October 27, 2015

Wizard101 Test Realm: New Level 108 Spells

Hello Wizards!

I hope you're having a fun time on the test realm this week! Don't forget to report any bug you might find on the Test Realm to Kingsisle by using the bug icon (I've noticed a few in dialog and no sound in the new spells). Speaking of the new spells.. I think they're AMAZING! I've heard a lot of people not like them because of PvP but I know Kingsisle will fix them if they need to. They released the test realm to let players test the new spells out and anything else and report any bug or idea so we they know what to fix or consider fixing.

Kingsisle added a new spell for each main school and I think they're all amazing but I decided to give you my thoughts about them as a non-pvper on this post. :) All wizards who meet the new professors, reach level 108, and complete the story quest "Story of the Sky Anchor" will learn the new spells listed below! :D

  1. Ice School - Snowball Barrage: I've wanted a new Ice AOE spell since snow angel. Snow angel was added to the game back when Celestia was released. I think Snowball Barrage is a perfect spell for questing especially since it does 85 per pip. I think this spell is going to be a useful spell for ice wizards and we'll talk about how useful it was and still is years down the road. :D (This spell can be cast with a shadow pip and any other number of normal pips just like storm's tempest spell) Snowball Barrage LINK
  2. Storm School - Rusalka's Wrath: This spell is probably my favorite spell on the game! I really love the graphics and the power of the spell - 1352 Storm Damage to One Enemy and it may cast +25% damage or -50% damage on yourself for the next spell. I really don't think storm will have any trouble getting damage out if the -50% spell is added because storm is already one of the strongest schools. I think this spell will be perfect for any future boss fights. (You'll need six normal pips and a Shadow Pip to cast this spell). Rusalka's Wrath LINK
  3. Myth School - Witch's Housecall: The new level 108 myth school spell is an amazing spell that has a witch and a cyclops chicken house thing attack one enemy with 992-1132 damage and summons a myth minion to help you. This spell is so random and really is a funny spell. I love that the minion is like a pet egg. This spell is a pretty cool spell! :D (You'll need six normal pips and a Shadow Pip to cast this spell). Witch's Housecall LINK
  4. Fire School - Raging Bull: The new fire school spell, Raging Bull, is an AWESOME spell. I'm going to level my fire wizard first since he finished Khrysalis a few months ago so it'll be nice to earn this spell in 8 levels after the update is added to the live realm. This spell does 514-802 fire damage and applies -40% accuracy reductions to all enemies. This is another useful spell and it looks like I'll be casting this spell a lot so get ready for screenshots when I do! :P (You'll need one Shadow Pip and Six Pips to cast this spell). Raging Bull LINK
  5. Death School - Winged Sorrow: This spell is my second favorite new spell. The Death School will also earn this spell at level 108. I need to start leveling my death wizard again because this looks like an AMAZING spell. This spell attacks one target with 735-1005 Death damage and has a chance to beguile the target attacked. This spell has amazing graphics but I wish the time of the spell lasted longer. (You'll need one Shadow Pip and Six Pips to cast this spell). Winged Sorrow LINK
  6. Balance School - Nested Fury: It's time for a celebration! This new balance spell is an amazing new AOE that does 818-866 ice, fire or storm damage on ALL enemies. I've been waiting for a new spell like this since the beginning of time! :P I am so happy to see Kingsisle decided to give balance a new attack all spell because sandstorm and Ra were kinda getting boring. The best thing about this spell is that once it attacks, it hits all enemies all at once and not one enemy at a time like other hit all spells. (You'll need one Shadow Pip and Six Pips to cast this spell). Nested Fury LINK
  7. Life School - Wings of Fate: Last but certainly not least is the new Life Spell, Wings of Fate. This new spell is an AOE that does 460 damage to all enemies and heals all teammates with 460 health over three rounds for both damage for enemy and heal for teammates. This spell is an amazing spell that many life wizards have waited for since forest lord. It does less damage than forest lord but the healing really makes up for that. (You'll also need one Shadow Pip and Six Pips for this spell) Wings of Fate LINK

I really think these new spells are amazing and Kingsisle did an amazing job on the graphics, animations and how they'll be useful for all wizards who are only happy about them being for questing. The damage the spells do can still change since they're in the Test Realm so if you're from the future and you're reading this post, know that I was typing the amount of damage when it was still in the Test Realm. :P I thought this would be a nice post to make to help anybody that wanted to know my take on the spells. Overall, I LOVE THEM. Thank you Kingsisle for the new amazing spells. :D If you would like to see the new spells, I've added a link to each spell above. I'm going to give credit to Christopher Johnson since I used a screenshot from his video. Thank you all for reading and until next time, I'll see you around the spiral! :)

Enjoy Polaris! Hopefully I'll have more posts like this one soon!

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