October 31, 2015

W101 & P101 Pumpkins!

Hi there!

I hope everybody's having a great day today. I've been busy all day with real life, but I always make time for Wizard101 and Pirate101 in my life when I can. I wanted to make this short to share these pumpkins with you. I hope everybody has a great and safe Halloween, today! :D Now it's time for me to make another blog post and then eat some candy corn! :P I'm making this post from the past... Btw, I love candy corn! Okay.. I think it's time for me to end this post. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

October 30, 2015

Wizard101: Halloween Gameplay 2015!

Hello, Wizards!

I hope you're having a great Friday! I know I am. I've had a busy day, but this afternoon was pretty calm and really calm enough for me to make a few Halloween themed blog posts. :D I hope I don't make too many grammar and spelling mistakes on this post since I'm making it so late in the evening. I wanted to get this post out before tomorrow because I'm planning on making another gameplay video tomorrow morning. Yesterday I had a chance to log onto the game and quest a bit through the Halloween quests and record it! I wanted to record my first time questing through the Halloween quests back in 2009, but I didn't have the technology to do so. Yesterday I had a chance to on my 7th Halloween and I thought I'd record it so I could look back on it in the future and say: "Oh! I remember doing that in 2015!" I hope you enjoy my quiet gameplay video. I'm going to try to get a mic soon, but I promise you this won't be an everyday thing. I'm only going to record on special occasions like Halloween quests or new worlds that I want to make a video about. I think it's time to end the typing so you can get to the video. :D Thank you for reading and watching my new video. I'll make a part two and share it on this post or another when I'm able to. :)

October 27, 2015

Wizard101 Test Realm: New Level 108 Spells

Hello Wizards!

I hope you're having a fun time on the test realm this week! Don't forget to report any bug you might find on the Test Realm to Kingsisle by using the bug icon (I've noticed a few in dialog and no sound in the new spells). Speaking of the new spells.. I think they're AMAZING! I've heard a lot of people not like them because of PvP but I know Kingsisle will fix them if they need to. They released the test realm to let players test the new spells out and anything else and report any bug or idea so we they know what to fix or consider fixing.

Kingsisle added a new spell for each main school and I think they're all amazing but I decided to give you my thoughts about them as a non-pvper on this post. :) All wizards who meet the new professors, reach level 108, and complete the story quest "Story of the Sky Anchor" will learn the new spells listed below! :D

  1. Ice School - Snowball Barrage: I've wanted a new Ice AOE spell since snow angel. Snow angel was added to the game back when Celestia was released. I think Snowball Barrage is a perfect spell for questing especially since it does 85 per pip. I think this spell is going to be a useful spell for ice wizards and we'll talk about how useful it was and still is years down the road. :D (This spell can be cast with a shadow pip and any other number of normal pips just like storm's tempest spell) Snowball Barrage LINK
  2. Storm School - Rusalka's Wrath: This spell is probably my favorite spell on the game! I really love the graphics and the power of the spell - 1352 Storm Damage to One Enemy and it may cast +25% damage or -50% damage on yourself for the next spell. I really don't think storm will have any trouble getting damage out if the -50% spell is added because storm is already one of the strongest schools. I think this spell will be perfect for any future boss fights. (You'll need six normal pips and a Shadow Pip to cast this spell). Rusalka's Wrath LINK
  3. Myth School - Witch's Housecall: The new level 108 myth school spell is an amazing spell that has a witch and a cyclops chicken house thing attack one enemy with 992-1132 damage and summons a myth minion to help you. This spell is so random and really is a funny spell. I love that the minion is like a pet egg. This spell is a pretty cool spell! :D (You'll need six normal pips and a Shadow Pip to cast this spell). Witch's Housecall LINK
  4. Fire School - Raging Bull: The new fire school spell, Raging Bull, is an AWESOME spell. I'm going to level my fire wizard first since he finished Khrysalis a few months ago so it'll be nice to earn this spell in 8 levels after the update is added to the live realm. This spell does 514-802 fire damage and applies -40% accuracy reductions to all enemies. This is another useful spell and it looks like I'll be casting this spell a lot so get ready for screenshots when I do! :P (You'll need one Shadow Pip and Six Pips to cast this spell). Raging Bull LINK
  5. Death School - Winged Sorrow: This spell is my second favorite new spell. The Death School will also earn this spell at level 108. I need to start leveling my death wizard again because this looks like an AMAZING spell. This spell attacks one target with 735-1005 Death damage and has a chance to beguile the target attacked. This spell has amazing graphics but I wish the time of the spell lasted longer. (You'll need one Shadow Pip and Six Pips to cast this spell). Winged Sorrow LINK
  6. Balance School - Nested Fury: It's time for a celebration! This new balance spell is an amazing new AOE that does 818-866 ice, fire or storm damage on ALL enemies. I've been waiting for a new spell like this since the beginning of time! :P I am so happy to see Kingsisle decided to give balance a new attack all spell because sandstorm and Ra were kinda getting boring. The best thing about this spell is that once it attacks, it hits all enemies all at once and not one enemy at a time like other hit all spells. (You'll need one Shadow Pip and Six Pips to cast this spell). Nested Fury LINK
  7. Life School - Wings of Fate: Last but certainly not least is the new Life Spell, Wings of Fate. This new spell is an AOE that does 460 damage to all enemies and heals all teammates with 460 health over three rounds for both damage for enemy and heal for teammates. This spell is an amazing spell that many life wizards have waited for since forest lord. It does less damage than forest lord but the healing really makes up for that. (You'll also need one Shadow Pip and Six Pips for this spell) Wings of Fate LINK

