September 21, 2015

Edward Cringle VS General Tso!

Ahoy Pirates!

It's been awhile since I leveled on the game. I'm sure I don't have to tell you that because you already know that I haven't been around much. I think October will be a lot of fun, mostly because lately I've been playing a few contests and events of my own. I should have more posts next month, but I'm going to finish this month with as many Pirate101 blog posts as possible! :D A few days ago, Autumn helped me quest through the General Tso dungeon and I'm going to talk about that dungeon with you and share my thoughts about that dungeon and of course my screenshots with you!

On my last blog post, Cotton Candy, I had to find and defeat Doctor Noh (General Tso's righthand man) in the Tai Foon Vortex or the Cotton Candy machine. After defeating Doctor Noh, I had to return him to Egg Foo Yung and then take the other piece of Pollo's map away from Doctor Noh. I found out that Doctor Noh didn't have it and Egg told me that General Tso was the one that had the other piece of the map. He told me that I could find him in General Tso's lair, the Khoton.  The Khoton dungeon is a long dungeon. There are four Samoorai battles you have to finish before you can enter General Tso's dungeon. I'm thankful I had Autumn to help me because I think I'd still be in the dungeon right now if she didn't. Do you mind sailing to the Khoton to help me?! :P That's what the title of my post would be if I didn't have help! :P

After the four battles and causing some.... damage.... to Khoton, we finally gained acces to General Tso's Fortress. I forgot why we had to cause an explosion, but it was a lot of fun! :P I'm sorry I don't remember, it's mostly because it's a very long dungeon. I usually try to remember what happened during battles on the game when I make questing posts, but this time I can't! I do remember what happened once we gained access to the fortress. We had to fight Samoorai again (fifth battle), to earn a key to General Tso's throne room. The samoorai battles were pretty easy because I had a strong witchdoctor (ya know... Autumn ;D) to help me! Once we entered the Throne Room, I noticed General Tso and a boss that we would have to fight, Takeda Moomori. This Takeda was the same Takeda's wedding that I had to interrupt a few months ago... :P The Takeda battle was also easy because it included more samoorai. There were soooo many samoorai in this dungeon!

I'm sure many of you know how this dungeon is, especially nearly after three years of Pirate101 but it was still a lot of fun. We made it to General Tso and it really didn't matter to Autumn if General Tso was immune to our attacks. Look at that attack in the screenshot above! I got to threaten General Tso's chicken and that was also a lot of fun? I mean that was a lot of fun! I still had a great time questing through this dungeon with Autumn. I think that this post was pretty eventful and a little random, but I still hope you enjoyed reading it anyway. It does take a very long time to make these posts, but I still love making them for you! I really do thank you all for your support. :D I also want to thank Autumn for helping me through this seven battle dungeon! There were so many samoorai, I think I had a dream the other night about fighting samoorai. really... :P Anyways... thank you again for reading. Until next time, I'll see you around the skyways. :D

Only difficult part of this dungeon was taking this last screenshot!

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