August 7, 2015

Random Pirate101 Gameplay Video!

Ahoy Pirates!

It's Friday! :D I'm sure many are excited because it's the weekend! I've been trying recording out not for future Edward Cringle posts (since I love posting screenshots), but just because. I decided to record a gameplay video yesterday to see if it would actually work for me and it did. I think the game sound is a little off and I'll need to fix that on my next video, but so far it's great. I didn't get to record my voice this video, but I have plans to do that in future videos. I hope you like my videos as much as you do my blog posts! :P Here's my first very random Pirate101 gameplay video..

1 comment:

Autumn DreamWalker said...

Nice video :) I kept laughing when you got caught :P And btw, the sound was fine on my computer. :) Can't wait to see more videos!