July 31, 2015

My Friday on Wizard101

Hello Wizards!

I can't believe it's already Friday.. I feel like this week flew by! Lately I've been questing on both games and trying to catch up on posts. No, I haven't forgot about the Shark Week winners, I promise I'll make a post about that soon and of course share all of you entries. :) I've also been questing a little bit on the game. Why does Wizard101 have to be so much fun?!

My Death Wizard finally made it to Avalon and I've been questing a little bit there. So far I'm doing great. I'm currently on the same quest as my Myth Wizard on my main account and I'm thinking about questing both of them on the same quest. I have a special plan for my death wizard and that's why I've been trying to quest as much as possible before another world is released. :D They don't have the best gear, but I'm fine as long as I make it through the game. I really don't PvP (no I'm not planning to), so I'm doing great so far! :D I love all of the classes on Wizard101, but the Death School is EPIC! :P I think I'll be fine questing my death and myth wizard. I'll make another post sometime next week to let you know how things are going with the two wizards. :)

My Life Wizard has been trying to find some gear to help him with future questing. So far I've had to buy some gear in the Bazaar. I think as long as gear helps you quest through the game and is close to your level, you're doing great. I'm not trying to be perfect or anything, but I am trying to find the best gear that'll help my life wizard. :) I MIGHT farm Darkmoor sometime this year for gear, only for fun though and on times I really want to. Buying gear from the Bazaar leads into a new story for my life wizard... :D I had to sell a few things from my Bank and for some reason I was looking around my Dorm Room and noticed I forgot to place the 50 Million Monolith!! How could I forget this?! If you notice, I collect many important things that are recieved from around the game or things gifted from Kingsisle. :) I think I'm doing great so far.. don't you? :D That's what I've been up to on the game so far.. I really should make more posts like this!


July 24, 2015


Ahoy Pirates!

I'm back with another adventure from last Friday! I'm currently away on vacation but I should be back by my Birthday week! :D I've been busy trying to get as many posts together for you to read when I'm gone because I wanted to give you something to read while I'm gone. :) I love making posts for all of you and your support really does mean a lot to me. :D Okay... time to get started on my post about my Swashbuckler's next quest!

Before I tell you what I did today, I'll talk about what I did on my last blog post.. On my last blog post, The Bandit Cave, I had to run enter the Bandit Cave and defeat the Inoshishi Clanlord. I didn't make it to the Clanlord right away and had to defeat many Sorcerers and collect talismans to get rid of the magical gate that was blocking the way to get to the true leader of the Inoshishi, the Inoshishi Clanlord. After I defeated the Clanlord, he told me that the Inoshishi Bandits already won and I had to talk to Mayor Komatsu to find out more. The Mayor told me that the Inoshishi Bandits stole all of the boats in Sujimara and were on their way to Yama Kai and the Holy Sage, Wan Mo is in danger. Today I sailed to Yama Kai Shrine and to warn Wan Mo about the danger he was in. 

Wan Mo told me a story about Malistaire cursing the Emperor and many people trying to take his power while the Emporer was under the sleeping curse (Once Upon a Time anyone?). Wan Mo didn't get to tell me the name of the worse one since he was hurt by Ninja Pigs! The Ninja Pigs ran away to Kaizoku into the Cavern of Whispers.. I'm going to end the post here for now and finish up tomorrow since the next post is a long one! I'll finish with another post in a few days! :D Thank you all for reading, and until tomorrow... I'll see you around the skyways in the past and future! :P 

Check back in a few days for a better action-packed post! :D 

Exalted Meowiarty Adventure!

Hello Wizards!

I promise this isn't a repeat of what happened on my last post, Exalted Rattlebones Adventure. Okay, maybe it is! No, I'm kidding! I wanted to try these two dungeons to let you know what I thought about them and make a scheduled post so when I'm vacation you're not worried I decided to stop blogging. To tell the truth, I didn't plan on these post being scheduled, but this will be fun because I think it's the first time I scheduled blog posts. :)

This post is a different adventure with a new friend, Caleb Silverflame. We all entered the Exalted Meowiarty One-Shot Dungeon after searching up cheats of this dungeon. Sophia was very nice to let us join her in this quest. This dungeon was beyond the last one because it has so many cheats that I can't even recite them. Caleb found a guide somewhere online about this dungeon (I'm guessing Duelist101 ;D) and we managed to get through it. This dungeon was a difficult one to get through and we had to use the Dungeon Recall option to get back. We were on low health most of this battle since the enemies kept cheating. I still think this battle was a lot of fun. I won a robe from both dungeons. I know you can also earn the school mounts, reagents to craft the school mounts and other awesome gear. I  made this post mostly because I have plenty of screenshots I want to share with you from this dungeon. I think I'm going to switch things up and add a slideshow of this dungeon! :D

July 21, 2015

The Bandit Cave!