I really think these new spells are amazing and Kingsisle did an amazing job on the graphics, animations and how they'll be useful for all wizards who are only happy about them being for questing. The damage the spells do can still change since they're in the Test Realm so if you're from the future and you're reading this post, know that I was typing the amount of damage when it was still in the Test Realm. :P I thought this would be a nice post to make to help anybody that wanted to know my take on the spells. Overall, I LOVE THEM. Thank you Kingsisle for the new amazing spells. :D If you would like to see the new spells, I've added a link to each spell above. I'm going to give credit to Christopher Johnson since I used a screenshot from his video. Thank you all for reading and until next time, I'll see you around the spiral! :)

Enjoy Polaris! Hopefully I'll have more posts like this one soon!

October 26, 2015

Wizard101 Test Realm: ONLINE!

Hello Wizards!

Kingsisle released Wizard101's new world, Polaris today in the Wizard101 Test Realm! You can access the test realm by having a membership or have made a purchase of at least $6 or more from Wizard101 in the last 30 days. You can read the Update Note page for more information by clicking HERE.


I really think Polaris is going to be an amazing world. I didn't have a chance to quest much on the test realm since I have class today but what I did quest through was amazing. I found out that we finally get to graduate Ravenwood! I've always wondered if we'd graduate and I remember mentioning it to a few of my friends back in 2009 (the good old days). I think Wizard101 has brought back what I've missed and that's the storyline. I think this new storyline is really a new fresh start. If you're in control of the storyline of this new world or work to create the storyline, BRAVO! I really think Kingsisle should give you a raise. I think the beginning storyline where we quest and finally graduate from Ravenwood and with a graduation ceromony. I think the graphics and animations used at our graduation ceromony was amazing. I think another great step is using Bartleby since we don't get to talk to him as much. Bartleby is sick and we're on a hunt to find out who cast the curse or illness on him and we found out somebody from Polaris was the one that apparently did. That's really how far I had a chance to quest through today. There are many more surprises that I didn't even mention on this post because I think everybody should check this new update out and test it. Make sure to report any bugs you find on the test realm so Kingsisle can correct them so it's perfect when it's released on the live realm. Here is one last photo to get you excited!! 

October 25, 2015

Wizard101: Nightmare Before Christmas Tree Winners!

Hello Wizards!

I want to thank each and everyone of you for entering and or spreading the word about my Nightmare Before Christmas contest. This contest is personally a favorite because I love The Nightmare Before Christmas because it combines two of the best Holidays: Halloween and Christmas. I mean I don't blame Jack for wanting to bring Christmas to Halloween Town. :D I wanted everyone that decided to enter my contest t combine Wizard101, Halloween and Christmas together to draw or create an awesome tree. Everybody seemed to follow the rules this contest and that means a lot to me. :D

1st Prize: 
Emily (bulciks)

All combinations of Wizard101 (a treant like creature) Christmas (Christmas lights) and Halloween (a spooky theme and if you look closely the tree actually looks alive). I love this image and I'm glad you submitted your wonderful graphic to me. I hope you have a great Halloween (and Christmas when it arrives)! :) I'll send your 5,000 Crowns & W101 Vampire and Mummy Outfit codes to your email soon.

