June 22, 2015

There's A Wizard In Skull Island?!

Hello Wizards!

I hope you had a great weekend and all of the Father's reading had a great Father's Day! I was very busy the past few days and couldn't make blog posts.. That means I have a lot of blog posts to make the next few days. There were times where I had time to make blog posts but I was either tired or didn't feel like the time was the right time to make one. I didn't want to make one at the wrong time, like early in the morning, because I was worried I'd confuse you with all of my spelling errors. :P I think I'm still going to confuse a few of you today, because I was in Skull Island, on a pirate ship and defeated a few Armada soldiers.. :D

I've been trying to earn as much experience as possible before I finish the last dungeon in Zafaria so I'm not too low of a level when I enter Avalon. Yesterday I decided to look around for quests and I found  the Professor quests and decided to quest through the quests since I didn't get to before. You would think by now I would have leveled through more of them, but the truth is, the Skull Island quest in Zafaria was a first. I leveled through the first one before, but the Marleybone and Zafaria professor quests were new and FUN. :D Yesterday I had a lot of fun questing through the Marleybone and Zafaria professor quests, but the Zafaria one caught my eye because it was Pirate101 related! :P 

There was a mob fight with fire crabs, a boss fight with Cutthroats, another mob fight with more fire crabs and another boss fight with the Aramda. I actually soloed all of it on my death wizard by casting sprites. Nah, I'm kidding! :P I had my fire help me with this dungeon since I had a feeling it would be a difficult dungeon to solo alone. I had to help Boochbeard and Gandry escape the Armada so they could help a pirate, Edward Cringle I'm guessing, escape so he could become a powerful swashbuckler and defeat the Armada.. Maestro was the one who said that, so I'm repeating what Maestro said.. :D This dungeon was easy since I had my fire wizard helping my death wizard.. I always wanted to cast a spell like Sun Serpent on the Armada... today I got to do that. :D I earned over 40,000 experience during this dungeon which put me closer to level 72. Thank you all for reading! The next time you hear about my death wizard, it should be about Mirror Lake and his entry to Avalon. Until next time, I'll see you around the spiral!

Edward Firegem sailing a Pirate Ship! :D (not really, but lets pretend that he is)

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