Ahoy Pirates!

I hope you're having a great week so far! I know today is Tuesday and sometimes Tuesdays can be a little boring, but I had a chance to continue questing on my Swashbuckler's main questline. :D I was catching up on side quests that I missed in the past and ended up leveling a few times which I found helpful for The Bandit Cave. You'll see why soon, but first I'm going to talk about my last main quest adventure.

On my last blog post, The Bandit Tower, I had to fight the leader of the Inoshishi Bandits. The Bandit Tower had three different floors with different fights but the fights were not as difficult as I thought they would be. I think that the Bandit Tower was a pretty simple in terms of soloing. I found out that the Inoshishi Chief wasn't the true leader of the Inoshishi Bandits and that the true leader could be found in The Bandit Cave. Today I had to enter The Bandit Cave and find the true leader of the Inoshishi Bandits so I could defeat him. As soon as I entered the Bandit Cave, I had to defeat an Inoshishi Sorcerer & Bandits guarding the cave. This battle was not difficult since I was already used to fighting many Inoshishi Bandits. :D

After I defeated the Sorcerer and Bandits guarding the Cave, I walked through the cave and found an with a magical gate guarding the true leader of the Inoshishi Bandits. I found out I had to run through the cave and find the Earth, Wind and Fire talismans from the Sorcerers so I could get through the gate and defeat the leader of the bandits. The first Sorcerer I had to fight was the Earth Sorcerer which was not an easy boss to fight.. I ended up buying a Privateer henchmen from the Crowns Shop so my main companion, El Toro, wouldn't be defeated since he is my best companion. The enemies in this battle had over 2,000 health and I believe all of them had more health than my character. They were pretty tough to fight, but I did make it through without a minion being defeated thanks to the henchmen! :) I think that's the best 350 crowns I spent, at least during this battle. :D

The Third & Fourth fights were a lot easier than the first fight with the Earth Sorcerer. The Wind and Fire sorcerers were around the 38th level and had less health. I don't know why the Earth Sorcer was at a higher level and had more health, but I was happy to see the other sorcerers would not bring as much trouble as the first. After defeating them, I had to collect their talismans to unlock the magic that was put on the gate/shield blocking the true leader of the Inoshishi Bandits. I found out that the true leader was the Inoshishi Clanlord. The Inoshishi Clanlord was also around the same levels and had the same health as the Wind and Fire sorcerers, so it wasn't a difficult fight. I still had a privateer minion from the Crowns Shop to help heal the team just in case. It's always better to be safe than sorry, right? :D That's really where I ended questing... well there's also the screenshot below, but look at the one above!! Wow... That has to be the best screenshot I've ever taken. But there's also another one I shared on Twitter last week, you know, last Friday... wow that was so long ago (or today because I'm still in the past typing this scheduled post, and yes I know I said it's Tuesday, but it's not for me...). Anyway.. Until next time, I'll leave you with this screenshot and hope to see you around the skyways! :D

Oh, looks like something bad is going to happen...!

July 20, 2015

Exalted Rattlebones Adventure!

Hello Wizards!

 I apologize for not making a blog post in awhile, I needed a break so I could think things through. I'm doing great now, and I'm happy to be back and making posts again! I've been doing a lot on Wizard101 lately, but haven't made a post about it. I have many posts to make about a few of my adventures on the game.. :D

Yesterday I was farming Rattlebones in Unicorn Way for one of the One-Shot dungeons. Frostcaller actually told me that you could farm him for them, I had no idea you could, so I decided to run to Unicorn Way and start farming. I didn't have any luck the first times through, but I didn't want to give up. Rattlebones is a difficult boss to fight.... KIDDING. Wait, everyone should know that the Unicorn Way Rattlebones isn't. :P 

I wasn't planning on farming a dungeon until an ice wizard, Sophia, asked me if I wanted to join her for the Exalted Rattlebones dungeon.  We went in with @DeadEyeColin and another amazing life wizard that kept us alive during this dungeon (sorry, I'm not good at remembering names at all)! I didn't think this fight would be as bad since I already went through the Master Dungeon. I found the Master Dungeon challenging, but didn't think this dungeon would be different... I was WRONG. :P This dungeon was pretty difficult, but we were lucky because Colin kept hitting the enemies with Meteor Strike! We had to defeat the Fairy Queen first because she kept cheating by taking our blades if we cast any, switched traps and kept summoning Dark Fairy minions. Rattlebones also used the switch trap spell (say you cast a feint on the boss, they'd switch the traps where it's +30 on them, +70 on you). This dungeon was challenging, but I still love it! I think if you try your best (and with help from Dungeon Recall), anything is possible! :D

Will the Fairy Queen Survive?!