2nd Prize:

Another Halloween Christmas Tree by Charles. This wonderful piece of artwork combines Wizard101 (The Awesome Wizard hat that thre tree is wearing), Halloween (Do I see candy corn? :O) and Christmas (the candycane wand) together. Thank you for submitting your art for my contest. I hope you have a nice and safe Halloween next week! :) I'll send your 5,000 Crowns & W101 Vampire and Mummy Outfit codes to your email soon!

3rd Prize:
Gabriel Moonstaff

Gabriel did an amazing job including everything that I wanted in this contest. Wizard101 ( I love that the tree topper is a W101 logo) Halloween (Look at all of the Halloween ornaments, amazing!) and Christmas (the presents under the tree and the bow on the side of the tree). You did an amazing job, thank you for submitting your wonderful artwork. :) I'll send your 5,000 Crowns to your email soon!

4th Prize
Tabitha Sword

Here's another Halloween Christmas tree from Tabitha  that also combines Wizard101 (our Wizard101 teachers as ornaments, that's actually a pretty cool idea- KI please sell them), Halloween (I love that you have ghost and pumpkin ornaments and the pumpkins in the front) and Christmas (Christmas lights and Christmas presents plus Felix Navidad). Thank you for your amazing tree, you'll recieve your 5,000 crowns through email soon!

Random.Org Winners
Isabella Dreamer
Destiny Mistshard

I decided to include Random.Org winners so all of the other entries had a chance to win one of the codes that I mentioned on my Contest Giveaway post: W101 Vampire & Mummy Outfit, W101 Vampire & Mummy outfit which means there was two random.org winners. I usually don't switch contests around like this unless I want everyone to have a chance to win. If you won, you'll recieve an email with your codes. Thank you all for entering my contest with your wonderful trees! I hope KI will let me have another Wizard101 contest soon. :)

October 24, 2015

Pirate101: The Spookiest Place Conntest Winners!

Ahoy Pirates!

I decided I'm going to announce the winners of my Pirate101 Halloween contests on two seperate posts since I didn't want to crowd everything onto one post. I wanted to start by announcing the winners of my Pirate101 Screenshot Contest. :D All winners were chosen by random with random.org. There are many spooky places in Pirate101! Thank you all for entering my contest and congratulations to all of the winners. :)

1st Prize: Valeria Spencer
Pirate101 Smuggler's Cove House and House Space Elixer
Pirate101 Octoberpus Pet
5,000 Crowns

2nd Prize: Smart Logan West
Pirate101 Smuggler's Cove House and House Space Elixer
Pirate101 Octoberpus Pet
5,000 Crowns

3rd Prize: Alex
Pirate101 Smuggler's Cove House and House Space Elixer
5,000 Crowns

October 22, 2015

Does Views Matter?

Hi there,

I thought it was time to make this blog post since I've noticed a decline in reading views. Years ago I started blogging about Wizard101 and actually had more views then than I do right now. I've had more views on posts that didn't make sense and now I've spent more time on most of my posts than I did back when I first started blogging. There's been a huge decline in my views of many posts since YouTube has come along, but I'll explain more below.

I'm not going to tell you how many views I get per day, month or year, but I'll tell you that views don't matter to me. I think that the number of views depend on what people are feeling. Last year my number one view posts were about Pirate101. This year they tie with Wizard101. I've had a huge decline but if it went down farther than it is now I wouldn't care. I know there are YouTubers and reading now isn't the thing (even though I think it's important to everyone), but I know that anybody that's having fun with what they do deserve the best. The amount of views don't matter at all, not even as a money standpoint. Keep in mind that I'm not getting paid for what I do, I'm making these posts for fun, Kingsisle, the community and for my future self to read. I'm not forced to act the way I do on my posts or stick up for Kingsisle just because I'm brainwashed. Lol, I think that's silly. I'm making these posts because I love to. There are many people in the community that love making blog posts, YouTube videos, graphics, guides or whatever else they do just because they love to. I think that the love for what they do is what truly matters. What do views have to do with the end of this conversation? Well I think that if you get one view on your website per month, you're awesome. If you get 1,000,000 views on your website per month, you're just as awesome as the person that has that one view because you're doing what you love to do. In the end views or how many people recognize your work doesn't matter. I think that if you love the games, that's what matters. I will admit that I had a hard time realizing that in the past because I thought I was boring to many people since I've been here for awhile. If you're bored, well you're bored. If you like reading my posts, well,  thank you for all of your support! :D I thought I'd make this post to let you or anybody that's wanting to make YouTube videos, blogs, or whatever else that you matter to me and everyone just as much as everyone here. Thank you for being you and being here in the community! :)

