July 20, 2015

Exalted Rattlebones Adventure!

Hello Wizards!

 I apologize for not making a blog post in awhile, I needed a break so I could think things through. I'm doing great now, and I'm happy to be back and making posts again! I've been doing a lot on Wizard101 lately, but haven't made a post about it. I have many posts to make about a few of my adventures on the game.. :D

Yesterday I was farming Rattlebones in Unicorn Way for one of the One-Shot dungeons. Frostcaller actually told me that you could farm him for them, I had no idea you could, so I decided to run to Unicorn Way and start farming. I didn't have any luck the first times through, but I didn't want to give up. Rattlebones is a difficult boss to fight.... KIDDING. Wait, everyone should know that the Unicorn Way Rattlebones isn't. :P 

I wasn't planning on farming a dungeon until an ice wizard, Sophia, asked me if I wanted to join her for the Exalted Rattlebones dungeon.  We went in with @DeadEyeColin and another amazing life wizard that kept us alive during this dungeon (sorry, I'm not good at remembering names at all)! I didn't think this fight would be as bad since I already went through the Master Dungeon. I found the Master Dungeon challenging, but didn't think this dungeon would be different... I was WRONG. :P This dungeon was pretty difficult, but we were lucky because Colin kept hitting the enemies with Meteor Strike! We had to defeat the Fairy Queen first because she kept cheating by taking our blades if we cast any, switched traps and kept summoning Dark Fairy minions. Rattlebones also used the switch trap spell (say you cast a feint on the boss, they'd switch the traps where it's +30 on them, +70 on you). This dungeon was challenging, but I still love it! I think if you try your best (and with help from Dungeon Recall), anything is possible! :D

Will the Fairy Queen Survive?!

Uh... gg! :P

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