Uh... gg! :P

July 17, 2015

Grand Tourney Gauntlet

Hello Wizards!

Kingsisle has officially announced that there is a new bundle called the Grand Tourney Gauntlet. You will soon find these gauntlets at Walmart for $39! This bundle has many great items that I think many of you will love (I know I do). :D I really can't pick a favorie out of this Gauntlet because I love everything about it! Here's an official video from Kingsisle explaining what's in this new Bundle. If you would like to read more about this bundle on the official Wizard101 website, click HERE or anywhere on the image below! Have fun and thank you Kingsisle for this new amazing bundle!

Pirate101 Test Realm: Mysterious Trainers!

Ahoy Pirates!

I wanted to make a short blog post about the new Mysterious Trainers that have been added to the Test Realm. The Mysterious are hidden in a location and I'm not even going to tell you where... I'm kidding! I will, but I'm going to warneveryone who doesn't like spoilers to stop reading now! If you do.. here's more information about the location of the Mysterious Trainers and what they actually give to you to train.

More Information-Location: 
The Mysterious Trainers are located in Skull Island. You have to sail to the Corsair's Channel (not to be confused with the Corsair's Challenge - I was earlier), and find the Devilish Hollow and enter that location. Once you enter, be prepared to battle because the enemies in that cave WILL pull you in if you're not paying attention. They aren't a high level enemy so there's no worry about that. Make sure to look at your map and to see that your arrow is getting closer to the Pirate Falg with a Question Mark on it (since that's the location of the Mysterious Trainers). Enter the Mysterious Trap Door to find the trainers, Lost Hoplite (Swashbuckler, Privateer and Buccaneer trainer), Firenzian (Musketeer Trainer) and Kurotadori (Witchdoctor Trainer). The trainers appear every hour (7:00, 8:00, 9:00 -funny right?!) so make sure you check them out.

I'm not going to make this post a Guide, since there are already many of them, but I wanted you to know the location so you know where to find them when this update is released to the live realm. :) I think the powers they have will be helpful for many pirates. I only hope we get an extra practice point for the new attacks, since many level 65 pirates have used their practice points on other attacks. Anyway. I hope you all find this post helpful and you check the new trainers out in the Pirate101 Test Realm or when they're released to the live realm! Thank you for reading. Until next time, I'll see you around the skyways!

July 16, 2015

Pirate101 Test Realm: The Nautical Gauntlet!

Ahoy Pirates!

I promise you I'd make a post about the new updates on the Pirate101 Test Realm that was just released today! The first thing I decided to check out was the Corsair's Challenge, or Nautical Gauntlet. This Nautical Gaunlet is an amazing gauntlet where you can earn Scrip, Pets, Gold and of course Nautical Experience if you're not at Nautical Level cap. Today I decided to test this out so you know more about it before you enter the test realm. Caution: SPOILERS!

Once you log onto the Test Realm or Live Realm (when Kingsisle adds it to the game), you'll need go to Avery's Court and talk to Mickey Dugan to obtain your quest, "The Pirate's Regetta!". You must be Nautical Level 45 or higher to collect this quest! Mickey will send you to The Skipper, and Skipper will tell you more about what a Pirate's Regetta actually is. You will find have to hop onto the Sigil after talking to Skipper and it'll take you to the Corsair's Challenge Cut.

  • Defeat Five Ships: The first thing you have to do during this dungeon, or the Corsair's Challenge is sink five ships. The five ships you sink will give you Nautical Experience and Scrip. This is probably the best area (my opinion) to farm for Scrip! I've added a few pictures above of the first wave.
  • The Unsinkable Boss Ship: The moment you're done sinking the five ships that appear, there will be another ship that is unsinkable. You must attack this ship until it's on low enough health to board the ship. You can defeat all of the enemies on there to actually destory the ship. You can earn pets from doing this.
  • Repeat The Waves! You have to repeat this many times, but this really does help you earn Nautical Experience & Scrip by sinking the ships, earn gold and possibly a pet by destroying the boss ship, and a challenge that you're sure not to get bored of. If you say that there's nothing to do on the live game, wait until they release this to the live realm! :D It's a lot of fun. There will be different enemies and ships to fight each time you enter a different wave in this dungeon.

This really isn't a guide, but I wanted to share what I think about this Challege and a heads up of what you should expect. This dungeon is a lot of fun and I think most of you will love it if you're not into PvP. I'll have more on PvP on another blog post, but until then I'm going to keep at this dungeon to see how many waves there are! :D Here's a slideshow of a few amazing screenshots I wanted to share with you. :D

Pirate101 Test Realm: ONLINE

Ahoy Pirates!

