September 3, 2015

Kingsisle Live Birthday Recap!

Hello Wizards!

I'm sure many of you had a great time watching Tom, Leala and #JuliaFromKI on the Birthday edition of Kingsisle Live, I know I did! Today was filled with a lot of fun which included a Banshee scream from Professor Falmea (that made me laugh for a full 20 minutes)! There were was also a  huge party at Leala's Massively Fantasy Palace with a ton of skeletal pirates and... CAKE! Wait.. You're here for the spoiler.. Right? :P Well....

The image above shows penguins and what seems a dog ( or penguin) sled race in the largest image in the background. I'm sure everybody knows it's Polaris by now! This world was teased back when Kingsisle created a Zafaria commercial when Todd Coleman was still aboard. I think this could be a main world, but it could also be a side world off of Wintertusk. I can't wait to see what Kingsisle has planned for us! Make sure to LIKE their Facebook, FOLLOW their Twitter, and FOLLOW their Google+ for the next reveal. :D

This episode was an amazing episode with plenty of great surprises, like the one above! The first 3,000 people who entered a code also got one of the ultra dungeons. I had a lot of fun at the parties and watching Kingsisle Live. Thank you Tom, Leala and #JuliaFromKI for all of the hard work you do for the community. It really means a lot to me and thousands and thousands of others! :D I'm glad I have this blog so I can post this down for a memory that I look back on in three years and say "OH, I remember that amazing day!"

Skeletal Pirates took over the commons... Sorry, Wizards!

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