June 6, 2015

Wild Rice!

Ahoy Pirates!

I hope you're having an awesome weekend so far, I know I am! I've had more time to level and catch up on a few things. I've been trying to level a few nautical levels because I'm behind from where I'm supposed to be at this point in the game. I'm also trying to buy gold so I can buy a better ship and equipment in Mooshu... You'll know why I really need to raise my nautical level and buy that new ship after this blog post.. Before I tell you where I've been questing recently, I'm going to talk a little about the last blog post I published. :)

On my last post, I found out I had to help the Yakooza by defeating a governor that had unfair taxes on villagers in Yagiziwa Village, Mooshu. After I defeated Governor Nakamura, I returned all of the gold from the unfair taxes to the villagers. After returning the gold, I sailed back to the Yakooza Lair to tell the leader of the Yakooza the good news. Oyabun Shingen, the leader of the Yakooza, told me that I couldn't talk to Egg Foo Yung until I was done helping them with the few things they needed. Oyabun told me he needed me to sail to Sujimura Village and talk to one of his henchmen to find out how to deal with one of the Yakooza's enemies, the powerful warlord, General Tso.

After talking to the Yakooza leader, I had to sail to Sujimura Village to find one of Oyabun's henchmen, Yuji. Once I arrived, Yuji told me that General Tso's army takes rice from the villagers and he needs help sinking General Tso's Army ships in order to get the rice back so the villagers don't starve. Today's quest required me to find, sink and collect four Wild Rice supplies from Tso Warships in the Khoton Skyway. Remember what I mentioned above about my nautical level and not enough gold for a new ship? Well, this area wasn't a nice area to be in that position but I found a way around that issue. :D

I had to sink four or more of these ships if I didn't collect the Wild Rice from the Tso Warships. I had to sink about six of these ships since I didn't collect the rice a few times. Sinking the first three were pretty easy since I found a spot where the other ships in the images below couldn't get to me. I decided to sail somewhere else and attack another ship in a different area and other ships ended up casting attacks too. Fighting more than one ship means your ships health will decrease and you'll have to fight the enemies on their pirate ships. If you don't want to fight the enemies with full health, try to lower their ships health as low as possible and that will also lower the enemies health on the ship so you don't have to fight them with their full health. I promise you'll have your pirate and companions will have full health if you do end up doing this. :) You can do this with any other ship you're trying to sink and they end up pulling you in. I think that little trick made collecting the wild rice a lot easier. Well.. that's all I have today! We still have a few more things to do for the Yakooza.. I hope you stick around to see what they are. Until then, I'll see you around the skyways!

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Chrissy The Blesser said...

Whenever my eye candy sugar levels get too low I know I can always come here and be wowed and be on graphics hype for days. Just lovely and I love how wonderfully you explain stuff. You really make it sound easy. Well done once more :D