September 21, 2015

PayItForward: Matthew Bristol

Hi there!

Last month I had a PayItForward sort of thing that a few did, but I thought I'd still try it again this month so everyone in the community knows that they are appreciated in the community. This month I have a new wizard/pirate that is pretty amazing. Before I tell you about them, I want you to know that if you're chosen for this PayItForward post, please PayItForward by talking about somebody else on your channel, blog or Twitter because you want everyone to know about them. Don't let anyone know I'm the one that has been doing this. I want to be kept a secret! :P

This month, I decided to choose Matthew Bristol to talk about since he's an amazing YouTuber that makes videos about Pirate101 and Wizard101. He cares about the community and the game. Don't get me wrong, many YouTubers do, but Matthew is one that really does. He talks with everyone in the community and it really shows on his YouTube videos that he cares about the game as much we do. I think he's one YouTuber that really cares about Pirate101 (you know, one of the best games ever) which is also awesome! :D He does walkthroughs on both Wizard101 and Pirate101 so please check his channel out by clicking on the image above or clicking HERE. Thank you Matthew for everything you do. Remember to keep trying no matter what! I know you'll make it. Congratulations on 100 subscribers and don't forget to PayItForward! :D P.S. remember not to let anyone know that I talked about your channel on my website, just pay it forward to somebody awesome that you know. :D

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