June 27, 2015

Wizard101 Test Realm: Rattlebones Master Dungeon

Hello Wizards,

I hope you had time to stop by the Wizard101 Test Realm to check out some of the new updates that will be added to the live game after being tested! I decided to make a post about one of the Wizard101 updates, the one-try boss fights, and what I like or don't like about them. I will also make more blog posts about some of the other updates over the next few days. :D Today I'm going to talk about the new Rattlebones Master Dungeon.

The New One-Try Rattlebones Master Boss fight costs 500 Crowns in the Wizard101 Crowns Shop or can be farmed for around the spiral (currently only on the Test Realm). Rattlebones, Fairy Queen Boss and the other Dark Fairy ice minions are not as easy as they are in Unicorn Way. The bosses in this dungeon use many new cheats and advanced spell cards such as  which made it different from the Unicorn Way boss fight! I really didn't think think fight would be that difficult since we bought the Master Rattlebones dungeon. We don't have the best gear of the game for any of the Exalted ones, but it was fun to try a few out, including this ultra dungeon.

Do I like the Rattlebones Master dungeon?

  • Do I like the Drops? I really do like the new drops from this dungeon. After we finished this battle, Autumn found out she had the new death school-themed mount! You can also get gear to help your wizard (around level 40 if you're currently questing), and if you don't get gear, you can always get the new crafting material to craft your mount.
  • Do I like the Challenge? The challenge for a wizard around level 40 might be a little difficult if you ask me, but if you go into the dungeon with a higher level wizard, should be a lot of fun! :D If this dungeon was only intended for level 40 wizards, maybe the difficulty should be adjusted. 
  • Do I like this dungeon? I actually do like that this dungeon is a one-try dungeon and the price isn't bad considering you can get a mount from it instead of waiting a very long time to craft a mount (not that it's bad to), or to buy a mount like this from the crowns shop for over 10k crowns. I like that this dungeon is a one-try dungeon and the dungeon itself! :) Thank you Kingsisle for the amazing dungeon!

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