August 5, 2015

So Many Ninja Pigs!

Ahoy Pirates!

It's been awhile since I made a post about one of Edward Cringle's main quest! I'm not actually in Marleybone (I'll get there sooner or later), I'm still questing in Mooshu. I love Mooshu so I'm not upset about that, even though I love Marleybone. I still can't believe I'm questing in Mooshu even after all of the months I've been in this world. Well, I guess I can still say Edward Cringle is still the strongest swashbuckler in Mooshu (kidding)!

Mooshu is a lot of fun, but there are certain quests that can really get to you.. I had a quest like that last week that I had to get through. Before I tell you about that quest, lets talk about my last blog post. On my last blog post I had to warn Wan Mo about a pending attack against him and his village. Wan Mo was telling me about how Malistaire cursed the Emperor of Mooshu and one of the worst enemies and that's when NINJA PIGS attacked! :O I had to follow the ninja pigs and sail to Kaizoku Jima and enter the Cavern of Whispers. When I arrived on the island of Kaizoku Jima, there were Inoshishi Bandits running around and I had to make my way around them to the Cavern of Whispers cave. Make sure to be careful so you don't get caught in this area because you'll notice that they really want to fight. :P

This dungeon is full of Ninja Pig fights! I fought so many Ninja Pigs during this dungeon, that I really don't remember what I was looking for. I apologize to everyone about that but it's one of those quests that I remember from my Witchdoctor and I already knew it would be a little annoying. I still love Pirate101 and Ninja Pigs! :P I just hope I don't have a quest like this one for awhile. I believe there were at least six Ninja Pig fights during this dungeon. You'll think that you're over with the dungeon and then you'll have to fight your way out. At the end of the dungeon, I found a letter that said Doctor Noh hired the Ninja Pigs to attack as many targets as possible. The next target on the list is Mayor Komatsu! I just left him to save Wan Mo and made it on time but the Ninja Pigs still attacked him. I'm hoping I make it to Mayor Komatsu on time.. Do you think I will? Check back next time to see if I do! Until then, I'll see you around the skyways!

We're so worried we won't make it on time... :P


Autumn DreamWalker said...

I remember that dungeon. Glad you made it through! :) You're getting closer to Khotan! That means Subata Skyway soon! :)

Edward Lifegem said...

@Autumn - I thought I was closer than that! I guess I'm not behind on level. :D I've been trying to catch up on nautical and level my companions at the same time. I have to at least hit the 50th level before leaving Mooshu. :)

Autumn DreamWalker said...

Don't worry too much. You'll get there! :) Plus, once you get to Marleybone, you get a TON of xp! :)