August 19, 2015

PayItForward: Autumn Dreamwalker

Hi there!

This is the third and final Pay It Forward post I'm going to make this month! I'll publish three more Pay It Forward posts next month! I want everyone in the community to know they're amazing and this is why I made these three posts to let a few people know they're amazing and I want them to share somebody else in the community that they're amazing and the people who found out from the ones I choose to tell somebody else. I'm going to keep publishing three posts about wizards and pirates from around the community even if they're chosen. It'll be nice to see how far this goes and how many smiles are put on somebody's face to see that they matter. :D

I have been friends with Autumn Dreamwalker for nearly five years, this December! :D She created Secrets of the Spiral (click the image above to view her website) and started blogging about Wizard101 and Pirate101. She's made many guides and had amazing parties for the community! She's done a lot for the community and I think she's one of the best people you could get to know. :D I'm so happy that I met Autumn and to share her website with you. I'm glad we met all that time ago because I always have fun talking to you, questing with you and of course going to your NXP parties on Pirate101. :D Autumn, please Pay It Forward by giving a shoutout about one person in the community to let somebody know that they're amazing and you are happy you're friends/glad they're here in the wizard/pirate community. Make sure to tell them to pay it forward on your post. Don't tell them I'm the one the one behind this. :D


Autumn DreamWalker said...

Wow! Thank you so much! I'm glad we met too,and you know how much I love talking to you and questing with you and everything! Btw, I think this is an amazing idea for you to start this pay it forward project! Off to pay it forward tomorrow! :D

Unknown said...

Very nice Edward and you are spot on with your praise for Autumn. I am THRILLED she is back :D