June 29, 2015

Wizard101 Test Realm: Meowiarty Archmage Dungeon

Hello Wizards!

Last week I tested another dungeon, the Meowiarty Archmage Dungeon, with Autumn Dreamwalker! I want to make posts like these over the next few days so you know a little more about the new Ultra boss fights. I'll make more posts like this and about other updates that'll be added to the game soon. Until then, here's more information about the Meowiarty Archmage dungeon and my thoughts about it! :D

The new Mewoiarty Archmage Dungeon on the Test Realm costs 500 crowns and can be farmed for from around the spiral. This post isn't a guide, so I'll tell you to look around to see if you can find a perfect guide for this dungeon. There were cheats and I promise he's not as easy as he was in Marleybone. :P All of the enemies in this battle had under 10,000 health which made it easier to defeat them. There were four different enemies, Meowiarty, O'Leary Thug, Midnighter and Dr Von. Katzenstein. The O'Leary Thug and Midnighter were not bosses, but they cheated just like the bosses. Each time one enemy hit us, the Midnighter would cast an Empower which would do damage on him and give three pips to everyone who hit. There were plenty of cheats during this dungeon and it's better to check them out on a guide (if one is created) before you enter this dungeon.

Do I like the Meowiarty Archmage Dungeon?

  • Do I like the Drops? This dungeon is similiar to the Rattlebones Master Dungeon (and all of the other dungeons) in drops. This dungeon should drop the new school mounts and amazing level 70-80 gear. I think the drops in this dungeon are just as amazing!
  • Do I like the Challenge? The challenge in this dungeon to me is just right for wizards at this level. It should be easy to defeat Meowiarty and his minions if you're prepared and know the cheats. We didn't know the cheats when we entered, since everything was new and there was no guides at all. There are some cheats that might seem crazy (like the Shadow Bolt spell) for an Archmage wizard, but it should be easy to prevent with a guide!
  • Do I like this Dungeon? I think this dungeon is an amazing dungeon that has awesome drops to help your wizards look cool. This dungeon and all of the others also give you something to farm for without getting upset that the dungeon is too difficult or too easy. I actually love this dungeon!

The Shadow Bolt Spell, one of the cheats used during this dungeon!

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