Ooh, a rainbow! :D

October 21, 2015

Traveling To The Future!

Ahoy Pirates!

I made a Wizard101 post earlier about Back to the Future Day! :D Today's actually the day when Marty McFly and Doc Brown traveled to 2015, or October 21st, 2015 at 4:00 P.M. (EST) and there were many crazy things like people wearing futuristic 80s clothes, flying cards, dehydrated pizza and drones walking dogs. I mentioned this on my other post and I'll mention it here. I still call pictures, pictures (even pictures of yourself, *gasp*) and I think saying cheese during them is pretty normal. :P

Would you rather travel back in time or to one of the future years of Pirate101? I'd rather travel to the future! I'm not just saying this because a few pirates are upset there hasn't been a world in awhile (okay, maybe a little bit of the reason ;P), but I want to see El Dorado, the city of gold! I think it would amazing to see this world on Pirate101 because it has a Skull Island and Monquistian theme. I think it would be cool to Monquistians again. :D I can't wait to see how far Pirate101 progresses and yes it will. If it doesn't, I'm making a series of posts on how I want the storyline to go, but we know that's not going to happen! I can't wait to see what Kingsisle has planned for us. The new companions, pets, ships, areas, attacks and maybe even classes? :O We'll have to see, but I promise myself now that I'll come back to this post and read to see if I was right about anything. :P Hi, future self. I'm currently going to college to become a computer programmer/ software developer, you better be working at Kingsisle or somewhere cool by then! :P I think it's time to end this post before everybody thinks I'm as crazy as Donkey Hotey. :P Until next time, I'll see you around the skyways. :D

Traveling Back In Time!

Hello Wizards!

Happy Back to the Future Day! :D It's October 21st, 2015 and anybody that has watched Back to the Future Part 2 knows that at 4:00 P.M. EST that Marty McFly and Doc Brown will travel to our time and see flying cars, hydrated pizza, drones walking dogs and many other things.. :P We'd still say cheese for pictures and wear 1980s clothes. Well.. I still think it's normal to say cheese for pictures and call pictures, pictures (even if now they're called selfies - I'm old fashioned). :P

Would you rather travel to past or future of Wizard101? Everybody knows my answer.. I said I was old fashioned and that means I'd travel back to 2010. I would probably start blogging about the game earlier than I did! I would want a blog for all of the old screenshots I didn't have a chance to save to my computer. I also think it would also be amazing to talk to some old of my first Wizard101 friends on the game. I'd love to attend some of the first events and parties that the Wizard101 community had too. There are huge and memorable parties now (mostly from Kingsisle Live) but if you were here in 2010 you could attend a party and remember it for years... I might remember because I make blog posts about them, who knows?! :P That's a few reasons why I'd travel back in time... Now it's your turn, you don't have to comment on this post but I want you to answer this question... Would you rather travel to the past or the future of Wizard101? Thank you for reading. Until next time, I'll see you around the spiral. By the way, it's 2015!!!!!!!!! :D

October 20, 2015

International Sloth Day Event Recap!

Hello Wizards!

Did you know today is actually International Sloth Day? Well, it is! Wizard101 celebrated Sloth Day by having an awesome event in Ravenwood where everyone could have a sloth mount parade/race! Everybody needs to think about slowing down next time... This was an amazing and memorable event. Thank you Tara Windwalker for letting me port so I could take a few pictures and a blog post before my programming class. Thank you Kingsisle (our amazing community managers) for hosting it, and I know you were in control of the Server Message, Tom! :P

October 16, 2015

Will Pirate101 End?

