July 2, 2015

The Bandit Tower!

Ahoy Pirates!

I hope you had a great Thursday! I can't believe tomorrow is already Friday, I think time is flying by for me because I'm ready for the 4th of July. :D I've been leveling my pirate a lot more this week and have been wanting to make many posts for you since last month was a little slow. Today, I have a swashbuckler post for you!

On my last blog post, Inoshishi Bandits, I found out that the true leader of the Yakooza was Egg Foo Yung. Egg wanted me to expose General Tso and his wrong ways (supporting Inoshishi Bandits terrorizing villagers in Sujimara Village) to everyone.. I had to sail to Sujimura Village and help fight off Inoshishi Bandits and collect a key to Bandit Tower to fight off the Bandit Chief. The fight to collect the key wasn't easy to collect since I had to fight many rounds to collect, but knew this tower would be a lot easier than what I went through before... Or was I wrong?!

There were three floors to this dungeon. I think I was prepared for the Bandit Tower, but had a little of trouble with a few of my companions. The first level was pretty easy since I was used to fighting the Bandits. The second floor had tougher enemies which defeated Bonnie Anne, my favorite companion. I was worried about the third floor since the Bandit Chief was at that floor and I still had to defeat him. I had doubloons to help my pirate and companions all the through the tower. I didn't have as much trouble as I thought I would! The fight with the Bandit Fight was a lot easier! There were two Bandits stuck behind barrels which you could shoot or use a long range attack and it would hurt the enemies in between there. I started by getting the Chief and another enemy on the outside closer to the explosive barrels and then hit the barrels so it would do damage on all three. There four enemies on each floor (if you're soloing). I had to stop for the day since Bonnie was defeated and I have to do a promotion for El Toro. My next quest is a difficult one, and I need to prepare for that one! I'm sure many of you remember the Bandit Cave, right? :D Well, I'll have more about that quest on my next blog post. Until then, I'll see you around the skyways! Oh and before I forget, don't forget to look for a new Pirate101 Contest announcement tomorrow!!


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