June 16, 2015

Rise & Destroy!

Hi there!

I wanted to make a blog post about a new mobile game about monsters that may or may have not escaped from Kingsisle's company called Rise & Destroy. This mobile game was created by Kingsisle is planned to be released everywhere this Fall on IOS and Android devices! This game looks like a game where monsters attack cities for experience and have to face people to take the planet back.. My review so far: That sounds like a fun game!!!! Rise & Destroy has already been made available to anyone that lives in Ireland and Austrailia. This game looks like a fun game and I know I'm going to buy this game when it's released! I actually see a few monsters that I think would be awesome to see on Wizard101 for spells or Pirate101 for ship horn attacks! Anyone else agree? :D I can't wait to play this game!! If you would like more information, you can click the image attached to this blog post to view their website or watch the trailer below!! While you're at it, make sure to give their Twitter account a follow --> @risedestroy

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