November 2, 2015

I'm Not Losing Hope!

Ahoy Pirates,

The Pirate101 Newsletter was released today, but there wasn't really any talk of anything new. I've noticed that in the past year many players have become worried that Kingsisle is just giving up on Pirate101 and a few people have gave up on Pirate101. I think that this is affecting players that are higher levels since they are getting close to finishing or are finished and want something new. I'm hoping soon they'll release something or tell us something but as a fansite owner, I have no idea what's going on. I do know that I don't want to lose hope because I believe hope is something that everyone should have, no matter what happens. I made a post a few weeks ago Pirate101 and why I believe it's not going to end anytime soon. I still feel that way, maybe a little worried but I still have hope that it will continue.

What I'm hoping for is that Kingsisle is working on an amazing new world(s) and are getting things ready to release it to the Test Realm or at least planning on releasing screenshot teasers like they did for the new world on Wizard101, Polaris. I love making posts about the game, but every time I do, I feel like a lot of people think I'm making it for no reason and I should give up on the game. I don't want to give up on the game at all. I believe it's okay to worry about the game that you love. If you don't love it and you're telling people to stop playing the game and spreading false rumors about it, you are clearly not a fan of the game. I don't think that when I say I want the game to continue, I'm spreading any false rumors about it. I just want everyone to have hope for the game. If we give up on our Pirate101 memberships, that's a sign that Pirate101 is losing money and the world you say you really want will not be released for that much longer. 

I think that we need to stick together and hope that Pirate101 will release details or something soon. I'm still going to make posts and have special events for everyone who still enjoys playing the game. Pirate101 is an amazing game and I'm never giving up or losing hope! I might worry a little about it, but I think that's normal. I think the purpose of this post is to let everyone know that I'm not giving up on the game. I know there are many who might not agree with this post and will say anything to get everyone to stop playing, and I don't believe that's the right thing to do to a game that you claim that you love. I'm sticking with Kingsisle and Pirate101 and this post says that I'll never lose hope. Kingsisle, I've been a fan for six years! You know I'll stick by you no matter what happens. I'll also be here for the community that still plays the game and I promise if I am wrong, we'll have fun until the end. We'll still do the same thing and have fun even if I'm right that the game will release many new worlds and hopefully arcs. Kingsisle, you have a player and many other players in the community that isn't giving up on you. Thank you for an amazing game.

~ Edward Lifegem

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