January 3, 2016

Edward Cringle is Back!!

Ahoy Pirates!

It's been two months since I last made an Edward Cringle questing post! Wow.. I apologize for not making as many posts the past few months. I'm happy to announce that I'm finally back from my "break"! I'm actually on a true break right now and I'm finally able to level as much as I want. Today I decided to log onto the game and finish up a quest that I've literally been stuck on for two months.. :P

Today I had to sink 10 Amber Hoarde ships in Subata Skyway. I've been stuck on this quest for two months, but today was the day that I decided I had to sink all of the ships. It didn't even take me as long as I thought it would! :D I think most of my doubt was coming from homework assignments that were due during the week so I didn't take as much time to try to complete the quest. Do you ever feel that way sometimes? I know I do! :P I'm just glad I finally made it through the quest after a century. :) I had to fight the enemies aboard the ship a few times, but I was lucky because I hit their ship enough to lower their health. Do you remember me talking a few months ago about that? :D If you hit a pirate ship enough, you could lower the enemies on the ship. It's helpful if you don't want to take too much time fighting them or worry about one of your companions being defeated before you return to your main quest. :)

After I was finished, I returned to Lord Chagatai and told him the good news. He said that I could access Subata Skyway anytime since I helped him sink the Amber Hoarde ships. Lord Chagatai told me that I needed to talk to Librarian Quan-shi in Subata Temple and ask about the Scroll Of Secrets. The Scrolls of Secrest (read my last post) to translate the markings of the Map to El Dorado that I took from General Tso. That's where my post is going to end today since I have to catch up on where exactly I am. I can't believe this is actually the first post I've made in nearly three months! I apologize for the quiet the past few months. I promise I'm still here and I'm ready to make this year a great year! :D This year will not only be posts like these, I will also have plenty of other events, contests and who knows what else this year will bring. I just know it's going to be a great year. :) Thank you all for reading. Until next time, I'll see you around the skyways. :D

Ooh, pretty!

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