August 14, 2015

What Happened To Blogs Of The Month?

Hi there,

I have put this post off since last... 2013! :P I'm back this Friday to make this post and tell you why I don't share too many blogs on this website anymore. I'm sure a few readers have read this blog for a few years and know that I shared blogs from around the community to give them a headstart when they needed the bump. My website was and still is my favorite thing to do, but I knew I had viewers that might like reading more than just my blog posts so I decided to share quite a few blogs from around the community. I remember searching up Wizard101 blogs and look on Twitter to see if there were any new bloggers out there making posts about the game we all love. I found so many that it was a little overwhelming to make a post every month because there were so many new blogs! I did this not to promote my blog or anything, but to help not that anyone needed help. I made so many posts about blogs that I just love thinking about it because that was when blogging was actually a thing. Wait it still is a thing, at least for me! I love making posts about the games, just like many of the blogs I shared. I decided to stop sharing blog sometime ago because as soon as I shared a post about a few blogs, many of them stop talking to me. For the past few years, I kept thinking that maybe I'm not a good blogger and don't deserve to be one. Why did I think something like that? I didn't know if anyone actually liked me for my posts or just because I made posts about their blog or told them they were amazing. Hey, I could still say that now and many won't reply at all! :P Recently I kept thinking, maybe I should start finding Websites, YouTube Channels, Graphic Artists and whoever else that is creating something for the game and start posting them again. I'm not doing this for me, only for the community! The only thing I ask is that you pay it forward by sharing something NICE on your website, youtube channel or twitter about somebody else around the community. It could be about anyone that is helping the community in a nice way. I'll start this soon, but please promise me you won't forget to do that if I do share something of yours on my website. :) You don't have to tell anyone I'm the one that created it. I'll let you know on my first post. So, this post really is a great way of improving the community and showing everyone, not just somebody that creates something for the game, is awesome and belongs in the community!


Unknown said...

I love the idea of paying it forward to our fantastic community. We are all here for each other, or we should be. Hopefully this will foster some community binding and uplifting.

Autumn DreamWalker said...

Thats a great idea to get out word about others and pay it forward. There are so many talented people in the community! :)

SkyFuria said...

Aww Edward since I'm quite new to the Blogsphere I think that is an awesome idea. I usually just post my tutorials/how tos on Central and shout out to other wonderful wizards there but now I started a blog I will absolutely add a bit of a blog directory for my fellow wizard bloggers.

Edward Lifegem said...

@Chrissy - Thank you for your kind words! I'm sure this will help show how amazing the community actually is! :D

@Autumn - Thank you! I agree, there are many talented/nice people in the W101/P101 Community and it'll be nice to show everyone how amazing they are.

@Sky - Thank you for your comment! I'm going to add your blog to my blog list. :D That's nice of you to help other wizards in the community with your tutorials!

Frostcaller said...

You are still one of the most passionate Wizard101 & Pirate101 bloggers in the community, Edwards! And I don't say this because we are friends, but I really do think you're a genuine and passionate blogger, which is something this community lacks lately.

Also, personally I'm not here to see posts on someone else's site feedback, but I enjoy readint anything you give us, so keep up the great work and don't pay attention to what they may say or think about you!