October 7, 2015

Wizard101: The Nightmare Before Christmas Tree Contest!

Hello Wizards!

Today, our amazing community managers sent me codes to giveaway just in time for Halloween. :D This means I had to figure out a new Halloween themed contest to host since I'm already having a Halloween themed contest (which ends this Saturday). :D Okay, now it's time to talk about this contest..!

The Nightmare Before Christmas Tree Contest

  • Create a Halloween Tree: I want you to draw or create a Wizard101 and Halloween themed Christmas tree for this contest. Think about it: A Christmas & Halloween Tree that's also Wizard101 related. I want this tree to have color and to have your wizard's name and date on it. Please follow the rules and don't pretend another drawing is yours or you will be disqualified. Make sure this tree is only Halloween, Wizard101 AND Christmas related!
  • Submit Your Halloween Tree: You can submit your Halloween Tree to this email with a subject: Halloween Tree Contest --> edwardfrostgem@gmail.com . Please submit your tree before the contest ends!
  • Contest Start/End Date: This contest starts TODAY and ends on October 24th, 2015. That means you'll have time to win your prizes just before Halloween. :D Btw, do you like the red letters? BLOOD, VAMPIRES.. wait, I'm Edward the Vampire? All winners will be emailed their codes with a reply to the email you submitted your drawing or graphic. I'll make a post on the 24th with all winners and entries. Good luck everybody! :D

Prizes From Kingsisle:

1st Prize: 
5,000 Crowns + Wizard101 Vampire & Mummy Costume

2nd Prize:
5,000 Crowns + Wizard101 Vampire & Mummy Costume

3rd Prize:
5,000 Crowns

4th Prize: 
5,000 Crowns

5th Prize:
Wizard101 Vampire & Mummy Costume

6th Prize:
Wizard101 Vampire & Mummy Costume


Unknown said...

Great contest idea. I LOVE the new banner, just brilliant :D

Edward Lifegem said...

@Chrissy - Thank you so much! You probably won't believe this, but as soon as I recieved the codes I thought of it. I don't think I had a contest like this before and I love Halloween & Christmas... so why not? :D