October 25, 2015

Wizard101: Nightmare Before Christmas Tree Winners!

Hello Wizards!

I want to thank each and everyone of you for entering and or spreading the word about my Nightmare Before Christmas contest. This contest is personally a favorite because I love The Nightmare Before Christmas because it combines two of the best Holidays: Halloween and Christmas. I mean I don't blame Jack for wanting to bring Christmas to Halloween Town. :D I wanted everyone that decided to enter my contest t combine Wizard101, Halloween and Christmas together to draw or create an awesome tree. Everybody seemed to follow the rules this contest and that means a lot to me. :D

1st Prize: 
Emily (bulciks)

All combinations of Wizard101 (a treant like creature) Christmas (Christmas lights) and Halloween (a spooky theme and if you look closely the tree actually looks alive). I love this image and I'm glad you submitted your wonderful graphic to me. I hope you have a great Halloween (and Christmas when it arrives)! :) I'll send your 5,000 Crowns & W101 Vampire and Mummy Outfit codes to your email soon.

2nd Prize:

Another Halloween Christmas Tree by Charles. This wonderful piece of artwork combines Wizard101 (The Awesome Wizard hat that thre tree is wearing), Halloween (Do I see candy corn? :O) and Christmas (the candycane wand) together. Thank you for submitting your art for my contest. I hope you have a nice and safe Halloween next week! :) I'll send your 5,000 Crowns & W101 Vampire and Mummy Outfit codes to your email soon!

3rd Prize:
Gabriel Moonstaff

Gabriel did an amazing job including everything that I wanted in this contest. Wizard101 ( I love that the tree topper is a W101 logo) Halloween (Look at all of the Halloween ornaments, amazing!) and Christmas (the presents under the tree and the bow on the side of the tree). You did an amazing job, thank you for submitting your wonderful artwork. :) I'll send your 5,000 Crowns to your email soon!

4th Prize
Tabitha Sword

Here's another Halloween Christmas tree from Tabitha  that also combines Wizard101 (our Wizard101 teachers as ornaments, that's actually a pretty cool idea- KI please sell them), Halloween (I love that you have ghost and pumpkin ornaments and the pumpkins in the front) and Christmas (Christmas lights and Christmas presents plus Felix Navidad). Thank you for your amazing tree, you'll recieve your 5,000 crowns through email soon!

Random.Org Winners
Isabella Dreamer
Destiny Mistshard

I decided to include Random.Org winners so all of the other entries had a chance to win one of the codes that I mentioned on my Contest Giveaway post: W101 Vampire & Mummy Outfit, W101 Vampire & Mummy outfit which means there was two random.org winners. I usually don't switch contests around like this unless I want everyone to have a chance to win. If you won, you'll recieve an email with your codes. Thank you all for entering my contest with your wonderful trees! I hope KI will let me have another Wizard101 contest soon. :)

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Chrissy The Blesser said...

Congratulations to all the winners :D I think first and fourth places are my personal favorites but well done everyone :D