June 23, 2015

I Will Always Support Kingsisle!

Hi there,

There's been a lot of talk about Pirate101's Book 15 and talk about how Pirate101 and Kingsisle gave up on their pirate players.. I don't believe this at all and I don't care how much hate I get by saying this. I've been playing Kingsisle games nearly 6 years (next Saturday), and know Kingsisle does care about what their players think. I'm sure most of you think I'm a robot because I'm a fansite owner but the truth is, I'm not... I'm only a supporter of their games and even if I wasn't a fansite owner, I'd still be typing the same thing. It's sad to know that so many players are giving up on the game but really want Kingsisle to release something. Are you really a fan of their game? I've asked myself that many times. A true fan will stick by their side even if it has been two years since the release of something. Kingsisle has released a new tower and advanced pets to keep us busy in the mean time. We had two new worlds released before this update and if you think about it, that's 15 levels... Wizard101 only had one world (Celestia) worth 10 levels and had a two year break. This reminds me of the Fast101 world release when players of Wizard101 were used to having so many worlds and updates be released all at once. Maybe you're thinking Pirate101 will be the same? Don't get me wrong.. I want a new area to explore, but I'm not going to complain everyday up until a new update is released. I'm currently questing my swashbuckler through Pirate101 and I love doing that! If I decided to complain about a world not being released every single post.. would you get bored? I'm sure most of you would. :) Yes, before you comment and say everyone has a right to have an opinion, freedom of speech, or whatever you're going to say.. and I'm not saying you don't have a right to complain. I've had many moments where I've complained about things, but I promise you I didn't complain everyday until something was done. What will you do when an update is released? You'll get to level into a new area and earn many new things such as ships, gear, and new promotion quests! I really don't know what the next update will bring, but how I get through this is thinking about what Kingsisle will release for us since they did wait this long. I'm not speaking for KI at all, I'm speaking for myself and that's why at the end of the day, this is my website and I'm going to post what I think about the games. I think Kingsisle is an amazing game team and know they never fail to surprise me with their updates. The best thing you can do now is hope the best for Kingsisle instead of putting them or anyone else that supports them down. That's all I have to say for now. Thank you all for reading.


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Chrissy The Blesser said...

Well said and I agree with you wholeheartedly. We need less complaining and more support and then we will all have better days, the players and the much harassed developers.

Nicholas LionRider said...

Normally, under any circumstances I would agree. But sadly, none of your points measure up in this case. Following the peak of Wizard101 in 2011 where we had a groundbreaking 5 worlds in under a year (granted some were side), the community demanded more and more, and faster. This was seen in Azteca, in Khrysalis and then in Darkmoor. However, it needs to be addressed that KingsIsle is obligated to fill demand when it is there. Wizard has kept the community at bay releasing multiple dungeons and smaller updates like BOXES, but Pirate (and I will say this 100%) has done nothing. The pet update, was good, for a month, the Moo Manchu tower, was good, for a few weeks, same for Smugglers Arena, but neither had a lasting impact justifying this major gap. I applaud Kings Isle when they put their foot down and release a single world per year, that is fine, but it can't be ignored that they haven't even shown evidence of Book 15 being in the works in over TWO YEARS. The reason people are upset is because ever since the Blind Mew note last spring, there has been 0 word on book 15 at all. Kings Isle lives have made very little attempt to showcase Pirate because even they agree, there isn't much in that game anymore. Kings Isle might be busy, but they need to understand they have a fanbase currently and not work on the 5 or whatever other projects that MAY or MAY NOT do well. With half their major employees signed over to Crowfall, at least a fourth working on another title I'm sure, and progressively smaller community, they should be kicking it into high gear and working to prove they are still alive. Most players don't like replaying the same content over and over, especially ones they might have done several times in betas and alphas. As much as I praise Pirate and Wizard for adding content for lower levels, they are a gamble, the maxed out characters are the ones that you have hooked, appeal to them. The Skull Island expansion did little but give the free to play players more content while many level 65s, wait in patience for even a glimpse at concept of Valencia Part 2. From the looks, Book 15 will be another world and a half, but that doesn't justify the wait, especially when assets for Krokotopia, Darkmoor and Grizzleheim (3 potential worlds) are already made. We had this same issue with the Khrysalis releases, part 1 was good, then they took another year for part 2 unnecessarily and any update seemed to just be concept opposed to evidence of it's progress. It is extremely sad when you can lose a community to a game from about 17 developers on kickstarter, promising a game in two years, and have more hype behind it than the game you support.

Edward Lifegem said...

Nicholas, I agree with you on many points you made in your comment. I wasn't thinking about Crowfall and how many KI members left, and the lack of communication is a lot to handle. I just don't agree on something that I've noticed lately when trying to read Pirate101 Twitter or Facebook news. I noticed that every time Pirate101 talks about something they're adding to the game a lot of people complain for no reason. I think Kingsisle already knows by now that a lot of people in the community want a new update, but the complaining everyday is annoying. A few were making me feel I shouldn't support Pirate101 which was another reason I made this blog post. But in the mean time, thank you for leaving your comment. I guess we can only hope they'll release something, even if it's not a world, soon.

Anne Radcliffe said...

Hi, Edward, a well-written and well-supported article! Nice to see you back again (I know you have been back for a little while, but I have not had opportunity to participate a whole lot lately)

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