Kingsisle released the Pirate101 Test realm with many great updates, such as: Ranked PvP, a Nautical Experience Gauntlet and mysterious trainers! The updates were added to the test realm for us to test out before they're added to the live game, just in case there are any bugs. If you would like more information about any of the awesome new updates, click HERE or on the image attached to this post. I will have more posts about the test realm this week, so make sure to stick around to read that. Thank you for your time and enjoy the test realm!

July 14, 2015

Too Many Changes

Hi there,

I decided to make a post that has to do with jewel socketing, advanced pets and dungeons (for gear). I'm somebody that usually doesn't farm for gear in a dungeon unless I find it fun to farm through. I'm also somebody that needs to find advanced pets fun to level up and not just for special talents.. I'm going to give my opinion on a few things that have been added to the game in the past five years that I think have changed the game in good or bad ways. I really want to thank Olivia Stormcloud for her last video for the inspiration of this post.

Jewel & Pet Socketing- Can Be Helpful

I believe Jewel Socketing is very helpful so far! You can find jewels all over the Spiral by fighting enemies and I have found some special jewels that are very helpful for my wizard. I haven't tried the Pet version of Jewel Socketing, but I'm sure that's just as helpful. This is one update that I really do like because it doesn't require you to use crowns unless you want to. I'm somebody that doesn't have all of the money in the world to buy everything that my wizard needs, which brings me to the next subject.

Advanced Pets- Fun at First, Now Boring and Frustrating

I remember when Advanced Pets/ The Pet Pavilion was added to the game! I thought this would be a lot of fun to level pets because we didn't use our pets much (you couldn't even let them roam your house) and this update changed everything about pets. Pets were fun to have back then because you could collect a pet, lets say a Pixie you farmed for because you wanted to and not have to level them up as much. When Advanced Pets were added I thought it was fun to have even one talent, that's when everything changed... Everyone wanted the best of talents so their wizard could be powerful in PvP or even just leveling through the game. The talents are now more important which makes it boring and frustrating when somebody can't get the right talent at MEGA (or Ultra) which takes a long time to level up if you only have normal snacks. You now have to buy many Mega Snack Pack with Crowns to level your pet up or Gardening which is helpful. 

Dungeons for Gear - Fun, Difficult, then next to Impossible.... 

I'm somebody that has enjoyed farming for gear in the past for the Malistaire dungeon or the Waterworks Dungeon. I remember a time where I had to use gear from the Bazaar and it was still helpful enough to get me through an area that I was questing through. Now things have changed so much that if you buy bazaar gear or use most of the dropped gear from worlds you will not make it through a quest and espcially not Darkmoor. Darkmoor is an amazing dungeon and I have watched the Walkthroughs and the story is amazing.. I don't think think Darkmoor looks fun though.. There are people that can go through this dungeon hundreds of times and not have a scratch on them. I am not one of these people because I've never been all the way through.. I'm thinking by level 130 or 140 maybe I can go through this dungeon but now I think this dungeon is too difficult. I still have my level 60 gear (or gear I had to buy from the Crowns Shop) and that still makes it difficult to level through. I know one day I'll have to replace my gear because the game is getting difficult and I won't be able to make it through. I don't think this game is a kids game for one reason, the difficulty at the higher levels. I don't think many kids will enjoy questing through a dungeon that takes them many hours to quest through and not get anything in return for questing that long. I'm sure I'll get a lot of hate saying this, but I think Darkmoor was a mistake at least now. I think Darmoor should be a challenge, but the dungeon it is now is crazy. I think Kingsisle did a beautiful job on the storyline and art of this dungeon, but the difficulty makes me not want to quest through it. I've been here awhile and know that there are people that will spend countless hours in a dungeon and not get anything in return. I'm not somebody that will do that unless the dungeon is fun. This dungeon does not look like a fun one to me. I just hope one day something changes where people can actually go through a dungeon and have fun. I think Briskbreeze is a perfect example because it was fun and didn't have gear but it was for fun and the difficulty at the time wouldn't have been compared for Darkmoor at the 50th level. If there's a dungeon that we can quest through for fun, that'll change things. If there's a dungeon we can quest through without gear and is too difficult, that's not fun at all. If there's a dungeon that has gear we can farm for and is impossible (at least to me), I will not farm through it. I think gear is just as important as the pets now to get through the game and that's not fun at all. I'm sure not everyone will agree with me, but that's my thoughts. I have a new post that I'm going to make about finally making it through the Morganthe dungeon and to me that was pretty difficult and I didn't even collect the quest even after defeating Morganthe. That makes me feel that I shouldn't even quest through Darkmoor because I could go through the dungeon and not even collect something and get my new spell.

