January 4, 2016

Online Safety Post: 2016

Hi there,

I haven't made an Online Safety post in a long time. I feel like the times are changing and it's time to create another post like this. I believe it's always important to follow the Online Safety tips listed below. I believe they'll guide you to the right path to stay safe online. If you know somebody that doesn't follow the rules below, please send them to this blog post! It's important that EVERYONE is safe online no matter how old they are.

  1. NEVER Give Away Personal Information: Personal information can range from anything that you would consider personal: age, where you live, your phone number, credit card information, Wizard101 or Pirate101 account information. If a website asks for any personal information - don't give them information unless they're a trusted website. This does not mean you can give your user and password of Wizard101 and Pirate101 to everyone. Eventually someone will steal it no matter what they offer you. I think the main thing that has changed since I last took a post was the amount of pictures being shared with everyone. You should always remember that once you put something on the internet, it'll be there forever. Taking pictures of yourself and posting them online could also be dangerous. 
  2. ASK Your Parents For Permission: Please keep that in mind before you post it on Facebook, Twitter or any other social media website. If you're under the age of 13, you should ask you parents for permission if you're about to create a social media account. It's probably unbelievable to younger wizards/pirates reading this post, but your parents do know best. IF they say no, you should listen to them and don't go behind their back and create an account anyway. They're only trying to protect you! 
  3. REPORT if you're being bullied/threatened: There have been many issues around the community involving bullying. If you're being bullied on social media you can report that account to Facebook, Twitter or whatever social media website that you're on. This is very helpful. If it gets so bad that you fear your life is at stake, you should tell your parents or report it to the police. Cyber Bullying is not funny and bringing down a person below you because you feel bad about yourself is not a good thing. If you're sad, you can always talk to someone. It's not bad to talk to someone if you're sad or upset about something - please remember that.
  4. REMEMBER The Online Safety Tips: I'm sure you have heard many other online safety tips while on the internet. You should follow them. If somebody tells you that everything will be okay and you shouldn't follow them.. well keep in mind that I've been on the internet since I was younger and I'm now an adult and I have been safe! Please remember to stay safe online! We always have to remember and keep our stay on the internet, safe at all times.
I actually have an online safety page on my website. Many other websites around the community also have online safety tips relating to Kingsisle and just general ways to stay safe online. You can find that page with all of the links below by clicking HERE. Please stay safe online and remember everything that I said on this post and my Online Safety page. I hope this helps somebody. If you know a friend that doesn't follow any of the online safety rules, you can send them to this blog post or any other post made by all of the other great people in the community. Do you have any online safety tips? Comment below and let everyone know the best way that you stay safe online! Thank you all for reading. Until next time, I'll see you around the spiral.

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