October 10, 2015

Say What?!

Ahoy Pirates!

I hope you're having a great weekend! I've been very busy with contests (and homework) lately, but I promise I'm not giving up on Pirate101 and NEVER will. :D Pirate101 is one of my favorite games in the world.. I'm sorry but you're gonna have to deal with my new Pirate101 posts. :P Speaking of Pirate101 and posts, I have a new short post about one of my swashbuckler's quests!

On my last post, Edward Cringle VS General Tso, I had to enter and quest through a long dungeon with Autumn Dreamwalker and eventually defeat General Tso. This dungeon was a long one and I knew I was going to take a break after it. Edward Cringle may have took a break from fighting but he didn't take a break from talking. Shortly after defeating General Tso I had to talk to Governor Umeboshi about the map that I took from General Tso. Umeboshi told me that I needed to translate the markings on the map and needed to find the Scroll of Secrets that's held in the Library of Contemplation in Subata. He also gave me access to Subata Skyway since I helped save Mooshu from General Tso's wrath.

I had to sail to the Subata Skyway and talk to Lord Chagatai in the Audience Chamber. He told me that the only way that he would help me was if I defeated ten Amber Hoarde pirate ships?!?! Yeah.. I wanted a break and I knew I wouldn't sink any pirate ships anytime soon. At least I leveled up to 45 when I turned the last quest in, right?! That means I've already leveled 40 times since I've made posts about my Swashbuckler... unbelievable! After all of that, a few weeks later I decided it was time to prepare a new contest with codes Kingsisle gave me just in time for Birthoween! I had to take a few pictures of a new pet and an awesome house. I decided to log onto blogger.com and make a new post and... well you'll just have to see that post by clicking on the image below! Until next time, I'll see you around the spiral. :D

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