August 18, 2015

Did I Rescue Mayor Komatsu?

Ahoy Pirates!

I apologize for not making as many posts as I did in the beginning of this month. I've been busy with a ton of real life things that keep getting in the way of me logging onto the game or making blog posts. I promise it's not going to be the same way as it was last year! :D I think this year will be a lot of fun and I know I'll make more posts than I did this time the end of last year. Today I had a chance to log onto the game and quest on my swashbuckler to see if I could rescue Mayor Komatsu from facing the same fate as Wan Po. I know the answer, but you'll have to read through to see if I did.. :P

Today I had to sail to Sujimura Village from the Cave of Whispers in Kaizoku Jima, to warn the Mayor about an attack against him. I found a list in the Cave of Whispers from the Ninja Pigs that attacked Wan Po. The list said that Mayor Komatsu was next and Doctor Noh was the one that hired the ninja pigs to attack certain people. I had to enter the Mayor's house and told him that there were ninja pigs after him. I was worried the ninja pigs would well.. be a ninja and attack while he was talking, but I was lucky enough to catch them before they could attack.

This battle was a simple ninja pig fight, like my last blog post but it was a lot of fun because I was able to catch a few cool screenshots! :D I really do love taking screenshots of pirate and companion attacks. You should know me by now! :P I think that this battle was a simple one since most of the Ninja Pigs were below level 40. Your pirate should be a few levels above 40 by this point in the game so it was pretty easy questing on my swashbuckler. I have to thank the privateer class for providing heals so I could survive! :P This swashbuckler says that anyone who bashes the privateer school doesn't know the game because all of the schools are just as awesome. I'm stronger than any pirate in the game though. :P Nah, I'm just kidding! Maybe... :D Anyways, this battle was easy and Mayor Komatsu told me that I needed to tell Constable Tatami the news about the Ninja Pigs and Doctor Noh. He also thanked me for saving his life, you know.. since I'm the strongest pirate in the game! :P I'm going to end the post here and I'll let you know what Constable Tatami says on my next blog post. :D I promise it won't take as long to make an Edward Cringle post as it did making this post since the last one. Thank you all for all of your support! Until next time, I'll see you around the skyways!

I tried to think of a perfect caption for this screenshot.

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Autumn DreamWalker said...

Hahaha, I bet you are the strongest pirate in the spiral. :P Maybe...... :D You're getting closer to Marleybone! :D