Wizard101 Is Still An Amazing Game

I still think Wizard101 is an amazing game because the storyline is amazing, I've met many friends and I love making posts about it. I don't think the game is terrible and people should still try it out. I only made this post because I wanted to share my thoughts about a few important things on the games that was recently added or added years ago that seems to change the game now. I think that Kingsisle is amazing for creating the worlds, storylines, new pets and all of the updates but a few of these updates need to be lowered a bit. It does make it hard as a blogger to have the best gear and make walkthroughs of the game and have dungeons that you can't even quest through or make a post about because you're not the best. I don't think it's important to be the best and really love playing the game for the storyline and updates such as Jewel Socketing and Gardening that help the game. I know Wizard101 is getting older and a lot has changed as it should be. I just think for somebody that has been through nearly all of the changes on the game, it makes it difficult to keep up with everything too. I love Wizard101, but there will always be something that is difficult for me and I'm sure many other people. I created a Wizard on the game because I love the animation of the spells, graphics, meeting new friends, blogging and many other things now. This post doesn't change anything about what I think about the game, but I think that the difficulty now needs to be lowered for a few things. I hope level 101 starts off fresh without it looking like other games that have thousands of different things you have to remember and have to make it through the game. That's what makes Wizard101 & Pirate101 two of the best games! Please keep it that way. 

From another wizard that has been playing over 6 years

July 13, 2015



I recently made a Twitlonger on Twitter about somebody who cheated on one of my contests. I have never had anybody cheat on my contests in the past and I've been here a long time making posts and having contests. I've had contests of my own before becoming a Pirate101 Fansite (some of which where I gave away $100 worth of goodies), but knew I didn't have anyone cheat. I've had many Pirate101 Contests too, and nobody cheated.. I guess it's shocking that anybody could for somebody that trusts the community that much. I'm not blaming everyone, but I feel that I need to lower that level of trust because it happened. I usually send emails of codes out before or a little bit after I make the Contest Winner Announcement posts. I was stoked to have a Wizard101 Contest because I haven't had one in at least a year. I usually have Pirate101 Contests, but when the community managers said I could give away Wizard101 codes I was excited not because I was going to get any (No, I don't because I want to give as many away), but because I wanted to give them away to the Wizard101 community and show everyones talent. I'm still planning on making another post (or editing the other one with a slideshow) with everyone's sharks! I really do love all of your sharks you created. :D I don't know who this person is, but I want to say, please don't enter contests with somebody else's art. I remember when I entered contests when I was first introduced to the community and never had any thought like taking somebody's art, screenshot or anything and entering a contest to win something. It's always nice to enter your own work. I would have loved to see your true work, but you decided to fake the entry. I can no longer allow you to enter any of my contests again. That's really my decision because I think it's the right one for a situation like this. I want to let everyone else know that I still trust you. Please follow rules on all of my contests, because I'm not going to allow somebody who sets a fake entry, account or anything else enter any of my contests again. I will know if you do. Thank you for reading, and I really want to thank everyone for their support during this. I know it's not as serious or sad as it seems, but to me it is. I do have some good news though..! I'm going to enter everyone that didn't win and entered my Wizard101 Shark Week contest into a Raffle later this week for 5,000 Crowns or a Swift Shark Mount. Thank you Tom and Leala for giving me the codes to giveaway to rightful winners. I will make sure your entries are made by you before I enter you into my Raffle. Thank you all for your time.

~ Edward Lifegem

Wizard101 Shark Week Contest Winners!

Hello Wizards!

I want to thank each and everyone of you for entering my Wizard101 Shark Week contest! I don't usually have contests for wizards and this Shark Week contest was a very special one. I hope I can have more contests for wizards in the future, but that depends on Kingsisle. My Shark Week Contest was a fun one to have! I had wizards draw or create a a sort of shark just to celebrate Shark Week. I didn't have as many Graphic sharks, but had plenty of drawings of sharks which made it VERY difficult to decide which ones would win. If you submitted a shark to my contest, I really do love it! I still have to pick only a few winners, but I really want you all to know that you're all talented and hope you keep entering my art contests.. you never know, I might have another one soon! Okay, I'm going to stop rambling now and announce the winners of this contest.. That's why you clicked on the link, right?? :D

Grand Prize (Drawing)
5,000 Crowns, Swift Shark Mount

--Read my Plagiarism Post by clicking HERE for a Contest Update--

Grand Prize (Graphic)
5,000 Crowns + Swift Shark Mount

Neela Heart :D

3rd Winner!
Swift Shark Mount

Scarlet Firerider

4th Winner!
Swift Shark Mount

Diana Bearshard

Thank you all for entering my contest. There are so many talented Wizards in the spiral! I'll have a new post sometime later this week or next week with all of the other entries because I want to show everyone how talented you are too. I've had many contests on this website, and this one was the most difficult to choose from. Why do you all have to be so talented and creative?! :P Thank you for your time on drawing for my contest. I usually have Pirate101 contests and Wizard101 contests are always a treat! I hope Kingsisle decides to give me more codes to giveaway sometime again. :) I hope you all have a great week. I will email all of the winners shortly after this post has been published. Thank you for reading and I hope I see you around the spiral!