Ahoy Pirates!

Yesterday Kingsisle had an amazing episode of Kingsisle Live with at least 20 minutes of Pirate101 related things (they gave away Ninja Pig Codes which are rare). Now the talk around the community has been that Pirate101 will be ending soon.. I think that's actually a silly thought. I don't have proof that it won't end, but in my opinion it won't end anytime soon. If it does, I'm going to be sad because I really want to make it to at least 1,000 (really 10,000) Pirate101 posts. Pirate101 is an amazing game and I wanted to make this post, not as a fansite owner, but as a blogger that's been in the community for nearly six years. I'm going to list a few different reasons why I believe Pirate101 will not end anytime soon..

  • Updates: There have been updates to the game. Autumn made an amazing post on her website, Secrets of the Spiral, about the recent updates on the game. The companions were recently updated and PvP.. why would they spend so much time releasing PvP if they were going to stop releasing worlds. There will be new attacks, companions and level caps added to the game so PvP is still relevant on the game. They have been promoting PvP a lot lately, which is awesome! If they didn't promote anything, that would be the time I'd start worrying.
  • Jobs at Kingsisle: I've noticed that everytime our community managers introduce themselves or introduce a guest on the show they always say they are community managers for Wizard101 and Pirate101 or that they work on Wizard101 AND Pirate101. I believe if Pirate101 was ending there is no way they would be working on a game that's going down. Apparently they're doing something behind closed doors (and code) that we don't see. I believe that we don't have to see something to believe it is happening or exists. I believe they're working on Pirate101, but might be waiting for awhile.
  • Kingsisle Live: The workers at Kingsisle still care about the game and their players. They pay attention to each game every Kingsisle Live even if it's not enough time for one or another. Lately there has been less focus on Pirate101 but that doesn't mean anything. Wizard101 has had a lot happen recently, but at one time Pirate101 had a lot more news than Wizard101. It happens. I love that Kingsisle Live still talks about Pirate101 even though there's a lot happening on Wizard101, such as the new world Polaris. 
  • Pirate101 Fansites: Recently Autumn Dreamwalker and I have returned  and were accepted again as official Pirate101 fansite owners. Wait.. why are we even here if Pirate101 is going to end? We've also had contests. Why are we giving away codes from Kingsisle for a game that's going to end? Nothing I've mentioned is proof that the game isn't going to end, only hope that it isn't going to end. I don't believe it's going to end anytime soon. I'm sure a lot of people are saying that I'm just supporting them because I'm a fansite owner. You're wrong. I've been a blogger for five years (two years without being official); I've always supported Kingsisle games since I started. Many of you might not have been here in the community in 2009 or 2010 but I've always been a supporter of Kingsisle even before my first blog post on here (1,200 blog posts ago). 
  • Combination of W101 & P101: There has been a combination of Pirate101 and Wizard101 lately. A few things from Wizard101 being added on Pirate101 or things from Pirate101 being added on Wizard101. I think the B.O.X.E.S event on Wizard101 is another perfect example that Kingsisle is not giving up on Pirate101. They actually have a quest that talks about Pirate101's enemies, the Armada? That's pretty amazing! I love that quest and I believe that even though Kingsisle might be combining things, they might want players to play both games. Afterall, on Kingsisle's career page they always talk about all of their games.

