June 13, 2015

Underwater Scarecrow, Efreet and Sun Serpent?!

Hello Wizards!

I hope you're having a great weekend so far. I know I am because I've had more chances to level on the game since I'm not as busy as I was earlier this week! Today I got to take my death wizard, Edward, through The Waterworks in Crab Alley. I know the gear in this dungeon, at least for me, is important for the damage, resist and health that helps your wizard until you're able to get new gear.

I'm sure not everyone has Waterworks gear, but most of my wizards on my main account still have it even at level 100! I still haven't farmed Darkmoor (when I do, there will be a post), and they need some gear. I recently decided to buy crowns gear for a few of my wizards, but I can't for my death wizard since I'm using all of the crowns I can to buy new areas to quest through! :) I know I said I entered this dungeon today to farm for my gear, but I also entered for extra experience since I'm behind on what level I want to be on before I enter Avalon!

Today I entered the dungeon with my fire wizard to see if I could actually get through it since I haven't had any success in the past while farming this dungeon with two accounts. I must have had a lot of luck, or leprechaun gold, on my side because I actually made it through! I'm not going to lie, my death wizard did die while fighting Squidward (Luska, I just call him Squidward because he's awesome like that), but I teleported back using the dungeon recall feature (old, but still useful). I didn't have any trouble on the last boss since I followed all of the rules.. How did I know all of the rules for all of the bosses after not being in this dungeon nearly an entire year? I actually found an amazing guide by Katherine Light on Wizard101 Central!! :D I don't know how far I'd be in the game without everyones guides for game bosses. Thank you Katherine for your Waterworks guide, I would never remembered the cheats without you. I didn't earn any gear, but my death wizard did level up to 71!! The next post about my death wizard should be about my death finishing up Zafaria. Until then, I'll see you around the Spiral! Here's a picture of my death casting sun serpent on the final boss.. :D

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