October 22, 2015

Does Views Matter?

Hi there,

I thought it was time to make this blog post since I've noticed a decline in reading views. Years ago I started blogging about Wizard101 and actually had more views then than I do right now. I've had more views on posts that didn't make sense and now I've spent more time on most of my posts than I did back when I first started blogging. There's been a huge decline in my views of many posts since YouTube has come along, but I'll explain more below.

I'm not going to tell you how many views I get per day, month or year, but I'll tell you that views don't matter to me. I think that the number of views depend on what people are feeling. Last year my number one view posts were about Pirate101. This year they tie with Wizard101. I've had a huge decline but if it went down farther than it is now I wouldn't care. I know there are YouTubers and reading now isn't the thing (even though I think it's important to everyone), but I know that anybody that's having fun with what they do deserve the best. The amount of views don't matter at all, not even as a money standpoint. Keep in mind that I'm not getting paid for what I do, I'm making these posts for fun, Kingsisle, the community and for my future self to read. I'm not forced to act the way I do on my posts or stick up for Kingsisle just because I'm brainwashed. Lol, I think that's silly. I'm making these posts because I love to. There are many people in the community that love making blog posts, YouTube videos, graphics, guides or whatever else they do just because they love to. I think that the love for what they do is what truly matters. What do views have to do with the end of this conversation? Well I think that if you get one view on your website per month, you're awesome. If you get 1,000,000 views on your website per month, you're just as awesome as the person that has that one view because you're doing what you love to do. In the end views or how many people recognize your work doesn't matter. I think that if you love the games, that's what matters. I will admit that I had a hard time realizing that in the past because I thought I was boring to many people since I've been here for awhile. If you're bored, well you're bored. If you like reading my posts, well,  thank you for all of your support! :D I thought I'd make this post to let you or anybody that's wanting to make YouTube videos, blogs, or whatever else that you matter to me and everyone just as much as everyone here. Thank you for being you and being here in the community! :)

Ooh, a rainbow! :D

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