All of the things I've stated above are my opinions. I don't know what Kingsisle is doing, nobody does unless they actually work at Kingsisle. I'm not trying to be mean to anybody on this post. I'm making this post to give hope to anybody that might be thinking the game is going to end. Autumn also made a post that I've mentioned that does that (click HERE for more optimistic thoughts). Like I mentioned above, we're not supporting Kingsisle because we're fansites. Kingsisle could remove my site from the list and I'd still support them because they're an amazing game team. I'm sure a lot of people will still be mad at me and not read one word on this post for publishing this post. Keep in mind that I don't mind criticism. I know everyone has to get their feelings out about Pirate101, but keep in mind if you don't think it'll last, there is always Wizard101. If you don't support Kingsisle at all, I have no idea why you clicked on link of a blog that has over a thousand posts about Kingsisle games. :P I really rambled this entire post but I wanted to get the point out that I still have hope that Pirate101 will last. If it doesn't (that seems to silly to me) but if it doesn't, that doesn't mean I'll give up on Kingsisle. I'll be sad that one of my favorite games would end. I'm not mad at Kingsisle for not releasing a world and I wouldn't be mad if they had to end Pirate101. I've said this many times, I'm a supporter of Kingsisle and Pirate101 and will never give up supporting them! Will Pirate101 End? I hope not. If it does end, I'm still going to enjoy the game while it lasts. If it doesn't, I won't make a post telling you I told you so (this might be the post :P). I really just want everyone to know that even though it seems that Pirate101 is going through a slower moment than usual concerning world updates, that doesn't mean it's the end of the game/world. I've listed a few reasons why I believe Pirate101 won't end and I hope everyone takes time to read through this long post. If you made it to the end of this post, WOW. Thank you for reading. This post really describes all of the thoughts running through my head this morning. Some of it might be random or hard to read, but to end the post. I want everyone to know that this is how much I care about the game. I know, even if I care it doesn't mean the game won't end, but that's your opinion just like this post is my opinion about the game. I think it would have been easier to make a video but we would have a new world by then. :P Okay, I'm going to end the post now. Thank you all for reading this random morning post.

~ Edward Lifegem

October 15, 2015

Happy 3rd Birthday, Pirate101!

Ahoy Pirates!

Today is Pirate101's official third Birthday! I still remember being a Beta player and there were parties, introductions to new pets, companions, ships, nxp parties, worlds and an entirely different part of the spiral. Pirate101 is really my favorite online game and I'll never give up on it! If I do, you need to wake me up from the nightmare because I don't want to give up on the game. :D Nobody will ever talk me out of Pirate101 and I'll always be a fan of the game and Kingsisle. :) Thank you Kingsisle for creating this game and I can't wait to see the bright future Pirate101 has ahead. I know Pirate101 has a future, so please don't forget the people who are still huge fans of the game! :)

October 13, 2015

Kingsisle Live: Birthoween Edition!

Ahoy Pirates!

On Thursday October 15th, 2015 at 5:00 P.M. CST, our community managers will have a birthoween edition of Kingsisle Live. Birthoween is really a celebration of Pirate101's 3rd Birthday and Halloween! They'll also be celebrating Halloween in Wizard101. Make sure to get your best questions in on Twitter for prizes by using the hashtag: #AskKI and following @Wizard101 and @Pirate101 on Twitter. :D I'm excited about this one because: I'll be out of class by the time Kingsisle Live starts, Pirate101's 3rd Birthday, Halloween, and the Halloween costumes everybody will be wearing on the livestream! I heard Leala chose the costumes so I bet it's going to be pretty awesome. :D If you would like more information, click HERE for Wizard101's livestream page or on the image below for Pirate101's spooky livestream page. By the way, this post is my 500th Pirate101 blog post! #Woot

October 10, 2015

Say What?!

Ahoy Pirates!

I hope you're having a great weekend! I've been very busy with contests (and homework) lately, but I promise I'm not giving up on Pirate101 and NEVER will. :D Pirate101 is one of my favorite games in the world.. I'm sorry but you're gonna have to deal with my new Pirate101 posts. :P Speaking of Pirate101 and posts, I have a new short post about one of my swashbuckler's quests!

On my last post, Edward Cringle VS General Tso, I had to enter and quest through a long dungeon with Autumn Dreamwalker and eventually defeat General Tso. This dungeon was a long one and I knew I was going to take a break after it. Edward Cringle may have took a break from fighting but he didn't take a break from talking. Shortly after defeating General Tso I had to talk to Governor Umeboshi about the map that I took from General Tso. Umeboshi told me that I needed to translate the markings on the map and needed to find the Scroll of Secrets that's held in the Library of Contemplation in Subata. He also gave me access to Subata Skyway since I helped save Mooshu from General Tso's wrath.