Pirate101 Shark Week Contest Winners!

Ahoy Pirates!

I want to thank you all for entering my Pirate101 Shark Week Contest! This contest was a fun one and unlike anything I've done on my blog before. I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did and learned a thing or two about sharks on the game or outside of the game. :D Shark Week is always fun and I can't wait until next year to celebrate again! Here's the winners of the Shark Week Contest and if you would like to see the answers of the Crossword Puzzle, scroll down toward the end of this post! :D

Grand Prize: Earnest Caley
5,000 Crowns + Stormtiger Pet

2nd Grand Prize: Dark Angel
5,000 Crowns + Stormtiger Pet

Third Prize: Clever Julia Visser
Stormtiger Pet

Fourth Prize: Beatriz Abbott
Stormtiger Pet

Fifth Prize: Misty Jackson
Stormtiger Pet

That's all I have for today! Thank you all for entering. All winners will be emailed their code(s) shortly after this post has been published. Each winner was chosen by a Random.Org list randomnizer. It really means a lot to test something new on this blog and many, many pirates try it out. I didn't think I'd get as many entries for the crossword puzzle but I did. Enjoy your prizes and if you didn't win, there will always be more contests... I am wondering what Pirate101 has planned for Arrrgust.. That's another post though. We'll see what happens. *Don't Ask me because I don't know* Thank you again and I hope to see you around the skyways!


1. Shark with an indigo blue body that seems to move effortlessly from the surface to the deep sea that it favors.

2. A shark that likes to keep cool and inhabit coastal regions and the open sea.

3. A shark from the movie "Jaws"

 4. A shark that can weigh up to 1012 pounds, favors coral reefs to supply food and shelter.

5. The first type of shark we have to fight in Skull Island


5.  First name of the Witchdoctor Only Shark Companion on Pirate101

6. Sharks with black stripes and usually are from a surface of 459 feet!

7. Sharks located in the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans. May reach lengths of 13 feet!

July 10, 2015

Shadow Palace Part 1: The Galleries!

Hello Wizards!

I hope you had a great Friday! It's finally the weekend and that means I have plenty of posts since I'm not as busy as I usually am during the weekdays. I'm excited about today's post since Autumn Dreamwalker and I went through a dungeon that we've never really been through. I'm sure most of you are already familiar with the Shadow Palace, the last dungeon of Khrysalis . We have a few exalted wizards but haven't had a chance to quest all the way through the game... A few months ago we decided to quest again so we could make it through the end of Khrysalis. I'm sure there are many people that are already ahead, but I still wanted to make this post to share my thoughts about the Shadow Palace fights and ultimately the end of Khrysalis. Today we had to quest through the Galleries area in the Shadow Palace and fight many cheating bosses to free the lords of night/stop them from continuing Morganthe's song..

The first Bosses we had to fight were familiar ones from KR Part 1, Ghost Dog and Kravenly the Hunter. Ghost Dog and Kravenly had over 25,000 health and that made us worry we wouldn't even get through this dungeon. We don't have the best gear in the game but we didn't want to give up because of that reason since we made it this far through many worlds without that many issues. This battle was a very difficult one, but we knew they would cheat mostly because I found an amazing article on Duelist101 that help me figure out what cheats they were going to cast and how we could bypass the enemies defeating us. We had to defeat Kravenly first since the Dueliest101 guide said he will hit you with a strong hit if you don't defeat him all at once. I decided to cast Sun Serpent with many blades, thanks to Autumn. I didn't think it would do that much damage on Kravenly and I kept stacking blades and traps! The Sun Serpent ended up doing well over 40k damage and defeated the two minions Ghost Dog summoned! :D I decided to cast another serpent on Ghost Dog so we could get through this fight without trouble. :)

The second fight also had two Bosses, Santa Muerte (a Death Boss) and Balor the Broken Fang (a Storm Boss). They also summoned two minions to help them, but minions were not the enemies to worry about during this fight. Balor cast a -70 tower shield on himself or even another teammate but we had Shadow Magic to take care of that. :D I had to cast another Serpent on him first since he kept protecting himself and everyone on his side. Santa said we needed to be afraid of him but he wasn't as much as a problem as Balor was. :P This fight was difficult at first only because of that tower shield Balor would cast every two rounds. We didn't have too many issues during this battle, because Autumn had her life wizard keep us alive during the fight. I can't imagine handling two accounts during this dungeon because it was already a headache with some pretty awesome drops (jewels and gear).

