October 1, 2015

Happy (Almost) Birthoween, Pirate101!

Ahoy Pirates!

I didn't make as many posts as I wanted to last month. I think this month will be a little different because I plan on making more posts than I did last month. I really miss leveling on the game and posting about Pirate101. Wait a minute, I have a new post now so I don't know why I'm sad! :P Today Pirate101 announced that they added New Pets: Anansi spider, Grouper of the Deep, Octoberpus and Phantasm Pagona, New Halloween Furniture available for Gold in the Crowns Shop, and the return of the Halloween Galleon (5,000 crowns sale in the crowns shop), Halloween masks, facepaint and accessories.. What could this mean?? It's October which means it's the Halloween celebration! Happy Birthoween, Pirate101! :D If you would like more information about the new Halloween items and to see the awesome background on the Pirate101 website, click HERE or on the image below. :D

One of the best Pirate101 Ships only for 5,000 Crowns?! BUY IT! :D

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