I had to sail to the Subata Skyway and talk to Lord Chagatai in the Audience Chamber. He told me that the only way that he would help me was if I defeated ten Amber Hoarde pirate ships?!?! Yeah.. I wanted a break and I knew I wouldn't sink any pirate ships anytime soon. At least I leveled up to 45 when I turned the last quest in, right?! That means I've already leveled 40 times since I've made posts about my Swashbuckler... unbelievable! After all of that, a few weeks later I decided it was time to prepare a new contest with codes Kingsisle gave me just in time for Birthoween! I had to take a few pictures of a new pet and an awesome house. I decided to log onto blogger.com and make a new post and... well you'll just have to see that post by clicking on the image below! Until next time, I'll see you around the spiral. :D

Rafflecopter Contest Update

Hello Wizards,

I'm announcing the winners of the Rafflecopter Contest on the Epic Wizard101 Contests post on this post. I wanted to let everyone know that there are going to be a few changes to the page due to somebody telling me something that wasn't true..

List of Prizes

$39 Bundle of Choice

$39 Bundle of Choice
(decided to change this prize from
 Evergreen Bundle - you can still pick
that bundle if you want)

$39 Aztecan Builder's Bundle

$10 W101 Gift Card

$10 W101 Gift Card

$10 W101 Gift Card

There was only one change due to me making a huge mistake in trusting that the store I always buy cards from always have the cards. Unfornatuly this means I'm not giving away cards for this contest... LOL NO, THAT WON'T HAPPEN. Why would I do something like that? I actually have to wait until the beginning of next week to buy them because they were out of quite a few cards. I thought I was the only one that bought Wizard101 cards in my town! Another part was that I waited too long to buy them (I promise from now on I won't wait long and will buy them right away when I announce a contest) Winners are still going to be announced and emailed their codes once  I get them. Autumn Dreamwalker gave me the Aztecan Builder's Bundle to giveaway and the third prize winner should get that. Keep in mind that the bundle of choice may not happen right away due to any bundle you might choose. If you choose a new bundle, I'll buy that bundle for you. I apologize for the delay (I'm only human). Okay, now for the winners...

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Halloween Pumpkin Contest Winners!

Hello Wizards!

I can't believe it's already been a month since I announced that my Epic Wizard101 Contests! Thank you all for taking time out of your day(s) and entering my contests. :) I don't always get to have a contests like this and it's always nice to have them when I can. Okay, I think it's time to stop rambling and announce the winners! :D

Halloween Pumpkin Winners!

Winner #1: William Deathwhisper
$10 W101 Gift Card

Winner #2: Charles
$10 W101 Gift Card

Winner #3: Michelle Mooncatcher
$10 W101 Gift Card

Thank you all for entering my contest. I wish I had more cards to giveaway but this was a contest where I had to spend my own money and I had a budget. I love Halloween! I decided to include a slideshow of everyone's pumpkins on this blog post. This contest was a lot of fun. I'll email the three winners their codes soon!

October 7, 2015

Pirate101: Halloween Contests!

Ahoy Pirates!

I hope you're having a great week! Yesterday our awesome community managers sent me a few codes to giveaway just for Halloween (and Pirate101's 3rd Birthoween). I love Halloween! There are so many spooky places on Pirate101. I thought I'd have an easy contest this time around for everybody and have a Spooky Screenshot Contest and Raffle. :D

The Spookiest Place Screenshot Contest:

  • Take a Screenshot: I want you to take a screenshot of your pirate anywhere in Pirate101 that you consider spooky/scary. There are many places in Pirate101 that I consider spooky (snakes in Aquila being the number one place LOL). Start by clicking on the CTRL + G keys and then click on the PrtScr key at the top of your keyboard to take the official screenshot. 
  • Email Me Your Screenshot: Send your screenshot to my email -- > edwardfrostgem@gmail.com with the subject: The Spookiest Place Contest. Make sure you send this before the contest ends! Don't forget to include your pirate's name.
  • Contest Start/Ends: This contest starts TODAY and ends on Saturday October 24th, 2015. Please follow all of the rules that I mentioned above. :) 
  • Random.Org: All winners will be chosen randomly with a list randomnizer on random.org. All prizes and amount of winners for this contest are listed below. The Raffle is right below the prizes. Good luck everyone! :D

1st Prize
Pirate101 Smuggler's Cove House and House Space Elixer
Pirate101 Octoberpus Pet
5,000 Crowns

2nd Prize:
Pirate101 Smuggler's Cove House and House Space Elixer
Pirate101 Octoberpus Pet
5,000 Crowns

3rd Prize:
Pirate101 Smuggler's Cove House and House Space Elixer
5,000 Crowns

Rafflecopter Contest:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Wizard101: The Nightmare Before Christmas Tree Contest!