The last fight was so difficult I didn't even feel like taking screenshots! We had to focus on the battle since there were two balance bosses, Archmagus Lorcan and Lord Ombra, and these bosses had some pretty tough cheats. Archmagus Lorcan had a cheat that summoned two minions and when his health got low enough, the minions would sacrafice their lives and give 1,500 health each to Archmagus. On top of that, Lord Ombra kept casting a mana burn that steals pips on us and that made it harder to hit an enemy. We decided to hit Lord Ombra first with a Sun Serpent since he was taking pips from us. My Sun Serpent hit actaully did more damage than the first fight, with a whopping 99k damage (that's amazing to me)! After defeating Lord Ombra we had to attack Archmagus so he couldn't heal or summon anymore minions. This fight was difficult but we both made it through! Autumn didn't hit as much during this dungeon, but there no way my hits would have done any damage without help and I wouldn't have been able to make this post without her life wizard healing us when we were low on health. Thank you Autumn for your hard work too! :D This dungeon was a lot of fun, but was challenging because it was the first time we went through it. I really would like to thank Duelist101/ Heather Shadowslinger for publishing that article because there's no way we would have even made it through without knowing the cheats! Today was a lot of fun, and I really did enjoy this part of the dungeon! I know most of you went through this dungeon already, but I wanted everyone to know how we made it through the very first time going through. :) Thank you for reading and until my next post, I'll see you around the spiral!


July 9, 2015

Our Community Managers

Hi there!

I wanted to make a short blog post about our Wizard101 & Pirate101 community managers and how awesome they are. I have never been a community manager in my entire life, and even though it would be awesome to be one at Kingsisle, we all know there's hard work ahead for them when they work. I'm sure being a community manager at Kingsisle is a lot of fun since they get to play the game, but I'm also sure it's also difficult. Did you know all of the codes that fansite owners give away are sent by the community managers? If we didn't have a community manager do that, there wouldn't be any contests at all! Community managers also get events together such as the amazing PVP event they had last night. They create the newsletters and without spelling or grammar errors (that would be difficult for me :P). I'm sure there are plenty of other things that I'm not going to mention on this blog post that they do everyday and guess what... they do it for the community! :) They do a KI Live every month for the community, I think that's awesome!  They applied for a community job for a reason. Leala was once the co-host on Ravenwood Radio during the beginning of the show and Ravenwood Radio was a show that got the community together and Spiral Radio still does. Tom has a blog called The Friendly Necromancer and it's an awesome blog and one main reason I created my blog because made blogging seem like so much fun! Both of this podcast and blog are the reasons this blog even exists. I didn't know the community was as awesome as it was until I listened to Ravenwood Radio and read The Friendly Necromancer blog. I don't care what gear Tom or Leala are wearing on the game or how much knowledge you have about the game, they are amazing people in real life. Thank you guys and everyone at KI for everything you do for the community! :D I might not tag you to this blog post, but I'm still going to let everyone else know how awesome you are. If you don't see this, that's okay. You know I've supported you guys long before you were community managers for the game. :)

My Death Wizard Finished Zafaria With Help!

Hello Wizards!

I hope you're having a great week so far. If you're not, remember that tomorrow is Friday and I hope you have a great weekend. Today I have a chance to quest my death wizard through Mirror Lake, thanks to Autumn Dreamwalker! I have been putting Mirror Lake off because I was either busy or just didn't feel like doing it. Today was different and I decided to finish it, which made today a great day. :D

Mirror Lake is not an easy dungeon to solo, at least for me since my death wizard is a crowns player *can't afford the gear in the crowns shop* and doesn't have the best gear. I'm going to keep trying to get my Waterworks Gear or even try to save up money to buy new gear. Everytime I quest on my death wizard, I always have so much fun that I forget I even need to buy new gear! I know one day I want to solo the game on this wizard (maybe even at level 100 ;D) so I need to find gear to help him so you will enjoy posts at that time... maybe?! :D Wait... what am I talking about? Oh yeah.. Mirror Lake! This dungeon wasn't hard since I had Autumn Dreamwalker's balance and life and my fire helping my death wizard get through it. 

