July 13, 2015



I recently made a Twitlonger on Twitter about somebody who cheated on one of my contests. I have never had anybody cheat on my contests in the past and I've been here a long time making posts and having contests. I've had contests of my own before becoming a Pirate101 Fansite (some of which where I gave away $100 worth of goodies), but knew I didn't have anyone cheat. I've had many Pirate101 Contests too, and nobody cheated.. I guess it's shocking that anybody could for somebody that trusts the community that much. I'm not blaming everyone, but I feel that I need to lower that level of trust because it happened. I usually send emails of codes out before or a little bit after I make the Contest Winner Announcement posts. I was stoked to have a Wizard101 Contest because I haven't had one in at least a year. I usually have Pirate101 Contests, but when the community managers said I could give away Wizard101 codes I was excited not because I was going to get any (No, I don't because I want to give as many away), but because I wanted to give them away to the Wizard101 community and show everyones talent. I'm still planning on making another post (or editing the other one with a slideshow) with everyone's sharks! I really do love all of your sharks you created. :D I don't know who this person is, but I want to say, please don't enter contests with somebody else's art. I remember when I entered contests when I was first introduced to the community and never had any thought like taking somebody's art, screenshot or anything and entering a contest to win something. It's always nice to enter your own work. I would have loved to see your true work, but you decided to fake the entry. I can no longer allow you to enter any of my contests again. That's really my decision because I think it's the right one for a situation like this. I want to let everyone else know that I still trust you. Please follow rules on all of my contests, because I'm not going to allow somebody who sets a fake entry, account or anything else enter any of my contests again. I will know if you do. Thank you for reading, and I really want to thank everyone for their support during this. I know it's not as serious or sad as it seems, but to me it is. I do have some good news though..! I'm going to enter everyone that didn't win and entered my Wizard101 Shark Week contest into a Raffle later this week for 5,000 Crowns or a Swift Shark Mount. Thank you Tom and Leala for giving me the codes to giveaway to rightful winners. I will make sure your entries are made by you before I enter you into my Raffle. Thank you all for your time.

~ Edward Lifegem


Chrissy The Blesser said...

Don't feel bad Edward, at least the culprit was caught and no honor can be gained from cheating. You took decisive action and showed anyone that is being tempted to cheat that the consequences will be swift and permanent. Well done.

Myname the Truther said...

@ChrissyTheBlesser He might have been caught, but what is stopping him from doing it again under a different name or on different websites?

I think it's RIDICULOUS. Someone who actually tried should have won, totally unfair to the participants.

Edward Lifegem said...

@Truther I agree, he could. But I know right now nobody will ever do this or anything like it again on this website. It is the first time it happened to me though. I'm learning from my mistake of giving the codes out early by not giving them out early again and not checking to see if his artwork is true and will do so next time. I don't know him, but you can trust me that I will make sure everyone has a fair chance at winning a code whether it be a code from KI or a code from me.

Nicholas LionRider said...

Main problem is the level of security most of the contests have in the community. Most contest (not just you) just say "Email me with your wizard name and I will send you the code" and making that a public announcement, making it incredibly easy to do. Back in the day I know friends that scammed hundreds of dollars worth of stuff from things like Ravenwood Radio do to this. Pirate101 Boochbeard bundles, 60,000 crown codes, etc. Honestly it's not even a new issue, just one that for whatever reason fansite hosts haven't acknowledged.

Autumn DreamWalker said...

I'm sorry this happened. It's really sad that someone would take advantage of generosity like that. Hopefully nothing like this happens again, to any fan site owner.