I promise you'll have your pirate and companions will have full health if you do end up doing this. :) You can do this with any other ship you're trying to sink and they end up pulling you in. I think that little trick made collecting the wild rice a lot easier. Well.. that's all I have today! We still have a few more things to do for the Yakooza.. I hope you stick around to see what they are. Until then, I'll see you around the skyways!

June 5, 2015

The Great Beast

Hello Wizards!

I'm sure most of you know that I've been leveling my ice wizard, Edward Wintergem, with Autumn Dreamwalker's ice & myth wizards through Khrsyalis. We actually made it to Khrsyalis Part 2 on my last post after earning shadow magic, and part of this area was easier to quest through. :D

It's not easy to solo through everything on the game, but it's a lot of fun to have someone else to talk to and quest with. This really does help if you're worried you will be defeated by a boss or in an important dungeon. There are many mobs and bosses you have to defeat in Khrysalis Part 2, but they're not as hard as long as you have someone to help you with your quest. :) If you are having trouble, I know Team Up and most recent update to the game, Join A Team, will help wizards that are having trouble in the game. We didn't have any trouble defeating bosses or the mobs, but nearly had trouble with a dungeon in Crescent Beach. This dungeon required you to summon The Great Beast so you could travel across Starfall Sea, but you had to defeat enemies in between to make sure you make it to the next area.

This dungeon gives a lot of XP which means you might level if you're at least three or four bars away from leveling. Even though this dungeon gave a lot of XP, it wasn't as easy as you think it would be. There were three fights during this dungeon: The First was death enemies with about 3,000 health, the Second Battle was myth enemies with 4,500 health, and the Third Fight had storm enemies with 14,600+ health! The first and second fight was not as hard, but you should always be careful when fighting myth since they cast Earthquakes. The Third fight with the storm enemies were crazy since they were all bosses... The first two fights were easy since you didn't have to fight all four enemies.. One Wizard can join the first two fights while the others disappear, and then the other wizards can join. Be careful after the fight because the enemeis that disappeared will reappear and might drag you in, but you don't have to defeat them. The third fight required you to fight all four Storm Bosses so don't send one wizard in during this third battle.

The Storm bosses were not easy to fight since they can cast storm lord to stun you, and a storm dragon to give you a smoke screen. I think this battle is a battle where a healer, tank, and at least two wizards that can hit is required. I was actually a tank and I cast a frost giants and snow angels quite a few times, Autumn's Myth Wizard also hit the enemies with her humongofrogs and when the bosses were close to being defeated, Basilisk. She also had her ice wizard casting heals when our wizards were down on health since we were the ones taunting the bosses. :D Autumn had two accounts during this dungeon, so that's pretty awesome that she was able to do everything! :) This dungeon was pretty difficult at the end, but we were able to make it through and our wizards eventually leveled to 100 after we made it to our destination, Ruined Alcazar. I was going to make this a short update post, but decided to talk a little more about how we're doing on the game. :D Thank you all for reading! Until next time, I'll see you around the spiral.