This dungeon had a total of four fights.. Tse Tse, the Spirtual Guardians, Ice Bosses and last but certainly not least, the storm spiders.. We didn't have one ounce of trouble during this dungeon since we had three exalted wizards! I've made many posts about this dungeon, such as examples of cheats, but I didn't want to make a post simliar to that today. I had a lot of fun today questing with Autumn and I'm on my way to level 100! My death wizard is currently level 71 and I'm trying my best to get to that level since I have a special plan for Wizard101. I hope it works out! I guess this post was more of a random post with awesome screenshots. I hope you all enjoyed it. :D I know I had fun questing with Autumn today and can't wait to blog about the final Avalon Dungeon. It will take me awhile to get through Avalon since I'm behind on crowns, but I promise once I do make it through, there will be a blog post about it! Until then, I'll see you around the spiral. Make sure to check back tomorrow to read a post about another wizard I'm currently questing.. :D

Thank You Autumns & Edward Firegem! :D

July 7, 2015

Catching Up!

Ahoy Pirates!

I hope all of the pirates that celebrated the 4th of July on Saturday had a great one! I know I did. If you didn't celebrate, I still hope you had a great day. :D I've been extremely busy in real life the past few days, but I'm now getting back to making new blog posts. :) I wanted to make this short blog post about what I've been doing on Pirate101 the past few days when I had time to play..

Lately I've been promoting all of my companions as many of you know on my last update post. I had to farm for gold so I could level my companions and I have been leveling many of them to their next promotion levels. I think it's important to have your companions, or at least your main commpanions, on or close to the level you currently are. I have been promoting them so they'll be more useful during boss fights and I won't have to take more time out later to do that. Earlier today, I decided to finish El Toro's promotion quest which took awhile, but wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be. I didn't think it was as difficult since I was prepared with doubloons! I know doubloons are an old update, but I'm still glad Kingsisle added them to the game. :D

The El Toro promotion quest was a lot of fun and wasn't too difficult and really didn't require as much fighting as I thought it would. After I promoted El Toro I decided to start questing on side quests I missed in the past. I've been blogging about many main quests and I didn't take the time to do any of the side quests. I decided to go back to Cool Ranch and sink a few Red Sash pirate ships so I could turn in a quest that was taking up space in my quest book. I also went to Mooshu and fight more Inoshishi Bandits..... This quest wasn't as bad as my last quest where I had to defeat them to collect a key to fight their leader. I actually collected what I needed in two fights! I'm going to continue questing on as many side quests as I can the next few days so I have another strength to fight through the Bandit Cave without henchmen. :D Wish me luck! Until next time, I'll see you around the skyways!

July 3, 2015

Shark Week Contest (Pirate101-Closed)

Ahoy Pirates!

Can you believe Shark Week has arrived again?! I'm sure most of you know that fansites have contests on Shark Week and I have a special contest and prizes for you this week, thanks to the community managers of Wizard101 and Pirate101, Tom and Leala! :D

Shark Week Crossword Puzzle Contest!


1. Shark with an indigo blue body that seems to move effortlessly from the surface to the deep sea that it favors.

2. A shark that likes to keep cool and inhabit coastal regions and the open sea.

3. A shark from the movie "Jaws"

 4. A shark that can weigh up to 1012 pounds, favors coral reefs to supply food and shelter.

5. The first type of shark we have to fight in Skull Island


5.  First name of the Witchdoctor Only Shark Companion on Pirate101

6. Sharks with black stripes and usually are from a surface of 459 feet!

7. Sharks located in the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans. May reach lengths of 13 feet!

All information about sharks that have nothing to do with Pirate101 found at the link below!

Prizes you could win!

Grand Prize
5,000 Crowns + Stormtiger Shark Pet

2nd Grand Prize
5,000 Crowns + Stormtiger Shark Pet

Third Prize
Stormtiger Shark Pet

Fourth Prize
Stormtiger Shark Pet

Fifth Prize
Stormtiger Shark Pet

- All winners will be entered into a Random.Org Prize, IF you have all of the right answers filled into the Crossword Puzzle. :D

More Contest Information:

  • How to Fill In The Crossword: You can click on the image attached above, copy and save and then open the crossword in Microsoft Paint. Click on the A to type in the right letters where they need to be (or any other way you can fill the crossword puzzle in).
  • Submit your crossword Puzzle: Please submit your crossword puzzle with your pirate's name and make sure you have all of the crossword puzzle filled inThere's a link above to help you with sharks that are not Pirate101 related. :) You'll have to figure out the rest. You can submit your crossword puzzle to my email edwardfrostgem@gmail.com Label Your Email: Pirate101 Shark Week ContestThis contest ends on July 13th! 
  • Questions: If you have any questions, please ask me on one of my social sites or on the comments below. Good luck everyone!! :)