October 1, 2015

Wizard101: Polaris Confirmed!

Hello Wizards!

I'll start with Polaris.. Today, Kingsisle announced on the monthly Wizard101 Newsletter that Polaris would soon be added to Wizard101! :D I have a feeling the test realm will be released the end of this month or early November which means we should have a live world by Christmas. That's only a prediction so don't tell everybody that I announced when a world would be released and I can announce the next lottery ticket numbers. Okay? :D Trust me, if I won millions I'd have tons of crowns to giveaway (and for myself to buy the Phoenix for my fire wizard). Sometimes I wonder if everyone reading thinks I'm crazy... I am, so everything's good! :D

Polaris is confirmed.. so are you excited?! I know I am! I think the best advice I could give you before the release of this new world is to level your wizard through that last quest in Khrysalis so you're ready to level up with everybody else when it's release. I'll also tell you to farm for some gold and gear to make sure you make it through the new world. I'm sure I'll quest through Darkmoor before it's released (first I need to find a team that will help Autumn and I through the dungeon so we can get our gear and spells). That's all of the advice I have to give you! The only thing I'm excited about is new spells! If you follow the pattern, we should be getting new spells with this next world if it's a level cap world and not a continuation of Wintertusk. :) I guess we'll have to see what exactly is by waiting for it's release, won't we? :P If you would like to read a few more details about Polaris on this month's Wizard101 Newsletter, click on the image below!

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