July 21, 2015

The Bandit Cave!

Ahoy Pirates!

I hope you're having a great week so far! I know today is Tuesday and sometimes Tuesdays can be a little boring, but I had a chance to continue questing on my Swashbuckler's main questline. :D I was catching up on side quests that I missed in the past and ended up leveling a few times which I found helpful for The Bandit Cave. You'll see why soon, but first I'm going to talk about my last main quest adventure.

On my last blog post, The Bandit Tower, I had to fight the leader of the Inoshishi Bandits. The Bandit Tower had three different floors with different fights but the fights were not as difficult as I thought they would be. I think that the Bandit Tower was a pretty simple in terms of soloing. I found out that the Inoshishi Chief wasn't the true leader of the Inoshishi Bandits and that the true leader could be found in The Bandit Cave. Today I had to enter The Bandit Cave and find the true leader of the Inoshishi Bandits so I could defeat him. As soon as I entered the Bandit Cave, I had to defeat an Inoshishi Sorcerer & Bandits guarding the cave. This battle was not difficult since I was already used to fighting many Inoshishi Bandits. :D

After I defeated the Sorcerer and Bandits guarding the Cave, I walked through the cave and found an with a magical gate guarding the true leader of the Inoshishi Bandits. I found out I had to run through the cave and find the Earth, Wind and Fire talismans from the Sorcerers so I could get through the gate and defeat the leader of the bandits. The first Sorcerer I had to fight was the Earth Sorcerer which was not an easy boss to fight.. I ended up buying a Privateer henchmen from the Crowns Shop so my main companion, El Toro, wouldn't be defeated since he is my best companion. The enemies in this battle had over 2,000 health and I believe all of them had more health than my character. They were pretty tough to fight, but I did make it through without a minion being defeated thanks to the henchmen! :) I think that's the best 350 crowns I spent, at least during this battle. :D

The Third & Fourth fights were a lot easier than the first fight with the Earth Sorcerer. The Wind and Fire sorcerers were around the 38th level and had less health. I don't know why the Earth Sorcer was at a higher level and had more health, but I was happy to see the other sorcerers would not bring as much trouble as the first. After defeating them, I had to collect their talismans to unlock the magic that was put on the gate/shield blocking the true leader of the Inoshishi Bandits. I found out that the true leader was the Inoshishi Clanlord. The Inoshishi Clanlord was also around the same levels and had the same health as the Wind and Fire sorcerers, so it wasn't a difficult fight. I still had a privateer minion from the Crowns Shop to help heal the team just in case. It's always better to be safe than sorry, right? :D That's really where I ended questing... well there's also the screenshot below, but look at the one above!! Wow... That has to be the best screenshot I've ever taken. But there's also another one I shared on Twitter last week, you know, last Friday... wow that was so long ago (or today because I'm still in the past typing this scheduled post, and yes I know I said it's Tuesday, but it's not for me...). Anyway.. Until next time, I'll leave you with this screenshot and hope to see you around the skyways! :D

Oh, looks like something bad is going to happen...!

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Autumn DreamWalker said...

Congrats on making it through the cave! Some parts of it are difficult. I think I had to hire a henchman as well while I was questing through on my privateer. And it takes FOREVER :P lol. Btw, I agree with you.....awesome screenshot! :)