August 5, 2015

Barkingham Palace (Pt. 1 - State Wing)

Hello Wizards!

Many of you know that I had a long break from blogging (and some part of the game) the end of last year to the month of May this year. During that time, I didn't quest through a few areas such as Barkingham Palace that seems old to players now, but they are new to me. I really don't think 6 months ago was a long time ago (I don't even think 2005 was a long time ago :P), so yesterday I decided to quest through the Barkingham Palace for the very first time with my Life and Death wizards! :D

Many of you already know about the Barkingham Palace quest, but I'll talk a little about it for anyone that doesn't know. We have to help Sherlock Bones and Watson from Marleybone find an Opera Singer that might be stealing jewels from the Queen. This dungeon really wasn't a difficult one when you had to fight the mobs (since they didn't cheat). The bosses were a little difficult, especially since this is a level 40+ dungeon. I think anybody that wants a challenge or extra experience should try this dungeon out. I'm sure I'm repeating what many bloggers said in the past, but I am still shocked we were allowed into the Barkingham Palace!

I started Wizard101 in 2009, so I had plenty of theories of what the area would look like. I had a feeling there would be dungeons in the area, so it was pretty awesome to enter it for the first time! The boss in this dungeon was pretty easy to defeat even though they cheated since my Life and Death wizards are well over the 40th level. I found out that the Opera Singer wasn't the bad one, and Dr. Jackall was the bad one that wanted the Queen's jewels and he ran to another dungeon, The Main Hall. I'll make a post about that sometime later! :) I'm not really going to follow the storyline or even tweet this post out, just because I want to remember this as a memory of what I thought about the dungeon, not the storyline itself. I'm probably going to talk more about the Barkingham Palace storyline on my next few posts since this dungeon was a little short. :) Until then, I'll see you around the spiral!

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Autumn DreamWalker said...

Nice post and pics! :) I don't remember this area at all :P LOL