Hello Wizards!

Today, our amazing community managers sent me codes to giveaway just in time for Halloween. :D This means I had to figure out a new Halloween themed contest to host since I'm already having a Halloween themed contest (which ends this Saturday). :D Okay, now it's time to talk about this contest..!

The Nightmare Before Christmas Tree Contest

  • Create a Halloween Tree: I want you to draw or create a Wizard101 and Halloween themed Christmas tree for this contest. Think about it: A Christmas & Halloween Tree that's also Wizard101 related. I want this tree to have color and to have your wizard's name and date on it. Please follow the rules and don't pretend another drawing is yours or you will be disqualified. Make sure this tree is only Halloween, Wizard101 AND Christmas related!
  • Submit Your Halloween Tree: You can submit your Halloween Tree to this email with a subject: Halloween Tree Contest --> edwardfrostgem@gmail.com . Please submit your tree before the contest ends!
  • Contest Start/End Date: This contest starts TODAY and ends on October 24th, 2015. That means you'll have time to win your prizes just before Halloween. :D Btw, do you like the red letters? BLOOD, VAMPIRES.. wait, I'm Edward the Vampire? All winners will be emailed their codes with a reply to the email you submitted your drawing or graphic. I'll make a post on the 24th with all winners and entries. Good luck everybody! :D

Prizes From Kingsisle:

1st Prize: 
5,000 Crowns + Wizard101 Vampire & Mummy Costume

2nd Prize:
5,000 Crowns + Wizard101 Vampire & Mummy Costume

3rd Prize:
5,000 Crowns

4th Prize: 
5,000 Crowns

5th Prize:
Wizard101 Vampire & Mummy Costume

6th Prize:
Wizard101 Vampire & Mummy Costume

October 1, 2015

Wizard101: Polaris Confirmed!

Hello Wizards!

I'll start with Polaris.. Today, Kingsisle announced on the monthly Wizard101 Newsletter that Polaris would soon be added to Wizard101! :D I have a feeling the test realm will be released the end of this month or early November which means we should have a live world by Christmas. That's only a prediction so don't tell everybody that I announced when a world would be released and I can announce the next lottery ticket numbers. Okay? :D Trust me, if I won millions I'd have tons of crowns to giveaway (and for myself to buy the Phoenix for my fire wizard). Sometimes I wonder if everyone reading thinks I'm crazy... I am, so everything's good! :D

Polaris is confirmed.. so are you excited?! I know I am! I think the best advice I could give you before the release of this new world is to level your wizard through that last quest in Khrysalis so you're ready to level up with everybody else when it's release. I'll also tell you to farm for some gold and gear to make sure you make it through the new world. I'm sure I'll quest through Darkmoor before it's released (first I need to find a team that will help Autumn and I through the dungeon so we can get our gear and spells). That's all of the advice I have to give you! The only thing I'm excited about is new spells! If you follow the pattern, we should be getting new spells with this next world if it's a level cap world and not a continuation of Wintertusk. :) I guess we'll have to see what exactly is by waiting for it's release, won't we? :P If you would like to read a few more details about Polaris on this month's Wizard101 Newsletter, click on the image below!

Happy (Almost) Birthoween, Pirate101!

Ahoy Pirates!

I didn't make as many posts as I wanted to last month. I think this month will be a little different because I plan on making more posts than I did last month. I really miss leveling on the game and posting about Pirate101. Wait a minute, I have a new post now so I don't know why I'm sad! :P Today Pirate101 announced that they added New Pets: Anansi spider, Grouper of the Deep, Octoberpus and Phantasm Pagona, New Halloween Furniture available for Gold in the Crowns Shop, and the return of the Halloween Galleon (5,000 crowns sale in the crowns shop), Halloween masks, facepaint and accessories.. What could this mean?? It's October which means it's the Halloween celebration! Happy Birthoween, Pirate101! :D If you would like more information about the new Halloween items and to see the awesome background on the Pirate101 website, click HERE or on the image below. :D

One of the best Pirate101 Ships only for 5,000 Crowns?! BUY IT! :D