June 3, 2015

Where Is Book 15?

Ahoy Pirates!

There have been many pirates and wizards wondering if Book 15 will ever be released.. What is Book 15? It's supposed to be the next world update and continuing storyline after Aquila for Pirate101. I made a blog post a few months ago over this subject, but decided to make another post with a few reasons why Pirate101 is going to release it sooner or later.

Reason #1: Kingsisle Live

We've enjoy many Kingsisle Live episodes over the past few months! They have been through many Wizard101 Updates, but Pirate101 is getting less time than it does when there are updates on the game. Kingsisle Live is about both games, Wizard101 and Pirate101, not just Wizard101. The reason I think Kingsisle Live is an important reason Kingsisle will finally release Book 15 on Pirate101 is because they'll have more time to also talk about Pirate101 and get more players to play!

Reason #2: Continuing Memberships
*the offer below has ended*

Have you noticed that Pirate101 is asking Pirates to buy new memberships that last anywhere from one month to twelve months? This is proof that Pirate101 is not giving up. If they were giving up, they wouldn't be asking people to buy memberships that last a year. I have a feeling there will be a world update within this year. We have to stick by their side!

Reason #3: Blind Mew's Message

Blind Mew, a Pirate101 Developer, posted a message about Book 15 on the Pirate101 Message Boards last April. Blind Mew said that Book 15 is in development but they need enough Bandwidth to release the content. Pirate101 is somewhat new and needs time to release the content. If we're not getting it now, they'll at least have more time to test it out before they release it to us so we can test it out ourselves. We shouldn't worry that Kingsisle gave up on us. :) There are many other reasons, but I'm positive we'll see something sooner or later. :D

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