July 3, 2015

Shark Week Contest (Pirate101-Closed)

Ahoy Pirates!

Can you believe Shark Week has arrived again?! I'm sure most of you know that fansites have contests on Shark Week and I have a special contest and prizes for you this week, thanks to the community managers of Wizard101 and Pirate101, Tom and Leala! :D

Shark Week Crossword Puzzle Contest!


1. Shark with an indigo blue body that seems to move effortlessly from the surface to the deep sea that it favors.

2. A shark that likes to keep cool and inhabit coastal regions and the open sea.

3. A shark from the movie "Jaws"

 4. A shark that can weigh up to 1012 pounds, favors coral reefs to supply food and shelter.

5. The first type of shark we have to fight in Skull Island


5.  First name of the Witchdoctor Only Shark Companion on Pirate101

6. Sharks with black stripes and usually are from a surface of 459 feet!

7. Sharks located in the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans. May reach lengths of 13 feet!

All information about sharks that have nothing to do with Pirate101 found at the link below!

Prizes you could win!

Grand Prize
5,000 Crowns + Stormtiger Shark Pet

2nd Grand Prize
5,000 Crowns + Stormtiger Shark Pet

Third Prize
Stormtiger Shark Pet

Fourth Prize
Stormtiger Shark Pet

Fifth Prize
Stormtiger Shark Pet

- All winners will be entered into a Random.Org Prize, IF you have all of the right answers filled into the Crossword Puzzle. :D

More Contest Information:

  • How to Fill In The Crossword: You can click on the image attached above, copy and save and then open the crossword in Microsoft Paint. Click on the A to type in the right letters where they need to be (or any other way you can fill the crossword puzzle in).
  • Submit your crossword Puzzle: Please submit your crossword puzzle with your pirate's name and make sure you have all of the crossword puzzle filled inThere's a link above to help you with sharks that are not Pirate101 related. :) You'll have to figure out the rest. You can submit your crossword puzzle to my email edwardfrostgem@gmail.com Label Your Email: Pirate101 Shark Week ContestThis contest ends on July 13th! 
  • Questions: If you have any questions, please ask me on one of my social sites or on the comments below. Good luck everyone!! :)


Michael Walker said...

Finish :D

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Anonymous said...

When will the winners be announced O.o


Edward Lifegem said...

Winners of this contest has been announced! http://www.edwardlifegem.com/2015/07/pirate101-shark-week-contest-winners.html