July 16, 2015

Pirate101 Test Realm: The Nautical Gauntlet!

Ahoy Pirates!

I promise you I'd make a post about the new updates on the Pirate101 Test Realm that was just released today! The first thing I decided to check out was the Corsair's Challenge, or Nautical Gauntlet. This Nautical Gaunlet is an amazing gauntlet where you can earn Scrip, Pets, Gold and of course Nautical Experience if you're not at Nautical Level cap. Today I decided to test this out so you know more about it before you enter the test realm. Caution: SPOILERS!

Once you log onto the Test Realm or Live Realm (when Kingsisle adds it to the game), you'll need go to Avery's Court and talk to Mickey Dugan to obtain your quest, "The Pirate's Regetta!". You must be Nautical Level 45 or higher to collect this quest! Mickey will send you to The Skipper, and Skipper will tell you more about what a Pirate's Regetta actually is. You will find have to hop onto the Sigil after talking to Skipper and it'll take you to the Corsair's Challenge Cut.

  • Defeat Five Ships: The first thing you have to do during this dungeon, or the Corsair's Challenge is sink five ships. The five ships you sink will give you Nautical Experience and Scrip. This is probably the best area (my opinion) to farm for Scrip! I've added a few pictures above of the first wave.
  • The Unsinkable Boss Ship: The moment you're done sinking the five ships that appear, there will be another ship that is unsinkable. You must attack this ship until it's on low enough health to board the ship. You can defeat all of the enemies on there to actually destory the ship. You can earn pets from doing this.
  • Repeat The Waves! You have to repeat this many times, but this really does help you earn Nautical Experience & Scrip by sinking the ships, earn gold and possibly a pet by destroying the boss ship, and a challenge that you're sure not to get bored of. If you say that there's nothing to do on the live game, wait until they release this to the live realm! :D It's a lot of fun. There will be different enemies and ships to fight each time you enter a different wave in this dungeon.

This really isn't a guide, but I wanted to share what I think about this Challege and a heads up of what you should expect. This dungeon is a lot of fun and I think most of you will love it if you're not into PvP. I'll have more on PvP on another blog post, but until then I'm going to keep at this dungeon to see how many waves there are! :D Here's a slideshow of a few amazing screenshots I wanted to share with you. :D


Unknown said...

Nice! Looking forward to it finally something to do!

Autumn DreamWalker said...

Awesome pics! It looks like so much fun.....maybe a great place for a farming event when it goes live? Did you end up finishing it, and did you get any good drops? :)