June 22, 2015

99th Edward Cringle Post!

Ahoy Pirates!

Lately I've noticed my swashbuckler's companions were being defeated a lot more during fights than they were when they were at the right level. I also noticed that trying to sink ships were becoming more and more difficult since I had an entry level Mooshu pirate ship. Last week, I decided to take a break from questing on my main quests and farm for gold with Autumn Walker!

It's always fun to farm with Autumn Walker! I'm thankful she stuck around a few hours so my swashbuckler could farm for gold from Friar Sand. Friar always has extra gold and I know they say Avery is the richest pirate in the Skull Island, but I think Friar is the richest Ogre in Mooshu! :P We actually earned about 150,000 gold from farming that day which helped my swashbuckler so much! I ended up leveling many of my companions that were behind in level and buying a new pirate ship! :D 

After getting leveling my companions and buying my new pirate ship, I decided to sail around the skyways and show off my new ship by completing a few companion promotion quests. I'm currently working on promoting Old Scratch. It's a lot of fun to do these quests because in the end, the companions get a new epic talent and a new look! I'm still working hard promoting my companions, but should be able to level a lot easier with less problems than I had before farming for gold. Thank you again Autumn for helping me! :) This post was actually my 99th Edward Cringle post! My next post will be my 100th! Thank you for sticking around each and every post, all of your support really means a lot to me. Until my next post, I'll see you around the skyways!

Working on an Old Scratch Promotion Quest

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